CodeMaster Software Simulator

Main features

  • Is a free component of the CodeMaster-52 integrated development environment
  • Provides precise simulation of the 8051 command set and 8051 core
  • Does not support simulation of the 8051 peripherals and interrupts
  • Provides source-level debugging for the attached Phyton MCA-51 macro assembler
  • Provides source-level debugging for third parties' C compilers and assemblers
  • Provides watching variables and other program objects in the source codes
  • Provides permanent watching variables within the current scope of the source code
  • Provides watching subroutine and function calls' stack
  • Enables setting unlimited number of unconditional breakpoints
  • Enables setting unlimited number of memory access breakpoints
  • Featured with a program code performance analyzer
  • Maintains precise time counting in several modes
  • Enables step forward and back through the program code
  • Featured with an on-line assembler for prompt code patching