CPI2-PXI Gang In-System Device Programmer PXI Module

This product will be available for ordering beginning January 1, 2020
Download CPI2-PXI flyer

This Phyton, PXI Express fully compatible, device programmer module is designed to program multi-board panels in test fixtures, automated testers and handlers. It currently supports 41,000+ in-system programmable microcontrollers, flash memory, and programmable logical devices. Support for new devices is always in our development pipeline.

  • Compact PCI Express compliant, PXI Express fully compatible.
  • Occupies one 3U slot of PXI Express chassis.
  • Has two mini DIMM slots for plugging standard Phyton CPI2-GM1 modules.
  • Can be optionally equipped with one or two programming modules.
  • Each programming module has a built-in demultiplexer.
  • Channel demultiplexers can be optionally enabled by a special license.
  • Enables multi-target parallel programming channels.
  • Programs devices with Vcc from 1.2V to 5.5V.
  • Supports JTAG, SWD, DAP, SPI, SCI, I²C, UART and other device interfaces.
  • Provides target panel with Vcc (up to 5.5V/350mА) and Vpp (up to 15V).
  • Compatible with Microsoft™ Windows® XP, 7, 8 or 10
  • Friendly intuitive graphic user interface (GUI).
  • Optional simplified graphical user interface (SUI) for unskilled personnel.
  • Application Control Interface (ACI) and SDK.
  • Enables control from programs in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, etc.
  • Enables control from National Instrument® LabVIEW™.
  • Scripting language for complex control.
  • Reliable data and project settings protection.
  • Tamperproof software and firmware.
  • Can work in a standalone mode under ATE control, without a computer.
  • Real-time standalone mode monitor.
  • Each programming module can store up to 256 standalone projects.
  • Up to 32 standalone projects can be launched by ATE signals.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous launch modes.
  • Can program devices at a long distance – some devices at up to 5m (~15ft).
  • Ribbon cables for target connection are included in CPI2-PXI-xxx kits.