Supported devices

Microchip devices (17266 total)

    Suffixes in some device part numbers can be omitted or cut off. Click a device part number for further information.

    Devices programmable off- and on-board
    11AA010 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q10-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX110F016D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA010 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-AUR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q10-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX110F016D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA010 - E/MS [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-AUR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q10-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX110F016D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA010 - E/P [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-C7U [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q10-E/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX110F016D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA010 - E/SN [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-C7U [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q10-E/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX110F016D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA010 - E/TO [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-C7UR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA010 - E/TT [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-C7UR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA010 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA010 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA010 - I/MS [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-CUR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA010 - I/P [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A1U-CUR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA010 - I/SN [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3 [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA010 - I/TO [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA010 - I/TT [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-AN [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA010 [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-AN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q10-I/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX110F016DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA020 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-ANR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA020 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-ANR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA020 - E/MS [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA020 - E/P [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA020 - E/SN [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-AUR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-50I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA020 - E/TO [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-AUR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-50I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA020 - E/TT [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-MH [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-50I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA020 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-MH [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-50I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA020 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-MHR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA020 - I/MS [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-MHR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q43-E/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA020 - I/P [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-MN [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA020 - I/SN [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-MN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA020 - I/TO [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-MNR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA020 - I/TT [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A3U-MNR [ISP JTJTAG-Chain AG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA020 [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A4 [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA040 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]ATxmega64A4U [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA040 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1 [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA040 - E/MS [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-AN [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA040 - E/P [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-AN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA040 - E/SN [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-ANR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F25Q43-I/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA040 - E/TO [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-ANR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F2610 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-V/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA040 - E/TT [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F2620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-V/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA040 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F2680 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA040 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-AUR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F2682 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032B-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA040 - I/MS [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-AUR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F2685 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA040 - I/P [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F26J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA040 - I/SN [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F26J13 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA040 - I/TO [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-CUR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F26J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA040 - I/TT [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B1-CUR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F26J53 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA040 [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B3 [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F26K20 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA080 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B3-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F26K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA080 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B3-AUR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA080 - E/MS [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B3-AUR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA080 - E/P [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B3-MH [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA080 - E/TO [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B3-MH [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA080 - E/TT [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B3-MHR [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA080 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]ATxmega64B3-MHR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA080 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]ATxmega64C3 [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA080 - I/MS [ISP Mode]ATxmega64D3 [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA080 - I/P [ISP Mode]ATxmega64D4 [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA080 - I/SN [ISP Mode]ATxmega8E5 [ISP PDI Mode]PIC18F26K40-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032C [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA080 - I/TO [ISP Mode]AVR128DB28 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032C [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA080 - I/TT [ISP Mode]AVR128DB32 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032C-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA080 [ISP Mode]AVR128DB48 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032C-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA160 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]AVR128DB64 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032C-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA160 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]AVR32DB28 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032C-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA160 - E/MS [ISP Mode]AVR32DB32 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032C-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA160 - E/P [ISP Mode]AVR32DB48 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032C-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA160 - E/SN [ISP Mode]AVR64DB28 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032CT-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA160 - E/TO [ISP Mode]AVR64DB32 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032CT-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA160 - E/TT [ISP Mode]AVR64DB48 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K40-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032CT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA160 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]AVR64DB64 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032CT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA160 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F1010 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032CT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA160 - I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F1010-20E/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032CT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA160 - I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F1010-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA160 - I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F1010-20E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA160 - I/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F1010-30I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA160 - I/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F1010-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA160 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F1010-30I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA161 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA161 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-20E/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA161 - E/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA161 - E/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-20E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA161 - E/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-20I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA161 - E/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA161 - E/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-20I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA161 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-30I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA161 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA161 - I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA161 - I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010T-20E/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA161 - I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010T-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K42-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA161 - I/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010T-20I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K50-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11AA161 - I/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010T-30I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K50-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11AA161 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2010T-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K50-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC010 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K50-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC010 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K80-E/MM [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC010 - E/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-20E/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K80-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC010 - E/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K80-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC010 - E/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K80-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC010 - E/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-20I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K80-I/MM [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC010 - E/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K80-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC010 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K80-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC010 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-30I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K80-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC010 - I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC010 - I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011T-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC010 - I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011T-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC010 - I/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2011T-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC010 - I/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC010 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC020 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC020 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC020 - E/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F032DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC020 - E/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012-20I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC020 - E/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC020 - E/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC020 - E/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012-30I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC020 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012T-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC020 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2012T-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC020 - I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC020 - I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020-20E/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC020 - I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC020 - I/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020-20E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC020 - I/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020-30I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26K83-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC020 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC040 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020-30I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064HT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC040 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020T-20E/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064HT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC040 - E/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020T-30I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC040 - E/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2020T-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC040 - E/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2023 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC040 - E/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2023-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC040 - E/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2023-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX120F064HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC040 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2023-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX120F064HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC040 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2023-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-E/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC040 - I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2023T-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC040 - I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F2023T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC040 - I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC040 - I/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC040 - I/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010-20E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC040 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC080 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC080 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010-20I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC080 - E/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC080 - E/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q10-I/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC080 - E/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010-30I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC080 - E/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010T-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC080 - E/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010T-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC080 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3010T-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-V/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC080 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-V/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC080 - I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC080 - I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-20E/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064B-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC080 - I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC080 - I/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC080 - I/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-20I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-E/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC080 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-20I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC160 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC160 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-30I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC160 - E/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC160 - E/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011T-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC160 - E/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3011T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC160 - E/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012 [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC160 - E/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064C [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC160 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-20E/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064C [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC160 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F26Q43-I/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064CT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC160 - I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27J13 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX130F064CT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC160 - I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-20I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27J53 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX130F064D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC160 - I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC160 - I/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC160 - I/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-30I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC160 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC161 - E/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3012T-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC161 - E/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013 [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC161 - E/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC161 - E/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC161 - E/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-20E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC161 - E/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC161 - E/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC161 - I/CS16K [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-20I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC161 - I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC161 - I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC161 - I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013-30I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC161 - I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013T-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC161 - I/TO [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013T-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    11LC161 - I/TT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3013T-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    11LC161 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014 [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F064DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA00 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K40-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA01 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-20E/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA014 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA014H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA01H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-20I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA02 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-20I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA024 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA024H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-30I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA025 