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Development Tools for PICmicro

PDS-MC - Debugger/Simulator for PICmicro

Main features:
    • Supports all PIC12, PIC16, PIC17 and PIC18 derivatives
    • Provides precise simulation of the PICmicro internal structure instruction set; does not simulate on-chipperipherals
    • Provides project management forPhyton PASM-MC and C compilers from Microchip (MPLAB-C) and Hi-Tech Software
    • Provides source-level debugging for PASM-MC and compilers from Microchip, Hi-Tech, IAR Systems, Byte Craft, and CCS
    • Maintains precise time counter
    • Performance analyzer works automatically
    • Unlimited program breakpoints
    • Ten complex conditional breakpoints
    • Auto Watches window for variable names within the current scope
    • Function call list and stack tracing
    • Stores an unlimited number of desktop configurations
    • External Environment Simulation (EES) capability
    • Donwnload a full version of the Project-MC IDE and unlimited PASM-MC assembler and PDS-MC simulator
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