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Specify a manufacturer of the target device, the device pattern, select the package type and the on-ice memory configuration to find an emulator and other tools for this device. To expedite the search use drop down menus for picking one manufacturer, target microcontroller and its package type. You can skip choosing the manufacturer and type just a few characters (two minimum) to specify the device pattern in order to cover a range of targets - in this case the search will last longer. Click the 'Search' button to start the process and wait until you see the matrix with development tool kits.

Enter options of the target microcontroller Enter emulator's options
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MCU pattern
Package type Memory
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After the search process completes the table below displays all the combinations that matches the search criteria. Select the combination(s) you need, then click the "Go to Parts Selector" button to get the list of the emulator modules, additional accessories and software for putting them to your shopping cart.

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