MAXIM devices (125 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    DS1220ABDS1744DS24B33S [ISP Mode]
    DS1220ADDS1744WDS2502 SO-8
    DS1220YDS1746DS2502 SO8 [ISP Mode]
    DS1225ABDS1746WDS2502 TO-92
    DS1225ADDS1747DS2502 TO-92 [ISP Mode]
    DS1225YDS1747WDS2502-E48 SO-8
    DS1230ABDS1821 PR-35DS2502-E48 SO8 [ISP Mode]
    DS1230WDS1821 PR-35 [ISP Mode]DS2502-E48 TO-92
    DS1230YDS1821 SO-8DS2502-E48 TO-92 [ISP Mode]
    DS1243DS1821 SO-8 [ISP Mode]DS2502-E64 SO-8
    DS1243WDS1971DS2502-E64 SO8 [ISP Mode]
    DS1244DS1971 [ISP Mode]DS2502-E64 TO-92
    DS1244WDS1972DS2502-E64 TO-92 [ISP Mode]
    DS1244YDS1972 [ISP Mode]DS2505 TO-92
    DS1245ABDS1973DS2505 TO-92 [ISP Mode]
    DS1245WDS1973 [ISP Mode]DS2505 TSOC [ISP Mode]
    DS1245YDS1977DS2506 PR-35
    DS1248DS1977 [ISP Mode]DS2506 PR-35 [ISP Mode]
    DS1248WDS1990ADS2506 SOIC
    DS1249WDS1990A [ISP Mode]DS2506 SOIC [ISP Mode]
    DS1249YDS2406 TO-92DS28EC20 TO-92
    DS1250ABDS2406 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS28EC20 TO-92 [ISP Mode]
    DS1250WDS2406 TSOC [ISP Mode]DS28EC20 TSOC [ISP Mode]
    DS1250YDS2407 TO-92DS5000-32
    DS1251DS2407 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS5000-8
    DS1251WDS2407 TSOCDS5000T
    DS1286DS2413P [ISP Mode]DS5000T-32
    DS1286IDS2413Q [ISP Mode]DS5000T-8
    DS1386 8KDS2430A SO-8DS87C520
    DS1386 32KDS2430A SO-8 [ISP Mode]DS87C530
    DS1486DS2430A TSOCDS89C420
    DS1554DS2431 TO-92DS89C420 [ISP Mode]
    DS1554WDS2431 TO-92 [ISP Mode]DS89C420 (Revision Ax)
    DS1642DS2431 TSOCDS89C430
    DS1643DS2431 TSOC [ISP Mode]DS89C430 [ISP Mode]
    DS1644DS2433 PR-35DS89C440
    DS1646DS2433 PR-35 [ISP Mode]DS89C440 [ISP Mode]
    DS1647DS2433 SO-8DS89C450
    DS1742DS2433 SO-8 [ISP Mode]DS89C450 [ISP Mode]
    DS1742WDS24B33 [ISP Mode]MAX7651
    DS1743DS24B33G [ISP Mode]MAX7652
    DS1743WDS24B33Q [ISP Mode]

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