Fairchild devices (195 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    FM24C02U [ISP Mode]FM25C160 [ISP Mode]NM24C09U [ISP Mode]NM9306 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C02UF [ISP Mode]FM25C640 [ISP Mode]NM24C16 [ISP Mode]NM9346 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C03U [ISP Mode]FM27C020NM24C16F [ISP Mode]NM9356
    FM24C03UFFM27C040NM24C16UNM9356 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C03UF [ISP Mode]FM27C256QNM24C16U [ISP Mode]NM9366
    FM24C04UFM34W02UNM24C17NM9366 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C04U [ISP Mode]FM34W02U [ISP Mode]NM24C17 [ISP Mode]NM93C06
    FM24C04UFNM24C00NM24C17FNM93C06 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C04UF [ISP Mode]NM24C00 [ISP Mode]NM24C17F [ISP Mode]NM93C26
    FM24C05U [ISP Mode]NM24C00F [ISP Mode]NM24C17U [ISP Mode]NM93C46 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C05UFNM24C01NM24C32NM93C46L [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C05UF [ISP Mode]NM24C01 [ISP Mode]NM24C32 [ISP Mode]NM93C56
    FM24C08UNM24C01FNM24C32FNM93C56 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C08U [ISP Mode]NM24C01F [ISP Mode]NM24C32F [ISP Mode]NM93C56L
    FM24C08UFNM24C02NM24C32UNM93C56L [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C08UF [ISP Mode]NM24C02 [ISP Mode]NM24C32U [ISP Mode]NM93C66
    FM24C09UNM24C02UNM24C64 [ISP Mode]NM93C66 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C09U [ISP Mode]NM24C02U [ISP Mode]NM24C64F [ISP Mode]NM93C66L
    FM24C09UFNM24C03 [ISP Mode]NM24C64U [ISP Mode]NM93C66L [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C09UF [ISP Mode]NM24C03FNM24C65NM93C86A
    FM24C128NM24C03F [ISP Mode]NM24C65FNM93C86A [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C128 [ISP Mode]NM24C03UNM24C65UNM93CS46 [x16]
    FM24C16UNM24C03U [ISP Mode]NM24W02NM93CS46 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C16U [ISP Mode]NM24C04NM24W02 [ISP Mode]NM93CS56 [x16]
    FM24C16UFNM24C04 [ISP Mode]NM24W04NM93CS56 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C16UF [ISP Mode]NM24C04FNM24W04 [ISP Mode]NM93CS66 [x16]
    FM24C17UNM24C04F [ISP Mode]NM24W08NM93CS66 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C17U [ISP Mode]NM24C04UNM24W08 [ISP Mode]NMC9306
    FM24C17UFNM24C04U [ISP Mode]NM24W16NMC9306 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C17UF [ISP Mode]NM24C05NM24W16 [ISP Mode]NMC9346
    FM24C256NM24C05 [ISP Mode]NM25C020NMC9346 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C256 [ISP Mode]NM24C05FNM25C020 [ISP Mode]NMC9356
    FM24C32UNM24C05F [ISP Mode]NM25C040NMC9356 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C32U [ISP Mode]NM24C05UNM25C040 [ISP Mode]NMC9366
    FM24C32UF [ISP Mode]NM24C05U [ISP Mode]NM25C041NMC9366 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C64NM24C08NM25C041 [ISP Mode]NMC93C06
    FM24C64 [ISP Mode]NM24C08 [ISP Mode]NM25C160NMC93C06 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM24C64FNM24C08FNM25C160 [ISP Mode]NMC93C46
    FM24C64F [ISP Mode]NM24C08F [ISP Mode]NM25C640NMC93C46 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM25C020NM24C08UNM25C640 [ISP Mode]NMC93C56
    FM25C020 [ISP Mode]NM24C08U [ISP Mode]NM27C010NMC93C56 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM25C040 [ISP Mode]NM24C09 [ISP Mode]NM27C040NMC93C66 [x16] [ISP Mode]
    FM25C041 [ISP Mode]NM24C09F [ISP Mode]NM27C512

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