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA025H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F3014T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA04 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011 [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA04H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA08 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-20E/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA08H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA1025 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128HT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA1026 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-20I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128HT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA128 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-20I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA16 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA164 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-30I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA16H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA256 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011T-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27K42-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA32 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011T-20I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA32A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4011T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA32F [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012 [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA512 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA515 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-20E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA64 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-20E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24AA64F [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24AA65 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-20I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C00 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-20I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-E/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C01B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-30I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01C [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4012-30I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C01C-I/MC [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013 [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01C-I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-20E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C01C-I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-20E/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01C-I/OT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C01C-I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-20I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01C-I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-20I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C01C-I/ST [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-20I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01CT-I/MC [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q10-I/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C01CT-I/MNY [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-30I/P [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01CT-I/MS [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C01CT-I/OT [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013T-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01CT-I/P [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013T-30I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C01CT-I/SN [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F4013T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F128LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C01CT-I/ST [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5011 [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C02A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5011-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C02B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5011-20I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C02C [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5011-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C04A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5011T-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-E/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-50I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C04B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5011T-20I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-50I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C08A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5011T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C08B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5013 [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C16 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5013-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C164 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5013-20I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C16A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5013-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C32 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5013T-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24C32A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5013T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24C65 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5015 [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/STX [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24FC1025 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5015-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F27Q43-I/STX [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-V/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24FC1026 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5015-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4220 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256B-V/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24FC128 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5015T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4221 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24FC16 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5016 [ISP Mode]PIC18F4320 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24FC256 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5016-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4321 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24FC32 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5016-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4331 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24FC512 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F5016T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F43K20 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24FC515 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010 [ISP Mode]PIC18F43K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24FC64 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4410 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24FC64F [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010-20I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F442 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24FC65 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4420 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC00 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010A [ISP Mode]PIC18F4423 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC01 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010A-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4431 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC014 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010A-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4439 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC014H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010A-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4450 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC01B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010A-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4455 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC01BH [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010AT-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4458 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC024 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6010AT-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F448 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC024H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011 [ISP Mode]PIC18F4480 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC025 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F44J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC025H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011-20I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F44J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC02B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F44J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC04 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011A [ISP Mode]PIC18F44K20 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC04B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011A-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F44K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC04BH [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011A-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4510 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC08A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011A-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4515 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC08B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011A-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F452 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC08BH [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011AT-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4520 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC1025 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6011AT-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4523 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC1026 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012 [ISP Mode]PIC18F4525 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC128 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4539 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC16B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012-20I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4550 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC16BH [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4553 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC21 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012A [ISP Mode]PIC18F458 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC21A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012A-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F4580 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC22 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012A-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4585 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC22A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012A-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC256 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012A-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC32 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012AT-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC32A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6012AT-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K20 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC32AF [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC512 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC515 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013-20I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC64 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24LC64F [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013A [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24LC65 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013A-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24VL014 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013A-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24VL014H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013A-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX130F256DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24VL024 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013A-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24VL024H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6013AT-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    24VL025 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    24VL025H [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25A512-I/ST [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014-20I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA010A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA020A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014A [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA040 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014A-20E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA040A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014A-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K40-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA080 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014A-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA080A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014A-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA080B [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014AT-30I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA1024 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6014AT-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-V/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA1024A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6015 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-V/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA128 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6015-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA128A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6015-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128B-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA160 [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6015T-20E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA160A [ISP Mode]DSPIC30F6015T-30I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA160B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-50I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA256 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-50I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA256A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA320 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA320A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA512 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA512A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K42-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25AA640 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K50-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25AA640A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K50-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25C040 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K50-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25C080 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K80-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25C160 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K80-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25C320 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K80-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25C640 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K80-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC010A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K80-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128C [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC020A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45K80-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128C [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC040 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-E/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128C-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC040A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-E/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128C-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC080 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP202-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128C-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC080A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128C-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC080B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128CT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC1024 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128CT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC1024A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-I/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128CT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC128 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-I/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128CT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC128A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC160 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC160A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC160B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q10-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC256 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-E/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC256A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-E/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC320 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC320A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC512 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC512A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    25LC640 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-I/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    25LC640A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-I/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    34AA04-E/ST [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    34AA04-I/P [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP203-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    34AA04-I/SN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205 [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    34AA04T-E/MUY [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F45Q43-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    34AA04T-I/MNY [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F4610 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    59C11 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F4620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    59C11 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F4680 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    8572 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F4682 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    85C82 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F4685 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    85C92 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA46 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46J13 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA46 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA46A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46J53 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA46B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K20 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA46C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA46C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA56 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA56 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F128DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA56A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA56B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA56C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP205-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA56C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA66 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA66 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA66A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA66B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA66C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA66C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA76 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256HT-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA76 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256HT-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA76A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K40-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256HT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA76B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256HT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA76C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA76C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA86 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA86 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA86A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA86B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93AA86C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93AA86C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP206-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C06 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C06X [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C46 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C46 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C46A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C46B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C46C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K42-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C46C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K50-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C56 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K50-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256LT-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C56 