CodeMaster Project Manager and Tool Integrator

The CodeMaster-52 Project Manager and Tool Integrator controls all the tools for composing, editing, compiling, and debugging programs in one IDE.

Main features:

  • Represents a Windows-based front-end for a chosen CodeMaster debugger: software simulator , PICE-52 in-circuit emulator or JEM-52 OCD/JTAG emulator
  • Includes a full-featured sophisticated multi-file Editor. Displays colored syntax highlighting for C and assembly files.
  • Transparently switches from the Editor to the Source window of the chosen debugger and vise versa
  • Configures compiler components (C compiler, assembler, linker, utilities) in accordance with a chosen compiler's specifications to allow symbolic debugging for output files
  • Configures a chosen debugger resources in accordance with a selected target MCU, that includes a memory model, types and segments
  • Defines locations and other properties of source files included in the project, make options and locations output files generated by a compiler/linker
  • Automatically re-builds an entire project if the source text has been edited and loads a output file after the compiler/linker for source-level debugging
  • Captures error messages generated by the compiler and linker, displays them and highlights error spots in the source text for prompt correction