CPI2-ACI – ACI software license

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CPI2-ACI - Application Control Interface License

The CPI2-ACI Application Control Interface License is a software module for both the CPI2-B1 and CPI2-Gx programmers that enables flexible and detailed control of the programmers in a variety of production programming scenarios:

  • Using the ChipProg Software Development Kit named "Application Control Interface" (ACI) for development of custom, user-written software for programming control.
    ACI enables users who write their own custom software applications to take full programmatic control of the device programming process, including access to the device memory, loading files and projects, setting programming options, launching programming operations. ACI may be used in both single-site and gang modes to control each programming site individually. The ACI package includes usage examples in C/C++, C# and Visual Basic. For evaluation purposes, ACI is available when ChipProg-02 software is running in Demo mode, which makes it possible to evaluate these capabilities before purchasing a CPI2-ACI license.

  • Controlling the programmers from the National Instruments LabVIEW shell.
    Users wishing to interface the programmers to National Instruments® LabVIEW™ will use CPI2-ACI Application Control Interface to accomplish this. The software includes examples of integration with LabVIEW.

  • Controlling the programmers on-the-fly with the OFControl.exe special utility.
    OFControl.exe is a small, easy-to-use console application that automates and speeds up device programming. OFControl.exe accepts a set of command line options to control the programmer. OFControl.exe is capable of communicating with a programmer that has been launched and is running, without the need to restart. With OFControl.exe you can instruct the programmer to set device type, change programming options, load files and projects, launch device programming operations, etc. OFControl.exe may be launched multiple times on the same programmer, performing operations in a loop.
  1. The CPI2-ACI Application Control Interface License is supplied at no extra cost with all and each CPI2-Gx gang device programmers, as standard inclusion in the CPI2-Gx programmer kit. It is factory preinstalled at no extra cost.
  2. The CPI2-ACI Application Control Interface License is an optional purchase for the CPI2-B1 device programmer.
  3. A CPI2-ACI license can be purchased bundled with a CPI2-B1 programmer, or separately, as an upgrade of the CPI2-B1 programmer.
  4. Each CPI2-ACI license is applicable to a unique CPI2-B1 hardware serial number. Use of the ACI functions by multiple CPI2-B1 programmers requires purchasing multiple CPI2-ACI licenses, e.g. one per each CPI2-B1 serial number.
  5. When purchasing a CPI2-ACI license as an upgrade to the CPI2-B1 programmer, kindly supply the serial number of your device programmer to Phyton or a reseller at purchase time. A license code will be supplied by Phyton via email. It will unlock the capabilities of CPI2-ACI. License installation is conducted via the License Manager utility of the GUI in the CPI2-B1.