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Phyton Technical Support

The expertise and experience of the Phyton specialists are at our customers' disposal!

    • We provide fast email and phone technical support - contact us if you encourage technical problems with the Phyton products.
    • Call us at +1-718-259-3191 to get assistance. However, only simple questions about the product installation, etc. can be usually resolved over the phone. The best way to get a prompt assistance is to email us your detailed inquiry - we usually respond in 1 to 24 hours (normally in 1-3 hours for the US customers).
    • Most of the complex questions usually require duplication of your development environment in our lab. Please include as many details as possible in your problem report. Be sure to include your product type, version number, operating system (Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, etc.), when the product was purchased and other pertinent information.
    • Every Phyton tool and programmer can be launched in a special diagnostic mode. If the product crashes or does not perform as expected start the product in this mode. You can find the diagnostic mode shortcuts in the folder where the Phyton toolset or programmer has been installed into. Then follow the prompts that will lead you to sending us a bug report.
    • In many cases, when the problem is complicated by use of Phyton tools bundled with some third parties' tools, we need your project or source codes for duplication the situation. If you may release your project to us please send it along with the bug report to facilitate our respond. Phyton treats all information received from its customers as strictly confidential.
    • If you may not release a full project or program to Phyton for the problem diagnostic try at least to send us a trimmed version of your code, running of which on our tool can help us to better understand the nature of your technical problem.
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