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K50-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256LT-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C56A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K80-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C56B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K80-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C56C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K80-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C56C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K80-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C66 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K80-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C66 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46K80-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX150F256LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C66A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-E/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C66B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-E/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C66C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP208-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C66C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C76 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C76 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C76A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-I/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C76B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-I/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C76C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C76C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C86 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C86 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q10-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C86A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-E/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C86B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-E/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93C86C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93C86C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC46 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC46 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC46A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-I/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC46B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-I/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC46C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC46C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP502-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC56 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503 [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC56 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F46Q43-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC56A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47J13 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX154F128D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC56B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47J53 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX154F128D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC56C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC56C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC66 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC66 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC66A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC66B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC66C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX154F128DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC66C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX154F128DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC76 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC76 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC76A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC76B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC76C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-50I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC76C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-50I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC86 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP503-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-50I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC86 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K40-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-50I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC86A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC86B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    93LC86C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    93LC86C [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN010V2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN010V5 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN015V2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN015V5 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN020V2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN020V5 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN030V2Z [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-V/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN030V5Z [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256B-V/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN060V2Z [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN060V5Z [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN125V2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-50I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN125V2Z [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47K42-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-50I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN125V5 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-E/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN125V5Z [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP505-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-E/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN250V2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN250V2Z [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AGLN250V5 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AGLN250V5Z [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT21CS01 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-I/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT21CS11 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-I/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C01 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C01-10xE-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C01-10xE-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C01-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q10-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C01-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-E/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C01-10xJ-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-E/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C01-10xJ-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C01A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C01A-10xE-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C01A-10xE-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C01A-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-I/MP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C01A-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-I/MP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C01A-10xJ-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP506-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C01A-10xJ-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C01B-TP [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C01BN-SP [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F47Q43-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F55K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02-10xE-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F55K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02-10xE-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F55K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F55K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F55K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02-10xJ-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F55K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02-10xJ-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F55K42-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F55K42-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02A-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F56K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02A-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F56K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02A-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F56K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02A-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F56K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F56K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02C-CUM [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F56K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02C-MAHM [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F56K42-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02C-PUM [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK128MP508-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F56K42-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02C-SSHM [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202 [ISP Mode]PIC18F57K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02C-STUM [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F57K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F256DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C02C-WWU11M [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F57K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C02C-XHM [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F57K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C04 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F57K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C04-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F57K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C04-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F57K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C04-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F57K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C04-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6310 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C04A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6390 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C04A-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F6393 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C04A-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F63J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C04A-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F63J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512HT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C04A-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F6410 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512HT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C04B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6490 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C04D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6493 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C08 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F64J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C08-10xE-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F64J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C08-10xE-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP202-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F6520 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C08-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6525 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C08-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F6527 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C08-10xJ-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6585 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C08-10xJ-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F65J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C08A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F65J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C08A-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F65J15 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C08A-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F65J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C08A-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F65J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C08A-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K22-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C08B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K22-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C1024 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K22-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C128 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K22-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C128-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K80-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C128-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K80-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C128B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K80-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C16 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K80-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C16-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K90-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C16-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K90-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C16-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP203-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K90-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C16-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205 [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K90-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C164 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K90T-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C16A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K90T-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C16A-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K90T-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C16A-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F65K90T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C16A-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F6620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX170F512LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C16A-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F6621 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C16B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F6622 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C21 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6627 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C256 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6628 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C256-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F6680 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C256-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C256B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C32 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J15 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C32-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J16 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C32-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C32A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J55 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C32A-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J60 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C32A-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP205-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J65 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C32B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C32C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F66J93 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX174F256BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C32D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K22-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C512 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K22-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256BT-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C512-10xC-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K22-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256BT-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C512-10xC-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K22-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C512-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K80-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C512-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K80-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C512B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K80-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C64 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K80-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C64-10xI-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K90-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C64-10xI-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K90-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C64-10xU-1.8 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K90-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C64-10xU-2.7 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K90-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C64A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K90T-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24C64B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K90T-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24C64C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K90T-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24CM01-SSHD [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F66K90T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24CM01-UUM [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP206-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F6720 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX174F256DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24CM01-XHM [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208 [ISP Mode]PIC18F6722 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24CM02-SS [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F6723 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24HC02B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F67J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT24HC02C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F67J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT24HC04B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F67J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25010 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F67J60 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25010A-10TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F67J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25010AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F67J93 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25010B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K22-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25010B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K22-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25010B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K22-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25020 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K22-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25020A-10TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K90-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25020AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K90-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25020B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K90-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-V/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25020B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K90-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-V/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25020B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K90T-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25040 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K90T-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032B-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25040A-10TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP208-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K90T-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25040AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18F67K90T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25040B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F8310 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-50I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25040B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F8390 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-50I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25040B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F8393 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25080 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F83J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25080A-10TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F83J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25080AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F8410 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25080B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F8490 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25080B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F8493 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25080B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F84J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032C [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25128 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F84J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032C [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25128A-10TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F8520 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032C-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25128AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F8525 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032C-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25128B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F8527 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032C-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25128B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F8585 