Supported devices

Artery devices (65 total)

    Suffixes in some device part numbers can be omitted or cut off. Click a device part number for further information.

    Devices programmable off- and on-board
    AT32F403ACCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F407RET7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435VGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406C8Q7 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    AT32F403ACCU7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F407RGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435VMT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406C8Q7 [ISP SWD Mode]
    AT32F403ACET7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F407VCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435ZCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406CBL7 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32F403ACEU7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F407VET7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435ZGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406CBL7 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    AT32F403ACGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F407VGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435ZMT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406CBL7 [ISP SWD Mode]
    AT32F403ACGU7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435CCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437RCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406MBL7 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32F403ARCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435CCU7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437RGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406MBL7 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    AT32F403ARET7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435CGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437RMT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406MBL7 [ISP SWD Mode]
    AT32F403ARGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435CGU7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437VCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406R8Q7 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32F403AVCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435CMT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437VGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406R8Q7 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    AT32F403AVET7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435CMU7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437VMT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406R8Q7 [ISP SWD Mode]
    AT32F403AVGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435RCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437ZCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406RBL7 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32F407AVCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435RGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437ZGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406RBL7 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    AT32F407AVGT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435RMT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F437ZMT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406RBL7 [ISP SWD Mode]
    AT32F407RCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]AT32F435VCT7 [ISP SWD Mode]N32L406C8Q7 [ISP JTAG Mode]

    Off-board programmable devices, only

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