Customizable ISP Solution for ATE Integrators

In parallel with selling standard CPI2-B1 and CPI2-Gx device programmers, Phyton offers ATE integrators semi-finished, customizable hardware and software kits for building customized device programmers inside of their own fixtures. This approach allows integrators to craft an optimal, cost effective hardware configuration that can be readily adapted to existing fixture mechanical design, and to optimally integrate the Phyton software into the ATE software. This solution is based on the CPI2-GM1 programming modules used in Phyton CPI2-Gx gang device programmer.

The miniature CPI2-GM1 module (67.5 x 42.5 mm) is an almost self-sufficient device programmer that includes all key hardware components required for device programming. Each module has a unique serial number stored in the module firmware. All necessary licenses, including CPI2-D-xxxx device library licenses, CPI2-DEMUX and CPI2-ACI licenses tie to module’s serial numbers. All the commands which control programming operations are also enabled by the modules’ serial numbers. End users may create a custom motherboard for plugging as many CPI2-GM1 modules as needed. The modules communicate to the user’s equipment via internal USB, Ethernet or UART interfaces. The UART is intended for the system setup only; USB and Ethernet - for setup and interfacing to a computer.

The programming modules are very fast. See the timing chart.

Users may choose one of two options for designing and producing such a motherboard: a) Phyton provides with the schematic at no cost – so, the user designs and produces the board or b) the user contracts Phyton for the service including the board design, prototyping and the final system debugging.

Then end-users buys CPI2-GM1 programming modules, target-specific CPI2-D-xxxx device library licenses, CPI2-DEMUX and CPI2-ACI licenses from Phyton in required volumes. Phyton will grant such customers with special reseller volume discounts in accordance to the quantities of purchased items.

If you are interested in this solution, give us some details about your project and needs: