CPI2-B1-LTPLD – universal programmer

cpi2-b1-new-hikaCP-isp2 h260 2
$945.00 each
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Price covers the programmer unit, link cable, 20-wire ribbon cable, mounting bracket, the preloaded target-specific device library license(s) and free Basic Device Library license. Price does not cover the CPI2-ACI license.
Device List

Get a complete list of 17,571 devices supported by this programmer

CPI2-B1-LTPLD in-system device programmer

This preloaded device programmer bundles a standard CPI2-B1 single-channel device programmer with a device library license that enables programming of a variety of Lattice Semiconductor programmable logical devices (PLDs) currently supported by Phyton. See a list of the preinstalled device library licenses in the matrix below. Plus, as any other preloaded device programmers, this bundle includes the free Basic Device Library license.

The CPI2-B1-LTPLD device programmer will automatically enable programming of all new devices belonging to the Lattice Semiconductor PLDs library below that Phyton will support in the future – no new purchase is required.

To expand the CPI2-B1-LTPLD device list, additional CPI2-D-xxxx device library licenses, not included in the CPI2-B1-LTPLD bundle, can be purchased and installed by the programmer’s user.

Bundled licensesDescription
Basic LicenseFree Basic Device Library license that supports all serial flash memory devices and selected 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers from different manufacturers
CPI2-D-LTPLDLattice PLD device library