Supported devices

Infineon devices (838 total)

    Suffixes in some device part numbers can be omitted or cut off. Click a device part number for further information.

    Devices programmable off- and on-board
    SAF-XC866-2FR [ISP Mode]SAK-TC265DC-40F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC264D-40F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-T038F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC866-4FR [ISP Mode]SAK-TC267D-40F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC264D-40F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-T038F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC866L-2FR [ISP Mode]SAK-TC275T-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC265D-40F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q024F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC866L-4FR [ISP Mode]SAK-TC275T-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC265D-40F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q024F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC275TC-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC270TP-64F200 [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q024F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC275TC-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC270TP-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q024X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC275TP-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC275T-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q024X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC275TP-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC275TP-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q024X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC277T-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC275TP-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q040X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC277T-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC277T-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q040X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC277TC-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC277TP-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q040X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC277TC-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC277TP-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-Q040X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886C-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC277TP-64F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC332LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-T016X0008 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886C-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC277TP-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC332LP-32F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-T016X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886C-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC332LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC333L-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-T016X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886C-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC332LP-32F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC333LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-T038X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886C-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC332LS-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC333LP-32F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-T038X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886C-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC333L-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC334L-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-T038X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886C-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC333LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC334LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-T038X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886C-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC333LP-32F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC334LP-32F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1302-T038X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CLM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC334L-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC336LP-32F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1401-F064F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CLM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC334LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC336LP-32F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1401-F064F0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CLM-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC334LP-32F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC337LP-32F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1401-Q048F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CLM-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC336LP-32F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC337LP-32F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1401-Q048F0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CLM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC336LP-32F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC364DP-64F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-F064X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CLM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC337LP-32F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC364DP-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-F064X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CLM-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC337LP-32F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC364DP-64F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-F064X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CLM-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC356TA-48F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC364DP-64F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q040X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC356TA-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC365DP-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q040X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC356TD-48F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC365DP-64F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q040X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CM-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC356TH-48F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC366DP-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q040X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CM-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC356TH-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC366DP-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q048X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC357TA-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC367DP-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q048X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC357TH-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC367DP-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