CPI2-D-UPD78 – Renesas uPD78xx device library

$300.00 each
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Discount information
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Renesas uPD78xx device library

This library license locks to a CPI2 hardware and enables programming support for today and future Renesas uPD78xx device library devices

Make sure your device is not included in the free basic device library.

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NEC |354 device(s)

uPD78F0537GB-UEU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0395GF-GAS-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1155AGC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F9210GR(T)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1163AGF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0502MC-5A4-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0885GA(A)-GAM-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0532GA-9EV-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1166AGF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0890GB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1174GF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0535GB-UEU-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1142AGB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0546GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1185AGJ(A)-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0376GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0888GB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0537GA-9EV-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1146GB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0892GC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F9210GR(S)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0395GC-8EA-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1144AGB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0883GA(A2)-GAM-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1163AGC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0384GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0889GK(A2)-GAJ-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0531GA-9EV-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1154GC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0893GK(A2)-GAK-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1174AGF(A)-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0501MC-5A4-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0375GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0545GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1166AGC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1146AGK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F9232CS-CAA-A-SDIP32 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0535GA-9EV-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0394GF-GAS-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0887GK(A2)-GAJ-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1184AGJ(A)-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1162GC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0891GK(A2)-GAK-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0536GK-UET-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0515GA-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1144AGA-HAB-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F9210GR(A)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1168GC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0384GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0883GA(A)-GAM-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0545GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1154AGC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0889GK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F9221MC-5A4-SSOP20 [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0500MC-5A4-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0893GK(A)-GAK-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0887GK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1165GC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0375GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0891GK(A)-GAK-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0534GK-UET-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1146AGB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1143GB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1178AGF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0394GC-8EA-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0383GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0536GC-UBS-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1162AGF(A)-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1153GK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F9201MA-CAC-A-SSOP10 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0514GA-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0397GC-8EA-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0882GA(A2)-GAM-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1168AGF(A)-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1165AGF(A)-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0889GB(A2)-GAH-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0544GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0534GC-UBS-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0893GC(A2)-GAD-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0887GB(A2)-GAH-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1177GF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0374GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0891GC(A2)-GAD-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1188AGJ-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1145GK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1143AGK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0882GA(A)-GAM-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0393GF-GAS-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0383GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0889GB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1156GK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1153AGK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0893GC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0513GB-UES-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0397DGC-8EA-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0374GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1168AGC(A)-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1164GF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1145AGK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0544GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0534GB-UEU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0393GC-8EA-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F9212GR(R)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1177AGF(A)-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1156AGK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0887GB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0833YGC-8BT [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0513GA-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0891GC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0888GK(A2)-GAJ-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1167GC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1143AGB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0892GK(A2)-GAK-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0536GB-UEU-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0382GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0373GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0537GK-UET-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1153AGC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1145AGB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F9211GR(T)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0396GF-GAS-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0386GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0886GA(A2)-GAM-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1164AGF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1156AGC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0890GK(A2)-GAJ-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0534GA-9EV-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0512GA-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1142GK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1176AGF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1167AGF(A)-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0382GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0547GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0536GA-9EV-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1152GC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F9234MC(T)-5A4-A-SSOP30 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1187AGJ-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0396GC-8EA-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0888GK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0537GC-UBS-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1164AGC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0892GK(A)-GAK-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F9211GR(S)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0533GA-9EV-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0373GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0886GA(A)-GAM-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1175GF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1145AGA-HAB-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0890GK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0547GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0386GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1142AGK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F9234MC(S)-5A4-A-SSOP30 [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1155GC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0376GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0888GB(A2)-GAH-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0511GA-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1152AGC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0892GC(A2)-GAD-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1167AGC(A)-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0395GF-GAS-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0372GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0535GK-UET-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1163GC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1144GB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1186AGJ-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0532GA-9EV-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0385GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0537GB-UEU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1175AGF(A)-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1155AGC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F9211GR(A)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0546GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0503MC-5A4-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0885GA(A2)-GAM-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F9234MC(R)-5A4-A-SSOP30 