CPI2-D-SLCM – Silicon Labs ARM Cortex device library license

$300.00 each
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Silicon Labs ARM Cortex device library

This library license locks to a CPI2 hardware and enables programming support for today and future Silicon Labs ARM Cortex devices

Make sure your device is not included in the free basic device library.

Expande/collapse the device list

Energy Micro |193 device(s)

EFM32TG825F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG940F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G222F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32ZG222F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG108F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G290F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG295F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG225F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G890F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG395F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG332F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG825F4 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG940F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG895F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG295F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG108F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G222F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG395F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG225F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G290F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG895F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG895F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G890F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG108F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G210F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG825F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG225F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G280F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG290F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG890F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G890F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG395F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G210F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG332F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG895F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G280F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG825F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG995F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G880F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG290F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG225F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG330F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG390F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG890F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG822F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG895F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G210F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG110F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG995F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G280F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG290F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG222F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G880F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG390F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG880F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG330F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG890F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G210F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG822F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG995F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G280F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG110F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG222F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G880F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG280F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG880F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG295F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG390F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G200F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG822F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG890F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G232F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32ZG108F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG990F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G880F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG280F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG222F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG295F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG380F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG842F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG232F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG890F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG995F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG108F4 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG990F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G200F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG280F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG210F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G232F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG380F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG842F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G842F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG880F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG995F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG290F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG990F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G200F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG232F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG210F4 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G232F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG842F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG840F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G842F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG232F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG990F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG290F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG380F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G200F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG232F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG880F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G232F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG842F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG980F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G842F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG232F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG210F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG280F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG332F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG840F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG842F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG880F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG990F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG232F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG980F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG210F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG332F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG210F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G230F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG842F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG395F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G840F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG980F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG980F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG280F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG110F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32ZG210F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG842F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG232F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G230F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG230F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG395F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G840F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG332F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG980F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG232F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG842F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G230F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG840F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG942F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G840F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG230F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG110F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG232F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG330F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG230F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG840F4 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG842F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG390F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG230F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG942F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG942F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG330F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG110F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G230F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG840F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG230F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G840F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG942F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG390F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG230F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG110F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG942F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG840F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG230F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G222F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG330F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG380F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G290F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG840F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG940F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG230F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG940F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G222F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG840F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG108F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G290F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32ZG222F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG230F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G890F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG295F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG380F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG840F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG940F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]

Silicon Labs |341 device(s)

EFM32GG840F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG290F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P233F128IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG990F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG232F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG980F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1P232F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG842F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P233F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G200F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG232F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG210F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P231F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B132F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U166-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G232F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG332F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG840F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1B232F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F128G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG990F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G842F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG880F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG210F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3C156-B-GQ [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P233F128GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P232F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG280F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG980F256 [ISP SWD Mode]BGM11S12F256GA-V2 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG232F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P233F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P231F128IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG842F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG210F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G230F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG232F128 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U157-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1B232F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1B132F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG395F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G840F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG332F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG980F512 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C154-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1P333F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG210F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG280F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG842F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P232F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG842F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P232F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P231F128GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG230F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG980F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G230F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B132F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1P232F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1B232F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG332F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG110F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G840F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P333F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3U156-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C146-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG842F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG395F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG232F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P232F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG980F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG840F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG942F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32ZG210F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG230F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P232F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1B232F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B132F128IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG110F4 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P231F128G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG330F64 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U146-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G230F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P332F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG230F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1B132F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG842F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG390F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G840F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P232F128IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG942F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3C136-B-GQ [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG942F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B232F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG232F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P133F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG840F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG110F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G230F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG230F128 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U136-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1B132F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1B132F128GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG230F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G840F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG330F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG390F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C134-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1P332F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG942F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG230F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG840F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B232F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG840F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P232F128GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32HG222F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG942F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G222F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B132F128G48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1P132F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1B132F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG330F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG110F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G290F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P332F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3C167-B-GQ [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1V132F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG840F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG230F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG230F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P231F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG380F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG840F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG940F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG940F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG222F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P132F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1B232F128IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG295F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG108F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1V132F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P233F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C166-B-GQ [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G222F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG840F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG230F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P233F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P231F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG380F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G290F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG940F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG940F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1V132F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P132F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B232F128GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G890F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG108F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F128IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG825F8 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C164-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G222F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32ZG222F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG225F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P233F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG295F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG332F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G290F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1P232F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG895F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1V132F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG395F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B232F128G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G890F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P231F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F128GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U166-B-GQ [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG940F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G222F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG825F4 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1B232F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P233F128IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG222F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG108F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G290F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG295F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3C157-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P233F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P232F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG225F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G890F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG395F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG895F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U164-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P231F128IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1B132F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG825F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG895F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1V132F128G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG290F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1B232F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G210F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P232F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG108F16 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P233F128GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG395F128 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C156-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G280F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P231F128GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG225F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1P232F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG895F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG890F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G890F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1B232F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B132F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3U156-B-GQ [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG995F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P333F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG332F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C146-B-GQ [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G210F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG825F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG225F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P232F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG290F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG890F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G280F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1B232F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B132F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P232F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG390F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P332F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G880F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P231F128G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G210F16 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U154-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG895F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P232F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG330F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1B132F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G280F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG822F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG995F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P133F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG110F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3C144-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G880F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG290F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG222F8 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U144-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B232F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG880F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG330F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG390F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1B132F128IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG822F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1P332F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG110F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG890F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G210F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG280F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1B132F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P232F128IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B232F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG995F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G280F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG390F128 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C136-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1P133F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG222F32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G880F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG890F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG880F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3U134-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1B132F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B132F128GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG295F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG990F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P332F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG822F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1V132F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G200F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32ZG108F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG222F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P232F128GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG280F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG842F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G232F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1B232F128IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG995F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P132F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG380F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B132F128G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G880F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1V132F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1P233F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C167-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG890F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G200F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG295F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P233F256IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P231F256IM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG232F8 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32LG990F256 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G232F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32ZG108F4 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1V132F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1P132F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG280F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32TG210F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32G842F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B232F128GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG842F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3C166-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG380F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32GG995F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32GG290F512 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F128IM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32BG1P233F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG232F4 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG880F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G200F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG842F8 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32FG14P233F256GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32FG14P231F256GM32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG232F64 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG990F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G232F16 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1B232F128G48 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32MG1V132F256G48 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFR32MG1P132F256G32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG380F128 [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32TG210F4 [ISP SWD Mode]
EFM32G842F32 [ISP SWD Mode]EFR32BG1V132F128GM48 [ISP SWD Mode]SiM3U167-B-GM [ISP SWD Mode]
SiM3C157-B-GQ [ISP SWD Mode]EFM32LG880F256 [ISP SWD Mode]

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