q048X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CM-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC364DP-48F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC375DP-96F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q048X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886CM-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC364DP-48F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC375TI-96F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q064X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886LM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC364DP-64F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC375TP-96F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q064X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886LM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC364DP-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC377DP-96F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-Q064X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886LM-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC364DP-64F300F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC377TP-96F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-T038X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886LM-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC364DP-64F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC377TX-96F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-T038X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886LM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC365DP-64F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC387QP-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-T038X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886LM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC365DP-64F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC387TP-128F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1402-T038X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886LM-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC366DP-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC387TP-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1403-Q040X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC886LM-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC366DP-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC389QP-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1403-Q040X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC367DP-48F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC397XP-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1403-Q040X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC367DP-48F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC399XP-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1403-Q048X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC367DP-64F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC399XX-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1403-Q048X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC367DP-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC3E7QF-192F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1403-Q048X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC375DP-96F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC3E7QG-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1403-Q064X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC375TI-96F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC3E7QX-192F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1403-Q064X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC375TP-96F300W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP370-23-156-0 [ISP Mode]XMC1403-Q064X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC377DP-96F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP370-25-106-0 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-F064X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888C-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC377TP-96F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP370-25-116-0 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-F064X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888C-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC377TX-64F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP400-11-00 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-F064X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888C-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC377TX-96F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP400-11-01 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-Q048X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888C-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC387QP-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP400-11-07 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-Q048X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888C-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC387TP-128F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP400-11-10 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-Q048X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888C-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC387TP-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP400-11-11 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-Q064X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888C-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC389QP-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP400-15-11 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-Q064X0128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888C-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397QA-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SP490-01-11 [ISP Mode]XMC1404-Q064X0200 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CLM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397QP-192F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9842-2QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4100-F64F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CLM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397QP-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9842QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4100-F64K128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CLM-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397TT-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9843-2QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4100-Q48F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CLM-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397XA-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9843QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4100-Q48K128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CLM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397XE-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9844-2QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4104-F64F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CLM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397XM-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9844QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4104-F64F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CLM-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397XP-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9845QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4104-F64K128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CLM-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397XT-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9850QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4104-F64K64 