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Read about our prices. We publish our prices on this website, so you do not need to send us a quote request before placing an order. However you can always require the quotation or ask any pre-ordering question using the form. We respond promptly.

If you are not a US customer read here. Find a distributor in your country here.

How to buy on-line?There are two optional links for each product category:

- Search. This is the fastest and simplest way to find out what you need to support your target device. Select the product category to open the Tool Finder, specify your target device and other search criteria and follow the prompts to put the products you need into the shopping cart. Then proceed to the secure checkout or request the quotation.

- Catalog. You can open a particular product catalog and individually pick a tool or a part or an accessory from the catalog list and add it to the shopping cart. Since Phyton PICE emulators are modular you have to clearly understand compatibility of the emulator modules. If you are not sure use the Search option instead of seeking in the catalog.


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