Excel Semiconductor devices (133 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    ES25M16ES25M80 WSON 6x5mmES29DL323B TSOP48ES29LV320ET TSOP48
    ES25M16 [ISP Mode]ES25M80AES29DL323T FBGA48ES29LV320FB FBGA48
    ES25M16 DIPES25M80A [ISP Mode]ES29DL323T TSOP48ES29LV320FB TSOP48
    ES25M16 SO16ES25M80A DIPES29DL324B FBGA48ES29LV320FT FBGA48
    ES25M16 SO8 150milES25M80A SO16ES29DL324B TSOP48ES29LV320FT TSOP48
    ES25M16 SO8 208milES25M80A SO8 150milES29DL324T FBGA48ES29LV400DB FBGA48
    ES25M16 WSON 6x5mmES25M80A SO8 208milES29DL324T TSOP48ES29LV400DB TSOP48
    ES25M16AES25M80A WSON 6x5mmES29DL328B FBGA48ES29LV400DT FBGA48
    ES25M16A [ISP Mode]ES25P16ES29DL328B TSOP48ES29LV400DT TSOP48
    ES25M16A DIPES25P16 [ISP Mode]ES29DL328T FBGA48ES29LV400EB FBGA48
    ES25M16A SO16ES25P16 SO8 208milES29DL328T TSOP48ES29LV400EB TSOP48
    ES25M16A SO8 150milES25P40ES29LV160DB FBGA48ES29LV400ET FBGA48
    ES25M16A SO8 208milES25P40 [ISP Mode]ES29LV160DB SO44ES29LV400ET TSOP48
    ES25M16A WSON 6x5mmES25P40 DIPES29LV160DB TSOP48ES29LV800BB FBGA48
    ES25M40ES25P40 SO16ES29LV160DT FBGA48ES29LV800BB SO44
    ES25M40 [ISP Mode]ES25P40 SO8 150milES29LV160DT SO44ES29LV800BB TSOP48
    ES25M40 DIPES25P40 SO8 208milES29LV160DT TSOP48ES29LV800BT FBGA48
    ES25M40 SO16ES25P40 WSON 6x5mmES29LV160EB FBGA48ES29LV800BT SO44
    ES25M40 SO8 150milES25P80ES29LV160EB SO44ES29LV800BT TSOP48
    ES25M40 SO8 208milES25P80 [ISP Mode]ES29LV160EB TSOP48ES29LV800DB FBGA48
    ES25M40 WSON 6x5mmES25P80 DIPES29LV160ET FBGA48ES29LV800DB SO44
    ES25M40AES25P80 SO16ES29LV160ET SO44ES29LV800DB TSOP48
    ES25M40A [ISP Mode]ES25P80 SO8 150milES29LV160ET TSOP48ES29LV800DT FBGA48
    ES25M40A DIPES25P80 SO8 208milES29LV160FB FBGA48ES29LV800DT SO44
    ES25M40A SO16ES25P80 WSON 6x5mmES29LV160FB SO44ES29LV800DT TSOP48
    ES25M40A SO8 150milES29DL320B FBGA48ES29LV160FB TSOP48ES29LV800EB FBGA48
    ES25M40A SO8 208milES29DL320B TSOP48ES29LV160FT FBGA48ES29LV800EB SO44
    ES25M40A WSON 6x5mmES29DL320T FBGA48ES29LV160FT SO44ES29LV800EB TSOP48
    ES25M80ES29DL320T TSOP48ES29LV160FT TSOP48ES29LV800ET FBGA48
    ES25M80 [ISP Mode]ES29DL322B FBGA48ES29LV320DB TSOP48ES29LV800ET SO44
    ES25M80 SO16ES29DL322T FBGA48ES29LV320EB FBGA48
    ES25M80 SO8 150milES29DL322T TSOP48ES29LV320EB TSOP48
    ES25M80 SO8 208milES29DL323B FBGA48ES29LV320ET FBGA48

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