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1166GC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0890GB(A2)-GAH-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0888GB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0535GC-UBS-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1142AGB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0892GC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1185AGJ-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0376GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0372GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0537GA-9EV-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1146GK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1144AGK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0885GA(A)-GAM-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0395GC-8EA-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0385GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0890GB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1163AGF(A)-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1154GK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1142AGA-HAB-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0531GA-9EV-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0502MC-5A4-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0375GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1174AGF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1166AGF(A)-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1146AGK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0546GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0535GB-UEU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0394GF-GAS-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F9234CS-CAA-A-SDIP32 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1184AGJ-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1162GF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0887GK(A2)-GAJ-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0536GK-UET-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0515GA-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0891GK(A2)-GAK-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F9210GR(R)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1168GF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1144AGB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0883GA(A2)-GAM-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0545GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0384GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0889GK(A2)-GAJ-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F9222MC-5A4-SSOP20 [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1154AGK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0893GK(A2)-GAK-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0887GK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0501MC-5A4-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0375GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0891GK(A)-GAK-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1165GF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1146AGB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1143GK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0535GA-9EV-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0394GC-8EA-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0384GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1178GF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1162AGF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1154AGC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0536GC-UBS-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0514GA-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0500MC-5A4-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F9202MA-CAC-A-SSOP10 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1168AGF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1165AGF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0883GA(A)-GAM-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0545GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0534GK-UET-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0889GK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F9212GR(T)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1178AGF(A)-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0893GK(A)-GAK-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0887GB(A2)-GAH-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F9200MA-CAC-A-SSOP10 [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0374GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0891GC(A2)-GAD-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0882GA(A2)-GAM-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1146AGA-HAB-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1143AGK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0889GB(A2)-GAH-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0393GF-GAS-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0383GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0893GC(A2)-GAD-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1162AGC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1153GC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0374GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0513GB-UES-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0397GC-8EA-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1145GB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1168AGC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1165AGC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0393GC-8EA-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0544GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0534GC-UBS-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1156GC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F9212GR(S)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1177AGF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0513GA-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0887GB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0882GA(A)-GAM-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1167GF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0891GC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0889GB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0536GB-UEU-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1143AGB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0893GC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0544GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0383GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0373GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F9212GR(A)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1153AGC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1145AGK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0886GA(A2)-GAM-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0397DGC-8EA-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0386GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0890GK(A2)-GAJ-AX [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1164GC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1156AGC-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1143AGA-HAB-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0534GB-UEU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0512GA-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0382GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1176GF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1167AGF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1152GK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0547GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0536GA-9EV-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0396GF-GAS-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F9234MC(T)-5A4-SSOP30 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1188AGJ(A)-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1164AGF(A)-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0888GK(A2)-GAJ-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0537GK-UET-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0534GA-9EV-A [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0892GK(A2)-GAK-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0886GA(A)-GAM-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1176AGF(A)-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0373GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0890GK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0547GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1145AGB(A)-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1142GB-GAH-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F9234MC(S)-5A4-SSOP30 [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0386GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0382GC-UBT-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0888GK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F1155GK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1152AGK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0892GK(A)-GAK-AX [ISP CSI Mode]
uPD78F0511GA-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0396GC-8EA-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0372GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1167AGC-UEU-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1163GF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1144GK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0535GK-UET-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0533GA-9EV-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0385GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F1187AGJ(A)-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1175AGF-GAT-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F1155AGK-GAK-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0537GC-UBS-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0546GK-8EU-A [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0503MC-5A4-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F9211GR(R)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F9234MC(R)-5A4-SSOP30 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F1166GF-GAS-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F0885GA(A2)-GAM-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0888GB(A2)-GAH-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F0535GC-UBS-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0890GB(A2)-GAH-AX [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F0892GC(A2)-GAD-AX [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1186AGJ(A)-GAE-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1142AGK(A)-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0372GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]
uPD78F0376GK-8EU-A [ISP CSI Mode]uPD78F1144AGK-GAJ-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]
uPD78F1152AGC(A)-GAD-AX [ISP 1-wire UART Mode]uPD78F0385GC-UBT-A [ISP UART Mode]

Renesas |4 device(s)

uPD78F9212GR(S)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]uPD78F9210GR(S)-JJG-SSOP16 [ISP UART Mode]

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