Supported devices

AMIC devices (349 total)

    Suffixes in some device part numbers can be omitted or cut off. Click a device part number for further information.

    Devices programmable off- and on-board
    A25L010 [ISP Mode]A25L020CQ4 [ISP Mode]A25L040AV [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ016 [ISP Mode]
    A25L010A [ISP Mode]A25L020M [ISP Mode]A25L040AV [ISP Mode]A25LQ0160 [ISP Mode]
    A25L010AM [ISP Mode]A25L020O [ISP Mode]A25L040M [ISP Mode]A25LQ016M [ISP Mode]
    A25L010AO [ISP Mode]A25L020P [ISP Mode]A25L040O [ISP Mode]A25LQ016Q4 [ISP Mode]
    A25L010AQ1 [ISP Mode]A25L020Q1 [ISP Mode]A25L040P [ISP Mode]A25LQ032 [ISP Mode]
    A25L010AQ4 [ISP Mode]A25L020Q4 [ISP Mode]A25L05P [ISP Mode]A25LQ16-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L010AV [ISP Mode]A25L020V [ISP Mode]A25L080 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ16M-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L010M [ISP Mode]A25L032 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L080 [ISP Mode]A25LQ16O-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L010O [ISP Mode]A25L032 [ISP Mode]A25L080M [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ16Q4-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L010P [ISP Mode]A25L032-EF [ISP Mode]A25L080M [ISP Mode]A25LQ32A [ISP Dual I/O Mode]
    A25L010Q1 [ISP Mode]A25L032-F [ISP Mode]A25L080O [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ32A [ISP Mode]
    A25L010Q4 [ISP Mode]A25L032-UF [ISP Mode]A25L080O [ISP Mode]A25LQ32AM [ISP Dual I/O Mode]
    A25L010V [ISP Mode]A25L032M [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L512 [ISP Mode]A25LQ32AM [ISP Mode]
    A25L016 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L032M [ISP Mode]A25L512A [ISP Mode]A25LQ32AN [ISP Dual I/O Mode]
    A25L016 [ISP Mode]A25L032M-EF [ISP Mode]A25L512AM [ISP Mode]A25LQ32AN [ISP Mode]
    A25L016M [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L032M-F [ISP Mode]A25L512AO [ISP Mode]A25LQ32AQ4 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]
    A25L016M [ISP Mode]A25L032M-UF [ISP Mode]A25L512AQ1 [ISP Mode]A25LQ32AQ4 [ISP Mode]
    A25L016N [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L032N [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L512AQ4 [ISP Mode]A25LQ64 [ISP Mode]
    A25L016N [ISP Mode]A25L032Q4 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L512AV [ISP Mode]A25LQ64-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L016O [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L032Q4 [ISP Mode]A25L512M [ISP Mode]A25LQ64G-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L016O [ISP Mode]A25L032Q4-EF [ISP Mode]A25L512O [ISP Mode]A25LQ64M [ISP Mode]
    A25L016P [ISP Mode]A25L032Q4-F [ISP Mode]A25L512Q1 [ISP Mode]A25LQ64M-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L016Q4 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L032Q4-UF [ISP Mode]A25L512Q4 [ISP Mode]A25LQ64M-FE [ISP Mode]
    A25L016Q4 [ISP Mode]A25L040 [ISP Mode]A25LM010-AF [ISP Mode]A25LQ64N [ISP Mode]
    A25L020 [ISP Mode]A25L040A [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LM010-F [ISP Mode]A25LQ64N-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L020C [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L040A [ISP Mode]A25LM010O-AF [ISP Mode]A25LQ64Q4 [ISP Mode]
    A25L020C [ISP Mode]A25L040AM [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LM010O-F [ISP Mode]A25LQ64Q4-F [ISP Mode]
    A25L020CM [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L040AM [ISP Mode]A25LM010Q1-AF [ISP Mode]A25LS512A [ISP Mode]
    A25L020CM [ISP Mode]A25L040AO [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LM010Q1-F [ISP Mode]A25LS512AM [ISP Mode]
    A25L020CO [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L040AO [ISP Mode]A25LMQ64-F [ISP Mode]A25LS512AO [ISP Mode]
    A25L020CO [ISP Mode]A25L040AQ1 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LMQ64G-F [ISP Mode]A25LS512AQ1 [ISP Mode]
    A25L020CQ1 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L040AQ1 [ISP Mode]A25LMQ64M-F [ISP Mode]A25LS512AQ4 [ISP Mode]
    A25L020CQ1 [ISP Mode]A25L040AQ4 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25LMQ64M-FE [ISP Mode]A25LS512AV [ISP Mode]
    A25L020CQ4 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]A25L040AQ4 [ISP Mode]A25LMQ64Q4-F [ISP Mode]