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032C-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25128B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F85J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032C-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25160 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F85J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032C-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25160A-TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F85J15 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032CT-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25160AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP502-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F85J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032CT-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25160B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503 [ISP Mode]PIC18F85J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032CT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25160B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F85K22-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032CT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25160B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F85K22-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25256 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F85K90-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25256A10TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F85K90-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25256AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F85K90T-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25256B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F85K90T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25256B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F8620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25256B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F8621 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25320 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F8622 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25320A-10TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F8627 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25320AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F8628 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25320B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F8680 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25320B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25320B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25640 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J15 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25640A-10TQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J16 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25640AN-10SQ [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25640B-MAHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP503-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J55 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25640B-SSHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505 [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J60 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25640B-XHL [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J65 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25BCM512B-MAH [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J72 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DF021 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DF041A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F86J93 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DF081A [ISP Dual I/O Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F86K22-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DF081A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F86K22-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DF161 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F86K90-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DF321 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F86K90-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DF321A [ISP Dual I/O Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F86K90T-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DF321A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F86K90T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DF641 [ISP Dual I/O Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F8720 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DF641 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F8722 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DF641A [ISP Dual I/O Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F8723 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DF641A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F87J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX220F032DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DL081 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F87J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F064B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DL161-MHN [ISP Dual I/O Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F87J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F064B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DL161-MHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F87J60 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F064B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DL161-SSHN [ISP Dual I/O Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP505-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F87J72 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25DL161-SSHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18F87J90 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F064B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25DQ161 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F87J93 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F064B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25F1024 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F87K22-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25F1024A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F87K22-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25F2048 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F87K90-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25F4096 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18F87K90-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25F512 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18F87K90T-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25F512A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18F87K90T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25F512B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18F96J60 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25F512B-MAH [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18F96J65 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25F512B-SSH [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18F97J60 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25FS010 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LC242 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25FS040 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LC252 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25HP256 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LC442 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT25HP512 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LC452 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT25P1024 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LC601 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT26DF081A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LC658 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064C [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT26DF161 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LC801 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064C [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT26DF161A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP506-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LC858 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064C-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT26DF321 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF1220 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064C-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT26F004 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF1230 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064C-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3A0128 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF1320 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064C-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3A0128 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF1330 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064CT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3A0256 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF13K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064CT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3A0256 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF13K50 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3A0512 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF14K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3A0512 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF14K50 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3A1128 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2220 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3A1128 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2221 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3A1256 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2320 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3A1256 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2321 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3A1512 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2331 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3A1512 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF23K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064DT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3B0128 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2410 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064DT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3B0256 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF242 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3B0512 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2420 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3B064 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2423 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3B1128 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK256MP508-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2431 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3B1256 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2439 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3B1512 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2450 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F064DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3B164 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2455 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C0128C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF248 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C0128C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2480 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128H-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C0256C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F128H-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C0256C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F128H-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C0512C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F128H-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C0512C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C064C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C064C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C1128C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C1128C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C1256C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C1256C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C1512C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C1512C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C164C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C164C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP202-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C2128C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C2128C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C2256C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C2256C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C2512C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C2512C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128L-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3C264C [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128L-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3C264C [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3L016 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3L016 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K40-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3L032 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3L032 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT32UC3L064 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT32UC3L064 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45D011 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45D021 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45D021A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45D041 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45D041A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP203-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45D081 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45D081A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F128LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45D161 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB011 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB011B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB011D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB021 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-50I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB021A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-50I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB021B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB021D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB021E-MHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K42-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB021E-SHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K50-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB021E-SSHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K50-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB041 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K50-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB041A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF24K50-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB041B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2510 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB041D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2515 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB041E-MHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF252 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB041E-MHN2B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP205-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2520 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB041E-SHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2523 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256B-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB041E-SHN2B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2525 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB041E-SSHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2539 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB041E-SSHN2B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2550 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB081 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF258 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB081A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2580 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB081B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2585 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB081D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB081E-MHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB081E-MHN2B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB081E-SHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB081E-SHN2B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB081E-SSHN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB081E-SSHN2B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB161 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB161B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB161D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB321 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB321B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP206-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB321C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB321D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT45DB642 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT45DB642D [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT49LH002-33-J [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT49LH002-33-T [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT49LH004-33-J [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT49LH004-33-T [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT49LH00B4-33-J [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT49LH00B4-33-T [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT49LW040-33-J [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT49LW040-33-T [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K40-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT49LW080-33-J [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT49LW080-33-T [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT59C11 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT59C11 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT88SC0104C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT88SC0104CA [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT88SC0204C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP502-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT88SC0204CA [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX230F256DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT88SC0404C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT88SC0404CA [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT88SC0808C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-50I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT88SC0808CA [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-50I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT88SC12816C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT88SC1616C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT88SC25616C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT88SC3216C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT88SC6416C [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89C51ED2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89C51RB2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89C51RC2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K42-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89C51RD2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K50-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP2052 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K50-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP213-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K50-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP213-20XU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K50-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP214-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K80-E/MM [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP214-20XU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP503-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K80-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP216-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K80-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP216-20SU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K80-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128B-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP216-20XU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K80-I/MM [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP3240-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K80-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP3240-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K80-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP3240-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K80-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP4052 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP428-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP428-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP428-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP428-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128C [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51ED2-20AAU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128C [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51ED2-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128C-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51ED2-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128C-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51ED2-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP505-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128C-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51ED2-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128C-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51IC2-20AAU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128C-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51IC2-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128C-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51IC2-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128CT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51IC2-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128CT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51IC2-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128CT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51ID2-20AAU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF25K83-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128CT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51ID2-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2610 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51ID2-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51ID2-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2680 