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397XX-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9851QXW [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4104-Q48F128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC397XZ-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9852QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4104-Q48F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CM-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC399XP-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9853QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4104-Q48K128 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CM-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC399XX-256F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9854QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4104-Q48K64 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC3E7QC-192F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9854QXW [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4108-F64F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC3E7QF-192F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9855QX [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4108-F64K64 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CM-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-TC3E7QG-160F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9861QXA20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4108-Q48F64 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888CM-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-TC3E7QX-192F300S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]TLE9861QXW20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4108-Q48K64 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888LM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-XC866-2FR [ISP Mode]TLE9863QXW20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4200-F64F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888LM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-XC866-4FR [ISP Mode]TLE9867QXA20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4200-F64K256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888LM-6FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-XC866L-2FR [ISP Mode]TLE9867QXA40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4200-Q48F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888LM-6FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-XC866L-4FR [ISP Mode]TLE9867QXW20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4200-Q48K256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888LM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-XC886-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]TLE9868QXB20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4400-F100F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888LM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-XC886-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]TLE9869QXA20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4400-F100F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888LM-8FFI 3V3 [ISP Mode]SAK-XC886-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]TLE9869QXW20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4400-F100K256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAF-XC888LM-8FFI 5V [ISP Mode]SAK-XC886-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]TLE9871QXA20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4400-F100K512 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC212L-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886C-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]TLE9872-2QXA40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4400-F64F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC212L-8F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886C-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]TLE9872QTW40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4400-F64F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC212S-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886C-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]TLE9872QXA40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4400-F64K256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC212S-8F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886C-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]TLE9873QXW40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4400-F64K512 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC213L-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886CLM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]TLE9877QXA20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4402-F100F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC213L-8F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886CLM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]TLE9877QXA40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4402-F100K256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC213S-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886CLM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]TLE9877QXW40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4402-F64F256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC214L-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886CLM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]TLE9879-2QXA40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4402-F64K256 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC214L-8F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886CM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]TLE9879QXA20 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-E144F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC214S-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886CM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]TLE9879QXA40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-E144K1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC222L-12F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886CM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]TLE9879QXW40 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-F100F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC222L-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886CM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1100-Q024F0008 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-F100F768 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC222L-16F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886LM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1100-Q024F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-F100K1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC222S-12F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886LM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1100-Q024F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-F100K768 