CPI2-DEMUX – Demultiplexer license for CPI2-Gx

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CPI2-DEMUX – On-Module Demultiplexer License

Introduction: The CPI2-DEMUX Channel Demultiplexer License enables each CPI-GM1 module that is plugged into a CPI2-Gx motherboard to program two target devices sequentially without the need to mechanically manipulate the programming fixture.

License Notes: The CPI2-DEMUX Channel Demultiplexer License ties to a unique serial number of the CPI2-Gx gang device programmer’s motherboard. Activating a CP12-DEMUX license on a CPI2-Gx programmer enables all of the installed CPI-GM1 modules to perform programming target devices sequentially. In other words, a CP12-DEMUX license applies to the CPI-Gx gang programmer, regardless of how many CPI-GM1 modules are plugged in.

Purchasing Options and License Installation: CPI2-DEMUX licenses can be purchased bundled with a CPI2-Gx programmer, or later for product upgrade. In the latter case, a purchase order must specify the serial number of the CPI2-Gx hardware that will be used for programming. Order fulfillment by Phyton is in the form of an email with an updated license code. Upon receiving the code, the user launches the devices programmer, opens the License Management dialog in the ChipProg-02 GUI and enters the code. This will modify the programmer's firmware and tie the license to the programmer hardware.