PDS-96 - Debugger/Simulator for 80196

Main features:

  • Provides accurate simulation of the instruction set and peripherals for 8XC196KB/KC/KD and UT89C196KD derivatives
  • Provides only instruction-set simulation for all other 16-bit 80C196 MCUs (MC, MD, MH, NT, CA, CB, etc.)
  • High-level debugging for the Phyton MCC-96 and MCA-96 compilers
  • High-level debugging for the TASKING, IAR Systems, and Intel C compilers
  • Supports forward and backward program execution: Step, Step Over, Run...
  • Maintains precise time counter
  • Performance analyzer works automatically
  • Unlimited number of unconditional and conditional (complex) breakpoints
  • Function call list and stack tracing
  • Auto Watches window for variable names within the current scope
  • Time saving facilities for routine operations and tests: script files (C-style command language), keystroke macros
  • External Environment Simulation capability (EES)