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Development Tools for Sensory RSC4x Microcontrollers and VR Stamps

Project-SE - Integrated Development Toolset for Sensory RSC4x Microcontrollers

Phyton is the only company in the market that offers a complete development tool solution for the RSC-4x family of speech-recognition and synthesis microcontrollers and VR Stamps produced by Sensory, Inc.

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Project-SE is a set of hardware and software tools for developing applications based on the RSC-4x microcontrollers and VR Stamps produced by Sensory, Inc. Aworking under control of one integrated development environment (IDE). A full package includes MCA-SE macro assembler, PDS-SE software debugger/simulator, MCC-SE C compiler and PICE-SE in-circuit emulator integrated under control of one integrated development environment (IDE). Phyton also offers a few device programmers so this toolset provides a complete development cycle - from editing source texts, to getting debugged code and "burning" it into a memory device. The tools shown inside the "Project-SE IDE" green box above is a public domain product that can be downloaded at no charge from this website.

Sensory VR Stamp™ is "the first rapidly deployable speech module to use Sensory’s proprietary Quick T2SI™ (text to speaker independent) technology, which allows developers to create working recognition sets in minutes". To provide VR Stamp customers with low-cost yet professional development tools, Sensory sells VR Stamp Toolkits that include our MCC-SE-LTV - a special limited-time compiler available exclusively with these Sensory toolkits. MCC-SE-LTV is a full capable compiler but it works for 12 weeks only; then the MCC-SE-LTV license expires and the compiler stops working... unless you upgrade it to an unlimited version. Read here about the compiler upgrade conditions.

PICE-SE emulator is a modular tool tool than can be configured by distinct main boards, daughter modules and mechanical adapters to support different PIC derivatives in different packages. Use the search engine to get the part numbers and prices for ordering.

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