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC222S-12F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886LM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1100-Q024F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-F144F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC222S-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC886LM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1100-Q040F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-F144F768 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC222S-16F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1100-Q040F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-F144K1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC223L-12F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1100-Q040F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4500-F144K768 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC223L-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888-8FFA [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T016F0008 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4502-F100F768 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC223L-16F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T016F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4502-F100K768 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC223S-12F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T016F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4504-F100F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC223S-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888C-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T016F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4504-F100K512 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC224L-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888C-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T016X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4504-F144F512 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC224L-16F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888C-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T038F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4504-F144K512 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC224S-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888C-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T038F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-E196F1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233L-16F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888CLM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T038F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-E196F2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233L-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888CLM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1100-T038X0064 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-E196K1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233L-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888CLM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1200-T038F0200 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-E196K2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233LC-24F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888CLM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1201-Q040F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-F100F1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233LP-16F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888CM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1201-Q040F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-F100F2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233LP-16F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888CM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1201-Q040F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-F100K1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888CM-8FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1201-Q040F0128 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-F100K2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233LP-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888CM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1201-Q040F0200 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-F144F1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233S-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888LM-6FFA 3V3 [ISP Mode]XMC1201-T038F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-F144F2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC233SP-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888LM-6FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1201-T038F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-F144K1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234L-24F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAK-XC888LM-8FFA 5V [ISP Mode]XMC1201-T038F0064 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4700-F144K2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234L-24F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC212L-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1201-T038F0128 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-E196F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234L-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC212L-8F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1201-T038F0200 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-E196F1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234L-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC213L-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1202-Q024X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-E196F2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234LA-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC213L-8F133N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1202-Q024X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-E196K1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234LC-24F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC214L-8F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1202-Q040X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-E196K1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234LP-16F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC222L-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1202-Q040X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-E196K2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234LP-24F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC223L-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1202-T016X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F100F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC224L-16F133F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1202-T016X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F100F1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234LP-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC233L-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1202-T028X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F100F2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC234LX-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC233L-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1202-T028X0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F100K1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC237L-32F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC233LP-16F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-Q024F0008 