    Off-board programmable devices, only
    A25L010A25L040A25LQ32AM [Dual I/O Mode]A29L004AUL
    A25L010AMA25L040AMA25LQ32AQ4 [Dual I/O Mode]A29L004AUW
    A25L010AOA25L040AM [Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ64A29L004AUX
    A25L010AQ4A25L040AO [Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ64G-FA29L004T
    A25L010AVA25L040AQ1A25LQ64MA29L004T TSOP40
    A25L010MA25L040AQ1 [Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ64M [Dual I/O Mode]A29L004TL
    A25L010PA25L040AQ4 [Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ64M-FEA29L004TW
    A25L010Q4A25L040MA25LQ64N [Dual I/O Mode]A29L004TY
    A25L016A25L040PA25LQ64Q4A29L004U TSOP40
    A25L016MA25L040P SO16A25LQ64Q4 [Dual I/O Mode]A29L004UL
    A25L016M [Dual I/O Mode]A25L05PA25LQ64Q4-FA29L004UV
    A25L016N [Dual I/O Mode]A25L080MA25LS512AMA29L004UX
    A25L016OA25L080M [Dual I/O Mode]A25LS512AOA29L004UY
    A25L016O [Dual I/O Mode]A25L080OA25LS512AQ1A29L008ATV-70
    A25L016PA25L080O [Dual I/O Mode]A25LS512AQ4A29L008ATV-70F
    A25L016P SO16A25L512A25LS512AVA29L008ATV-90
    A25L016Q4 [Dual I/O Mode]A25L512AMA290011UA29L008ATV-90U
    A25L020CM [Dual I/O Mode]A25L512AVA290021UA29L008AUV-90
    A25L020CO [Dual I/O Mode]A25L512OA29002UA29L008AUV-90U
    A25L020CQ1 [Dual I/O Mode]A25L512Q4A29040A29L008T
    A25L020CQ4 [Dual I/O Mode]A25LM010-FA29161ATV-55FA29L008U
    A25L020PA25LM010Q1-AFA29161AUV-55UFA29L160T SO44
    A25L020Q1A25LM010Q1-FA29400T SO44A29L160T TSOP48
    A25L020Q4A25LMQ64-FA29400T TSOP48A29L160U SO44
    A25L020VA25LMQ64G-FA29400U SO44A29L160U TSOP48
    A25L032A25LMQ64M-FA29400U TSOP48A29L320ATG
    A25L032-EFA25LMQ64M-FEA29800T SO44A29L320ATV
    A25L032-FA25LMQ64Q4-FA29800T TSOP48A29L320AUG
    A25L032-UFA25LQ016A29800U SO44A29L320AUV
    A25L032MA25LQ0160A29800U TSOP48A29L400T SO44
    A25L032M [Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ016MA29801ATV-55FA29L400T TSOP48
    A25L032M-EFA25LQ016Q4A29801ATV-55UFA29L400U SO44
    A25L032M-FA25LQ032A29801AUV-55FA29L400U TSOP48
    A25L032M-UFA25LQ16-FA29801AUV-55UFA29L800T SO44
    A25L032Q4A25LQ16M-FA29L004ATLA29L800T TSOP48
    A25L032Q4 [Dual I/O Mode]A25LQ16O-FA29L004ATVA29L800U SO44
    A25L032Q4-EFA25LQ16Q4-FA29L004ATWA29L800U TSOP48

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