Supported devices

Dallas Semiconductor devices (147 total)

    Suffixes in some device part numbers can be omitted or cut off. Click a device part number for further information.

    Devices programmable off- and on-board
    DS1620 [ISP Mode]DS2407 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS24B33Q+T&R [ISP Mode]DS28E05GB+T [ISP Mode]
    DS1620+ [ISP Mode]DS2413P [ISP Mode]DS24B33S [ISP Mode]DS28E05P+ [ISP Mode]
    DS1620S [ISP Mode]DS2413Q [ISP Mode]DS24B33S+ [ISP Mode]DS28E05P+T [ISP Mode]
    DS1620S+ [ISP Mode]DS2430A SO-8 [ISP Mode]DS24B33S+T&R [ISP Mode]DS28E05R+T [ISP Mode]
    DS1620S+T&R [ISP Mode]DS2431 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS2502 SO8 [ISP Mode]DS28E05X+T [ISP Mode]
    DS1620S/T&R [ISP Mode]DS2431 TSOC [ISP Mode]DS2502 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS28E80Q+T [ISP Mode]
    DS1971-F3+ [ISP Mode]DS2433 PR-35 [ISP Mode]DS2502-E48 SO8 [ISP Mode]DS28E80Q+U [ISP Mode]
    DS1971-F5+ [ISP Mode]DS2433 SO-8 [ISP Mode]DS2502-E48 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS28EC20 TO-92 [ISP Mode]
    DS1972 [ISP Mode]DS24B33 [ISP Mode]DS2502-E64 SO8 [ISP Mode]DS28EC20 TSOC [ISP Mode]
    DS1973 [ISP Mode]DS24B33+ [ISP Mode]DS2502-E64 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS89C420 [ISP Mode]
    DS1977 [ISP Mode]DS24B33+T&R [ISP Mode]DS2505 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS89C430 [ISP Mode]
    DS1990A [ISP Mode]DS24B33G [ISP Mode]DS2505 TSOC [ISP Mode]DS89C440 [ISP Mode]
    DS2406 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS24B33G+T&R [ISP Mode]DS2506 PR-35 [ISP Mode]DS89C450 [ISP Mode]
    DS2406 TSOC [ISP Mode]DS24B33Q [ISP Mode]DS2506 SOIC [ISP Mode]

    Off-board programmable devices, only
    DS1220ABDS1251DS1744DS2502-E48 TO-92
    DS1220ADDS1251WDS1744WDS2502-E64 SO-8
    DS1220YDS1286DS1746DS2502-E64 TO-92
    DS1225ABDS1286IDS1746WDS2505 TO-92
    DS1225ADDS1386 8KDS1747DS2506 PR-35
    DS1225YDS1386 32KDS1747WDS2506 SOIC
    DS1230WDS1554DS1971-F5+DS28EC20 TO-92
    DS1244WDS1620S+DS2406 TO-92DS5000T-8
    DS1244YDS1620S+T&RDS2407 TO-92DS87C520
    DS1245ABDS1620S/T&RDS2407 TSOCDS87C530
    DS1245WDS1642DS2430A SO-8DS89C420
    DS1245YDS1643DS2430A TSOCDS89C420 (Revision Ax)
    DS1248DS1644DS2431 TO-92DS89C430
    DS1248WDS1646DS2431 TSOCDS89C440
    DS1249WDS1647DS2433 PR-35DS89C450
    DS1249YDS1742DS2433 SO-8
    DS1250ABDS1742WDS2502 SO-8
    DS1250WDS1743DS2502 TO-92
    DS1250YDS1743WDS2502-E48 SO-8

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