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F100K1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC237LP-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC233LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-Q024F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F100K2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC237LP-32F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC233LP-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-Q040F0008 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F144F1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC264D-40F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC234L-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-Q040F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F144F1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC264D-40F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC234LP-16F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-Q040F0032 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F144F2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC264DA-40F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC234LP-32F200F [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-T016F0008 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F144K1024 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC264DA-40F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC237L-32F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-T016F0016 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F144K1536 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC264DC-40F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC237LP-32F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-T016X0008 [ISP SWD Mode]XMC4800-F144K2048 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC265D-40F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC237LP-32F200S [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-T016X0016 [ISP SWD Mode]
    SAK-TC265D-40F200W [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]SAL-TC260D-40F200N [ISP 2-wire DAP Mode]XMC1301-T038F0008 [ISP SWD Mode]

    Off-board programmable devices, only
    SAB-C501GSAF-XC888CM-6FFA 3V3TLE9872QTW40XMC1402-Q064X0200
    SAB-C505A-4ESAF-XC888CM-6FFA 5VTLE9872QXA40XMC1403-Q040X0064
    SAB-C505CA-4ESAF-XC888CM-6FFI 3V3TLE9877QXA20XMC1403-Q040X0128
    SAB-C541U-1ESAF-XC888CM-6FFI 5VTLE9877QXA40XMC1403-Q040X0200
    SAF-C501GSAF-XC888CM-8FFA 3V3TLE9877QXW40XMC1403-Q048X0064
    SAF-C505A-4ESAF-XC888CM-8FFA 5VTLE9879-2QXA40XMC1403-Q048X0128
    SAF-C505CA-4ESAF-XC888CM-8FFI 3V3TLE9879QXA20XMC1403-Q048X0200
    SAF-XC886-6FFA 3V3SAF-XC888CM-8FFI 5VTLE9879QXA40XMC1403-Q064X0064
    SAF-XC886-6FFA 5VSAF-XC888LM-6FFA 3V3TLE9879QXW40XMC1403-Q064X0128
    SAF-XC886-6FFI 3V3SAF-XC888LM-6FFA 5VXMC1100-Q024F0008XMC1403-Q064X0200
    SAF-XC886-6FFI 5VSAF-XC888LM-6FFI 3V3XMC1100-Q024F0016XMC1404-F064X0064
    SAF-XC886-8FFA 3V3SAF-XC888LM-6FFI 5VXMC1100-Q024F0032XMC1404-F064X0128
    SAF-XC886-8FFA 5VSAF-XC888LM-8FFA 3V3XMC1100-Q024F0064XMC1404-F064X0200
    SAF-XC886-8FFI 3V3SAF-XC888LM-8FFA 5VXMC1100-Q040F0016XMC1404-Q048X0064
    SAF-XC886-8FFI 5VSAF-XC888LM-8FFI 3V3XMC1100-Q040F0032XMC1404-Q048X0128
    SAF-XC886C-6FFA 3V3SAF-XC888LM-8FFI 5VXMC1100-Q040F0064XMC1404-Q048X0200
    SAF-XC886C-6FFA 5VSAH-C505A-4EXMC1100-T016F0008XMC1404-Q064X0064
    SAF-XC886C-6FFI 3V3SAH-C505CA-4EXMC1100-T016F0016XMC1404-Q064X0128
    SAF-XC886C-6FFI 5VSAK-C505A-4EXMC1100-T016F0032XMC1404-Q064X0200
    SAF-XC886C-8FFA 3V3SAK-C505CA-4EXMC1100-T016F0064XMC4300-F100F256
    SAF-XC886C-8FFA 5VSAK-XC886-6FFA 3V3XMC1100-T016X0064XMC4300-F100K256
    SAF-XC886C-8FFI 3V3SAK-XC886-6FFA 5VXMC1201-Q040F0016XMC4400-F100F256
    SAF-XC886C-8FFI 5VSAK-XC886-8FFA 3V3XMC1201-Q040F0032XMC4400-F100F512
    SAF-XC886CLM-6FFA 3V3SAK-XC886-8FFA 5VXMC1201-Q040F0064XMC4400-F100K256
    SAF-XC886CLM-6FFA 5VSAK-XC886C-6FFA 3V3XMC1201-Q040F0128XMC4400-F100K512
    SAF-XC886CLM-6FFI 3V3SAK-XC886C-6FFA 5VXMC1201-Q040F0200XMC4400-F64F256
    SAF-XC886CLM-6FFI 5VSAK-XC886C-8FFA 3V3XMC1202-Q024X0016XMC4400-F64F512
    SAF-XC886CLM-8FFA 3V3SAK-XC886C-8FFA 5VXMC1202-Q024X0032XMC4400-F64K256
    SAF-XC886CLM-8FFA 5VSAK-XC886CLM-6FFA 3V3XMC1202-Q040X0016XMC4400-F64K512
    SAF-XC886CLM-8FFI 3V3SAK-XC886CLM-6FFA 5VXMC1202-Q040X0032XMC4402-F100F256
    SAF-XC886CLM-8FFI 5VSAK-XC886CLM-8FFA 3V3XMC1202-T016X0016XMC4402-F100K256
    SAF-XC886CM-6FFA 3V3SAK-XC886CLM-8FFA 5VXMC1202-T016X0032XMC4402-F64F256
    SAF-XC886CM-6FFA 5VSAK-XC886CM-6FFA 3V3XMC1301-Q024F0008XMC4402-F64K256
    SAF-XC886CM-6FFI 3V3SAK-XC886CM-6FFA 5VXMC1301-Q024F0016XMC4500-F100F1024
    SAF-XC886CM-6FFI 5VSAK-XC886CM-8FFA 3V3XMC1301-Q040F0008XMC4500-F100F768
    SAF-XC886CM-8FFA 3V3SAK-XC886CM-8FFA 5VXMC1301-Q040F0016XMC4500-F100K1024
    SAF-XC886CM-8FFA 5VSAK-XC886LM-6FFA 3V3XMC1301-Q040F0032XMC4500-F100K768
    SAF-XC886CM-8FFI 3V3SAK-XC886LM-6FFA 5VXMC1301-T016F0008XMC4500-F144F1024
    SAF-XC886CM-8FFI 5VSAK-XC886LM-8FFA 3V3XMC1301-T016F0016XMC4500-F144F768
    SAF-XC886LM-6FFA 3V3SAK-XC886LM-8FFA 5VXMC1301-T016X0008XMC4500-F144K1024
    SAF-XC886LM-6FFA 5VSAK-XC888-6FFA 3V3XMC1301-T016X0016XMC4500-F144K768
    SAF-XC886LM-6FFI 3V3SAK-XC888-6FFA 5VXMC1302-Q024F0016XMC4502-F100F768
    SAF-XC886LM-6FFI 5VSAK-XC888-8FFA 3V3XMC1302-Q024F0032XMC4502-F100K768
    SAF-XC886LM-8FFA 3V3SAK-XC888-8FFA 5VXMC1302-Q024F0064XMC4504-F100F512
    SAF-XC886LM-8FFA 5VSAK-XC888C-6FFA 3V3XMC1302-Q024X0016XMC4504-F100K512
    SAF-XC886LM-8FFI 3V3SAK-XC888C-6FFA 5VXMC1302-Q024X0032XMC4504-F144F512
    SAF-XC886LM-8FFI 5VSAK-XC888C-8FFA 3V3XMC1302-Q024X0064XMC4504-F144K512
    SAF-XC888-6FFA 3V3SAK-XC888C-8FFA 5VXMC1302-Q040X0016XMC4700-F100F1536
    SAF-XC888-6FFA 5VSAK-XC888CLM-6FFA 3V3XMC1302-Q040X0032XMC4700-F100F2048
    SAF-XC888-6FFI 3V3SAK-XC888CLM-6FFA 5VXMC1302-Q040X0064XMC4700-F100K1536
    SAF-XC888-6FFI 5VSAK-XC888CLM-8FFA 3V3XMC1302-Q040X0128XMC4700-F100K2048
    SAF-XC888-8FFA 3V3SAK-XC888CLM-8FFA 5VXMC1302-T016X0008XMC4700-F144F1536
    SAF-XC888-8FFA 5VSAK-XC888CM-6FFA 3V3XMC1302-T016X0016XMC4700-F144F2048
    SAF-XC888-8FFI 3V3SAK-XC888CM-6FFA 5VXMC1302-T016X0032XMC4700-F144K1536
    SAF-XC888-8FFI 5VSAK-XC888CM-8FFA 3V3XMC1401-F064F0064XMC4700-F144K2048
    SAF-XC888C-6FFA 3V3SAK-XC888CM-8FFA 5VXMC1401-F064F0128XMC4800-F100F1024
    SAF-XC888C-6FFA 5VSAK-XC888LM-6FFA 3V3XMC1401-Q048F0064XMC4800-F100F1536
    SAF-XC888C-6FFI 3V3SAK-XC888LM-6FFA 5VXMC1401-Q048F0128XMC4800-F100F2048
    SAF-XC888C-6FFI 5VSAK-XC888LM-8FFA 3V3XMC1402-F064X0064XMC4800-F100K1024
    SAF-XC888C-8FFA 3V3SAK-XC888LM-8FFA 5VXMC1402-F064X0128XMC4800-F100K1536
    SAF-XC888C-8FFA 5VTLE9844-2QXXMC1402-F064X0200XMC4800-F100K2048
    SAF-XC888C-8FFI 3V3TLE9844QXXMC1402-Q040X0032XMC4800-F144F1024
    SAF-XC888C-8FFI 5VTLE9861QXA20XMC1402-Q040X0064XMC4800-F144F1536
    SAF-XC888CLM-6FFA 3V3TLE9861QXW20XMC1402-Q040X0128XMC4800-F144F2048
    SAF-XC888CLM-6FFA 5VTLE9867QXA20XMC1402-Q040X0200XMC4800-F144K1024
    SAF-XC888CLM-6FFI 3V3TLE9867QXA40XMC1402-Q048X0032XMC4800-F144K1536
    SAF-XC888CLM-6FFI 5VTLE9867QXW20XMC1402-Q048X0064XMC4800-F144K2048
    SAF-XC888CLM-8FFA 3V3TLE9868QXB20XMC1402-Q048X0128
    SAF-XC888CLM-8FFA 5VTLE9869QXA20XMC1402-Q048X0200
    SAF-XC888CLM-8FFI 3V3TLE9869QXW20XMC1402-Q064X0064
    SAF-XC888CLM-8FFI 5VTLE9872-2QXA40XMC1402-Q064X0128

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