AKM devices (95 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    AK6002AAK6420BF [ISP Mode]AK6510C [ISP Mode]AK93C55CL [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6002A [ISP Mode]AK6420BMAK6512CAK93C55CT [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6002AF [ISP Mode]AK6420BM [ISP Mode]AK6512C [ISP Mode]AK93C55CU [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6002AV [ISP Mode]AK6440AFAK93C10AF [x16]AK93C56 [x16]
    AK6003AAK6440AF [ISP Mode]AK93C10AF [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C56 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6003A [ISP Mode]AK6440AMAK93C45AF [x16]AK93C65AF [x16]
    AK6003AV [ISP Mode]AK6440AM [ISP Mode]AK93C45AF [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C65AF [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6004AAK6440BFAK93C45AV [x16]AK93C65AV [x16]
    AK6004A [ISP Mode]AK6440BH [ISP Mode]AK93C45AV [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C65AV [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6004AF [ISP Mode]AK6440BL [ISP Mode]AK93C45BL [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C65BL [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6004AM [ISP Mode]AK6440BMAK93C45BT [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C65BT [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6008AAK6480AFAK93C45BU [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C65BU [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6008A [ISP Mode]AK6480AF [ISP Mode]AK93C45CL [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C65CL [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6008AF [ISP Mode]AK6480AMAK93C45CT [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C65CT [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6416AMAK6480AM [ISP Mode]AK93C45CU [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C65CU [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6416AM [ISP Mode]AK6480BFAK93C46 [x16]AK93C75AF [x16]
    AK6416CH [ISP Mode]AK6480BMAK93C46 [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C75AF [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6416CMAK6480CFAK93C55AF [x16]AK93C75AV [x16]
    AK6416CM [ISP Mode]AK6480CF [ISP Mode]AK93C55AF [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C75AV [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6420AFAK6480CH [ISP Mode]AK93C55AV [x16]AK93C85AM [x16]
    AK6420AF [ISP Mode]AK6480CL [ISP Mode]AK93C55AV [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C85AM [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6420AMAK6480CMAK93C55BL [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C95AF [x16]
    AK6420AM [ISP Mode]AK6480CM [ISP Mode]AK93C55BT [x16] [ISP Mode]AK93C95AF [x16] [ISP Mode]
    AK6420BFAK6510CAK93C55BU [x16] [ISP Mode]

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