Checking if Phyton offers an emulator for your 8051 device and getting a quote

Phyton has been producing and selling 8051 in-circuit emulators for more than 20 years and keep selling them nowadays. If you would like to check if our PICE-52 or PICE-51 emulators support your target device and would like to get a quote, please email your inquiry to Your request should include the following information about the device and your development environment:

  • Silicon manufacturer (for example: Atmel, NXP, Microchip, etc.);
  • Device part number (for example: AT89C52ED2, SST89E516RD2, etc.);
  • Mechanical chip package (for example: DIP 40-pin, PLCC 44-pin, etc.);
  • Whether your target board has an external memory and, if so, its memory structure;
  • A compiler brand, if used for project management.

We will be sure to respond to your request promptly.