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51ID2-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2682 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51RB2-20AAU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF2685 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51RB2-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51RB2-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26J13 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51RB2-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51RB2-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26J53 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51RC2-20AAU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51RC2-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51RC2-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK32MP506-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51RC2-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51RC2-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51RD2-20AAU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51RD2-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51RD2-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP51RD2-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP51RD2-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP52-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP52-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP52-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP52-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP6440-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP6440-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP6440-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP828-20AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP828-20JU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LP828-20MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LP828-20PU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K40-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LS51 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP202-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LS52 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F128DT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LS53 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89LS8252 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89LS8253 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89S2051 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89S4051 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89S51 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89S52 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256HT-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89S52E [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256HT-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89S53 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT89S8252 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT89S8253 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90CAN128 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90CAN128 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90CAN128 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90CAN32 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90CAN32 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90CAN32 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90CAN64 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP203-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K42-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90CAN64 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K50-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90CAN64 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K50-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90LS2323 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K50-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90LS2333 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K50-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90LS2343 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K80-E/MM [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90LS4433 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K80-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90LS4434 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K80-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90LS8535 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K80-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90PWM1 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K80-I/MM [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90PWM2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K80-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90PWM216 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K80-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90PWM2B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K80-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90PWM3 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90PWM316 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90PWM3B [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90S1200 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90S2313 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90S2323 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90S2333 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP205-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90S2343 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX250F256LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90S4414 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90S4433 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90S4434 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90S8515 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90S8535 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB128 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB128 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB1286 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB1286 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB1286 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB1287 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB1287 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF26K83-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB1287 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27J13 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX254F128BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB162 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27J53 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX254F128BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB64 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB64 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB646 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB646 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP206-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB646 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB647 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB647 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT90USB647 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT90USB82 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46-10PU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46-10PU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128DT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46-10PU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128DT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46-10PU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX254F128DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46-10SU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX254F128DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46-10SU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46-10SU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46-10SU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46-10TU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K40-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46-10TU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-50I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46-10TU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-50I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46-10TU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP208-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-50I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46A [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-50I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46A-10PU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46A-10PU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46A-10SU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46A-10SU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46A-10TU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46A-10TU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-E/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46B [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-I/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46B-10PC [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-I/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46B-10PI [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46B-10SC [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46B-10SI [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46C [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/SO [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46C-10PI-2.5 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46C-10PI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/SP [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46C-10SI-2.5 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-V/SP [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46C-10SI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF27K42-I/SS [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-V/SP [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46D [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4220 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46D [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP502-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4221 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256B-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46D-10PI-2.5 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4320 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46D-10SI-2.5 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4321 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46D-10SU-2.5 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4331 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-50I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46D-10UI-2.5 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF43K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-50I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46D-10UU-2.5 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4410 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-50I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46E [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF442 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-50I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46E-10PI-2.5 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4420 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46E-10SI-2.5 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4423 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46E-10UI-2.5 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4431 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46R [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4439 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46U3-10UU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4450 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-I/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46U3-10UU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4455 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-I/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46W-10SU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF448 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46W-10SU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4480 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46W-10SU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF44J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46W-10SU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF44J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46Y1-10YU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF44J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-V/SS [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46Y1-10YU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF44K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256BT-V/SS [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46Y1-10YU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP503-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4510 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46Y1-10YU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4515 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C46Y6-10YH-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF452 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C46Y6-10YH-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4520 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4523 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4525 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56-10PI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4539 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56-10PI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4550 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56-10PI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF458 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56-10PI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4580 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56-10SI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4585 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56-10SI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45J10 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F256D-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56-10SI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-50I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56-10SI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-50I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56-10TI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56-10TI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56-10TI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-50I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56-10TI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-50I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56A [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP505-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56A-10PU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56A-10PU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F256DT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56A-10PU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56A-10PU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56A-10SU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56A-10SU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56A-10SU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56A-10SU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56A-10TU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56A-10TU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56A-10TU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K40-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56A-10TU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56AD3-DH-T [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56AD3-DH-T [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56AU3-10UU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56AU3-10UU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56AW-10SU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56AW-10SU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56AW-10SU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP506-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56AW-10SU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56AY1-10YU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-E/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56AY1-10YU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-E/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56AY6-10YH-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-E/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56AY6-10YH-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56W-10SI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56W-10SI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56W-10SI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-H/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K42-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56W-10SI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-H/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K50-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56Y1-10YI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-H/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K50-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56Y1-10YI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-H/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K50-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C56Y1-10YI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-H/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K80-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C56Y1-10YI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-H/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K80-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C57 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-I/2N [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K80-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-I/M4 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K80-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-I/M5 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K80-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66-10PI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC18LF45K80-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66-10PI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4610 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66-10PI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33CK64MP508-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66-10PI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128GP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4680 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66-10SI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128GP504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4682 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66-10SI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128GP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF4685 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66-10SI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46J11 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F512LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66-10SI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46J13 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F512LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66-10TI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128MC206 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46J50 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F512LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66-10TI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128MC502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46J53 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX270F512LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66-10TI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128MC504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K22 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX270F512LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66-10TI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP128MC506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66A [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256GP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256GP504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66A-10PU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256GP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66A-10PU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66A-10PU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66A-10PU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MC206 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66A-10SU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MC502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66A-10SU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MC504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B-V/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66A-10SU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MC506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256B-V/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66A-10SU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MU806 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256BT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66A-10TU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MU810 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256BT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66A-10TU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP256MU814 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256BT-I/SO [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66A-10TU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32GP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256BT-I/SO [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66A-10TU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32GP503 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256BT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66AD3-DH-T [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32GP504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K40-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256BT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66AD3-DH-T [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256D [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66AU3-10UU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32MC203 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256D [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66AU3-10UU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256D-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66AW-10SU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32MC502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256D-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66AW-10SU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32MC503 