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Development Tools for 8051 microcontrollers

CodeMaster-52 - Integrated Development Toolset for 8051

... is a complete development tool solution for 8051 microcontrollers produced by Atmel, NXP, Dallas Semiconductor, Intel, Microchip, and other device manufacturers.

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Project manager

CodeMaster-52 is a configurable set of software and hardware tools for developing 8051 applications under control of one easy-to-use integrated development environment (see the diagram above). A full configuration includes a C compiler of your choice, macro assembler, software simulator and an in-circuit emulator. The matrix below displays all CodeMaster-52 kits available for ordering.

Tool, included in the

CM-52/xx kit ---------->

CodeMaster-52 kits' order codes
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CM-52/Free CM-52/E CM-52/CE
Project Manager
Compiler options Limited Limited
Macro Assembler
Software simulator
PICE-52 ICE driver
PICE-52 emulator

Phyton also continue selling its old PICE-51 emulator that supports only such obsolete 8051 derivatives as NXP/Philips P89C66x, 87C552/554 and Dallas Semiconductor DS80C320/520/530.

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