CPI2-GM1 – CPI2-Gx Module

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CPI2-GM1 - Universal Programming Module

Use CPI2-GM1 modules in Phyton CPI2-Gx gang device programmers

Phyton CPI2-Gx gang device programmers can be featured with 2 to 7 CPI2-GM1 programming channels. The channels are implemented as small, 67 x 43 x 10 mm, modules plugged into SO DIMM connectors installed on the programmer motherboard. Each CPI2-GM1 module carries a miniature piggy-back board with a hardware demultiplexer (x2) that can be enabled by activating the CPI2-DEMUX license tied to either the gang programmer motherboards' or to the module’s serial numbers. With the demultiplexer enabled each CPI2-GM1 module can sequentially program two devices in turn.

Use CPI2-GM1 modules in Third Parties’ programming equipment and ATE

A CPI2-GM1 module is an almost self-sufficient device programmer that includes all key hardware components required for device programming. Only a few inexpensive and relatively simple components are required to compliment the module in user’s equipment for interfacing and control. Phyton proposes CPI2-GM1 modules with associated software and device library as OEM components for use by automated tester and other ATE manufacturers interested in adding a device programming capability to their equipment. We will provide you with all the information necessary for smooth and simple hardware integration in your ATE and interfacing to your software.