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256D-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66AW-10SU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP32MC504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256D-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66AW-10SU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512GP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256D-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66AY1-10YU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512GP504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256D-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66AY1-10YU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512GP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256DT-I/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66AY6-10YH-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512GP806 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256DT-I/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66AY6-10YH-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX274F256DT-V/ML [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66W-10SI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX274F256DT-V/ML [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66W-10SI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MC206 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F032H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66W-10SI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MC502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F032H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66W-10SI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MC504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F032H-40I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66Y1-10YI-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MC506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K42-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F032H-40I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66Y1-10YI-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MC806 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K50-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F032H-40V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C66Y1-10YI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MU810 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K50-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F032H-40V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C66Y1-10YI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP512MU814 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K50-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F032HT-40I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64GP502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K80-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F032HT-40I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64GP503 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K80-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F032HT-40V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86-10PI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64GP504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K80-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F032HT-40V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86-10PI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64GP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K80-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86-10SE-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K80-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86-10SE-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64MC203 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF46K80-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-40I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86-10SI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47J13 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-40I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86-10SI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64MC206 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47J53 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-40I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86-10SJ-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64MC502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-40I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86-10SJ-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64MC503 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-40V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86-10TI-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64MC504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-40V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86-10TI-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EP64MC506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-40V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86A [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV128GM002 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-40V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86A [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV128GM004 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86A-10PU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV128GM006 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86A-10PU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV128GM102 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86A-10PU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV128GM104 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86A-10PU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV128GM106 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86A-10SU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV256GM002 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064H-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86A-10SU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV256GM004 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-40I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86A-10SU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV256GM006 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-40I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86A-10SU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV256GM102 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-40I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86A-10TU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV256GM104 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-40I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86A-10TU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV256GM106 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K40-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86A-10TU-2.7 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV64GM002 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86A-10TU-2.7 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV64GM004 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-E/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86AY1-10YU-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV64GM006 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86AY1-10YU-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV64GM102 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    AT93C86AY6-10YH-1.8 [x16] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV64GM104 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F064HT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    AT93C86AY6-10YH-1.8 [x8] [ISP Mode]dsPIC33EV64GM106 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-E/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATF1502 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ06GS101 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATF1502AS [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ06GS102 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128H-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATF1502ASL [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ06GS202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128H-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATF1502ASV [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-I/ML [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128H-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATF1502ASVL [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128H-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATF1504 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP206 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128H-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATF1504AS [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP206A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128H-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATF1504ASV [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP306 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128HT-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATF1508 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP306A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128HT-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATF1508AS [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP310 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF47K42-I/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128HT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATF1508ASV [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP310A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF55K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128HT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega103 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP706 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF55K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128HT-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega103L [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP706A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF55K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128HT-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega128 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP708 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF55K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1280 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP708A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF55K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1280 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP710 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF55K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128L-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1280 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP710A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF55K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128L-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1280V [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP802 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF55K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128L-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1281 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128GP804 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF56K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128L-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1281 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF56K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128L-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1281 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF56K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128L-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1281V [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF56K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128LT-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1284 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC506A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF56K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128LT-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1284 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC510 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF56K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128LT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1284P [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC510A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF56K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128LT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1284P [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC706 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF56K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX320F128LT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1284P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC706A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF57K42-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX320F128LT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1284RFR2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC708 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF57K42-E/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX330F064H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega128A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC708A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF57K42-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega128A [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC710 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF57K42-E/PT [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX330F064H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega128A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC710A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF57K42-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega128L [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC802 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF57K42-I/MV [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX330F064H-I/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega128RFA1 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ128MC804 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF57K42-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064H-I/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega128RFA2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ12GP201 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF57K42-I/P [ISP LV Mode]PIC32MX330F064H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega128RFR2 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ12GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6310 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega128RFR2 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ12MC201 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6390 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega128RFR2 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] #1dsPIC33FJ12MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6410 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega16 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ16GP101 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6490 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega16 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ16GP102 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6520 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega16 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ16GP304 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6525 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064HT-V/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1608-AF [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ16GS402 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6527 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064HT-V/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1608-AFR [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ16GS404 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6585 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1608-AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ16GS502 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF65K80-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1608-AUR [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ16GS504 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF65K80-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1608-MF [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ16MC101 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF65K80-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1608-MFR [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ16MC102 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF65K80-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1608-MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ16MC304 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1608-MUR [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256GP506 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6621 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1608-XF [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256GP506A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6622 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1608-XFR [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256GP510 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6627 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1608-XU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256GP510A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6628 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1608-XUR [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256GP710 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6680 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1609-AF [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256GP710A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF66K80-E/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1609-AFR [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256MC510 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF66K80-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1609-AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256MC510A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF66K80-I/MR [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064L-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega1609-AUR [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256MC710 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF66K80-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega1609-XF [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ256MC710A [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6720 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega161 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GP101 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6722 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega161L [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GP102 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF6723 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega162 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GP104 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8310 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega162 [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8390 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega162 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GP204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8410 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega162V [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GP302 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8490 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega163 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GP304 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8520 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega163L [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GS406 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8525 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX330F064LT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega164A [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GS606 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8527 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega164A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GS608 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8585 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega164P [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32GS610 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128H-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega164P [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ32MC101 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8621 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128H-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega164P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ32MC102 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8622 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128H-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega164PA [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32MC104 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8627 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128H-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega164PV [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8628 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128H-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ32MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8680 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128H-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165A [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ32MC302 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8720 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128HT-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ32MC304 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8722 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128HT-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165A-AN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC18LF8723 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F128HT-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165A-AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP204 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP128GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128HT-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165A-MC [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP206 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP128GP204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128HT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165A-MN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP206A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP128GP206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128HT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165A-MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP306 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP128MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165P [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP306A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP128MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165P [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP310 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP128MC206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128L-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP310A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP256GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128L-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165PA-AN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP706 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP256GP204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128L-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165PA-AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP706A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP256GP206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128L-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165PA-MC [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP708 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP256GU810 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128L-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165PA-MN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP708A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP256GU814 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128L-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165PA-MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP710 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP256MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128LT-80V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega165PV [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP710A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP256MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128LT-80V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega165V [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP802 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP256MC206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128LT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega168 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GP804 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP32GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F128LT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega168A [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GS406 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP32GP203 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega168P [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GS606 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP32GP204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega168PA [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GS608 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP32MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega168PV [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64GS610 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP32MC203 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega168V [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP32MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169 [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169A [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC506 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512GP204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC506A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512GP206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169A-AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC508 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512GP806 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169A-MC [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC508A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512GU810 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256H-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169A-MU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC510 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512GU814 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256HT-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169L [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC510A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256HT-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169P [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC706 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256HT-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169PA [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC706A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP512MC206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F256HT-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169PA [ISP JTAG Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC710 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP64GP202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169PA [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC710A [ISP Mode]PIC24EP64GP203 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169PA-AN [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC802 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP64GP204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512H-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169PA-AU [ISP Mode]dsPIC33FJ64MC804 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP64GP206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512H-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169PA-MC [ISP Mode]HCS101 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP64MC202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512H-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169PA-MN [ISP Mode]HCS200 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP64MC203 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512H-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169PA-MU [ISP Mode]HCS201 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP64MC204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512HT-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega169PV [ISP Mode]HCS300 [ISP Mode]PIC24EP64MC206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512HT-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega169V [ISP Mode]HCS301 [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KA200 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F512HT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega16A [ISP Mode]HCS320 [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KA201 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F512HT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega16L [ISP Mode]HCS360 [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KL100 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX340F512HT-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega16M1-15AZ [ISP Mode]HCS361 [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KL100-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F512HT-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega16M1-15MZ [ISP Mode]HCS362 [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KL100-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F512HT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega16U2-AU [ISP Mode]MCP25020 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F04KL100T-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX340F512HT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega16U2-MU [ISP Mode]MCP25025 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F04KL101 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX350F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega16U4 [ISP JTAG Mode]MCP25050 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F04KL101-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega16U4 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MCP25055 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F04KL101-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega16U4-AU [ISP Mode]MCP98244T-BE/MNY [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KL101-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega16U4-MU [ISP Mode]MPF300T [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KL101-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128H-I/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega2560 [ISP Mode]MPF300TL [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KL101T-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128H-I/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega2560 [ISP JTAG Mode]MPF300TLS [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KL101T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128H-V/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega2560 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MPF300TS [ISP Mode]PIC24F04KL101T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128H-V/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega2560V [ISP Mode]PIC10F200 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KA101 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega2561 [ISP Mode]PIC10F202 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KA102 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega2561 [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC10F204 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL200 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX350F128HT-I/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega2561 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC10F206 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL200-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128HT-I/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega2561V [ISP Mode]PIC10F220 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL200-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega2564RFR2 [ISP Mode]PIC10F222 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL200-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega256RFA2 [ISP Mode]PIC10F320 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL200-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega256RFR2 [ISP Mode]PIC10F322 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL200T-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega256RFR2 [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC10LF320 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX350F128L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega256RFR2 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC10LF322 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201-E/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32 [ISP Mode]PIC12C508 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega323 [ISP Mode]PIC12C508/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega323L [ISP Mode]PIC12C508A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega324A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12C508A/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega324A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12C509 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega324P [ISP Mode]PIC12C509/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128L-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega324P [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12C509A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega324P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12C509A/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201T-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega324PA [ISP Mode]PIC12C671 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega324PA [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12C671/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL201T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega324PA [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12C672 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX350F128LT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega324PB [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12C672/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301-E/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F128LT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega324PB [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12CE518 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega324PV [ISP Mode]PIC12CE518/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega325 [ISP Mode]PIC12CE519 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3250 [ISP Mode]PIC12CE519/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3250A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12CE673 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3250A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12CE673/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3250A-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12CE674 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3250P [ISP Mode]PIC12CE674/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301T-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3250PA [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12F1501 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3250PA [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12F1571-E/MS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL301T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3250PA-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12F1571-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX350F256HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3250PV [ISP Mode]PIC12F1571-E/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3250V [ISP Mode]PIC12F1571-I/MS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-E/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega325A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12F1571-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega325A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12F1571-I/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega325A-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12F1572-E/MS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega325A-MU [ISP Mode]PIC12F1572-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega325P [ISP Mode]PIC12F1572-E/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega325P [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12F1572-I/MS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega325P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12F1572-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega325PA [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12F1572-I/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega325PA [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12F1822 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega325PA-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12F1840 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302T-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega325PA-MU [ISP Mode]PIC12F508 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega325PV [ISP Mode]PIC12F509 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL302T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega325V [ISP Mode]PIC12F510 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega328 [ISP Mode]PIC12F519 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401-E/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega328P [ISP Mode]PIC12F529T39 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256L-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega328PB [ISP Mode]PIC12F609 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega329 [ISP Mode]PIC12F615 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3290 [ISP Mode]PIC12F617 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3290A -AU [ISP Mode]PIC12F629 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3290A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12F635 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3290A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12F635 [ISP HV Mode] (6TL SE)PIC24F08KL401-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3290P-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12F675 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401T-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3290PA [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12F683 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3290PA [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12HV609 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL401T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega3290PA-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12HV615 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega3290V [ISP Mode]PIC12LC508 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-E/ML [ISP HV Mode])PIC32MX350F256LT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega329A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12LC508A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-E/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX350F256LT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega329A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12LC509 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega329A-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12LC509A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega329A-MU [ISP Mode]PIC12LC671 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256L-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega329P [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12LC672 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256L-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega329P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12LCE518 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256L-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega329P-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12LCE519 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256L-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega329P-MU [ISP Mode]PIC12LCE673 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256L-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega329PA [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12LCE674 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256L-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega329PA [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12LF1501 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256LT-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega329PA-AU [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1571-E/MS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402T-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256LT-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega329PA-MU [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1571-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256LT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega329V [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1571-E/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KL402T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256LT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32A [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1571-I/MS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F256LT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega32A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC12LF1571-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX360F256LT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC12LF1571-I/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega32C1-15AZ [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1572-E/MS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32C1-15MZ [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1572-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512L-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega32HVB [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1572-E/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512L-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32L [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1572-I/MS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512L-80V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega32M1-15AZ [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1572-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512L-80V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32M1-15MZ [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1572-I/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512L-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega32M1-ESAZ [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1822 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM101T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512L-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32M1-ESMZ [ISP Mode]PIC12LF1840 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512LT-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega32U2-AU [ISP Mode]PIC14000 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX360F512LT-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32U2-MU [ISP Mode]PIC14000/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512LT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega32U4 [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C505 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512LT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32U4 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C505/JW [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512LT-80V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega32U4-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16C554 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512LT-80V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega32U4-MU [ISP Mode]PIC16C558 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512LT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega48 [ISP Mode]PIC16C61 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX360F512LT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega48P [ISP Mode]PIC16C62 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega48PV [ISP Mode]PIC16C620 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega48V [ISP Mode]PIC16C620A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega603 [ISP Mode]PIC16C621 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega603L [ISP Mode]PIC16C621A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM102T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega64 [ISP Mode]PIC16C622 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega640 [ISP Mode]PIC16C622A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX370F512HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega640 [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C62A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega640 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C62B [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega640V [ISP Mode]PIC16C63 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega644 [ISP Mode]PIC16C63A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    Atmega644A [ISP Mode]PIC16C64 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega644A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C642 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512L-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega644A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C64A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512L-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega644P [ISP Mode]PIC16C65 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega644P [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C65A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega644P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C65B [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega644PA [ISP Mode]PIC16C66 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM202T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega644PV [ISP Mode]PIC16C662 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega644RFR2 [ISP Mode]PIC16C67 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega644V [ISP Mode]PIC16C71 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega645 [ISP Mode]PIC16C710 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega6450 [ISP Mode]PIC16C711 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega6450A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C712 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega6450A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C715 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega6450A-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16C716 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega6450P [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C717 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega6450P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C72 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204T-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX370F512LT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega6450P-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16C72A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F08KM204T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega6450V [ISP Mode]PIC16C73 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KA101 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega645A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C73A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KA102 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032H-40I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega645A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C73B [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KA301 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032H-40I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega645A-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16C74 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KA302 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032H-40I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega645A-MU [ISP Mode]PIC16C745 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KA304 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032H-40I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega645P [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C74A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX420F032H-40V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega645P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C74B [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401-E/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032H-40V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega645P-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16C76 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032HT-40I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega645P-MU [ISP Mode]PIC16C765 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032HT-40I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega645V [ISP Mode]PIC16C77 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032HT-40V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega649 [ISP Mode]PIC16C773 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032HT-40V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega6490 [ISP Mode]PIC16C774 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032HT-40V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega6490A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C84 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX420F032HT-40V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega6490A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C923 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega6490A-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16C924 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401T-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega6490P [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16C925 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064H-I/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega6490P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16C926 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL401T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064H-I/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega6490P-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16CE623 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX430F064H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega6490V [ISP Mode]PIC16CE624 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega649A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16CE625 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-E/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064H-V/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega649A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1503 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064H-V/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega649A-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16F1507 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064HT-I/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega649A-MU [ISP Mode]PIC16F1508 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064HT-I/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega649P [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1509 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064HT-V/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega649P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1512 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064HT-V/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega649P-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16F1513 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega649P-MU [ISP Mode]PIC16F1516 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega649V [ISP Mode]PIC16F1517 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega64A [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1518 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega64A [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1519 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402T-I/MQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega64C1-15AZ [ISP Mode]PIC16F1526 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega64C1-15MZ [ISP Mode]PIC16F1527 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KL402T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega64C1-ESAZ [ISP Mode]PIC16F15313-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega64C1-ESMZ [ISP Mode]PIC16F15313-E/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega64L [ISP Mode]PIC16F15313-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega64M1-15AZ [ISP Mode]PIC16F15313-I/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega64M1-15MZ [ISP Mode]PIC16F15323-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega64M1-ESAZ [ISP Mode]PIC16F15323-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega64M1-ESMZ [ISP Mode]PIC16F15323-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064L-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega64RFR2 [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15323-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega64RFR2 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15323-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega8 [ISP Mode]PIC16F15323-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega808-AF [ISP Mode]PIC16F15323-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega808-AFR [ISP Mode]PIC16F15323-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega808-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16F15324-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM102T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega808-AUR [ISP Mode]PIC16F15324-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega808-MF [ISP Mode]PIC16F15324-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega808-MFR [ISP Mode]PIC16F15324-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega808-MU [ISP Mode]PIC16F15324-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX430F064LT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega808-MUR [ISP Mode]PIC16F15324-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega808-XF [ISP Mode]PIC16F15324-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega808-XFR [ISP Mode]PIC16F15324-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128H-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega808-XU [ISP Mode]PIC16F15325-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128H-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega808-XUR [ISP Mode]PIC16F15325-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128H-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega809-AF [ISP Mode]PIC16F15325-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104T-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128H-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega809-AFR [ISP Mode]PIC16F15325-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM104T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128HT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega809-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16F15325-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128HT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega809-AUR [ISP Mode]PIC16F15325-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F128HT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega809-XF [ISP Mode]PIC16F15325-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128HT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega8515 [ISP Mode]PIC16F15325-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega8515L [ISP Mode]PIC16F15344-E/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega8535 [ISP Mode]PIC16F15344-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128L-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega8535L [ISP Mode]PIC16F15344-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128L-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega88 [ISP Mode]PIC16F15344-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128L-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega88P [ISP Mode]PIC16F15344-I/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128L-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega88PA [ISP Mode]PIC16F15344-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128L-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega88PV [ISP Mode]PIC16F15344-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202T-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128L-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega88V [ISP Mode]PIC16F15344-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128LT-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega8L [ISP Mode]PIC16F15345-E/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202T-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128LT-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATmega8U2-AU [ISP Mode]PIC16F15345-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM202T-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128LT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATmega8U2-MU [ISP Mode]PIC16F15345-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128LT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3A4CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15345-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F128LT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3A4CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15345-I/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F128LT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3A4CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15345-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3A4CA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15345-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3A4CA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15345-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3A4CA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15354-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3A8CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15354-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3A8CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15354-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204T-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3A8CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15354-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204T-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3A8CA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15354-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F16KM204T-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3A8CA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15354-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F32KA301 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3A8CA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15354-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F32KA302 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256H-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N00AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15354-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24F32KA304 [ISP HV Mode]PIC32MX440F256HT-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N00AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15355-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F256HT-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N00AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15355-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F256HT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N00AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15355-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F256HT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N00AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15355-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA106T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F256HT-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N00AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15355-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F256HT-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N00BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15355-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA110-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F256HT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N00BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15355-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F256HT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N00BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15355-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA110T-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N00BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15356-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N00BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15356-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA206-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512H-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N00BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15356-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA206-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512H-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N00CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15356-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA210 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512H-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N00CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15356-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA210-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512H-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N00CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15356-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA210-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512HT-80I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N0AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15356-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128DA210T-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512HT-80I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N0AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15356-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA006 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512HT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N0AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15375-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA006-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512HT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N0AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15375-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA006-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512HT-80V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N0AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15375-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA006T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512HT-80V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N0AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15375-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA008 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512HT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N0BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15375-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA008-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX440F512HT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N0BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15375-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA008T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N0BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15375-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA010 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N0BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15375-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA010-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N0BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15376-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA010-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N0BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15376-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA010T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N0CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15376-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N0CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15376-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA106-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N0CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15376-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA106-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15376-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15376-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15376-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA106T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15385-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA106T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15385-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA108 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15385-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA108-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AB-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15385-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA108-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AB-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15386-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA108T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AB-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F15386-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-V/RG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AB-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F15386-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA110-E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128HT-V/RG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AB-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F15386-I/PP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA110-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1AB-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1574 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA110-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1575 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1578 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1579 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA202-I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1703 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA202-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1704 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA202-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1705 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA202-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BB-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1707 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA202T-I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BB-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1708 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA202T-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BB-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1709 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA202T-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BB-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1713 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128L-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BB-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1716 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA204-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1BB-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1717 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA204-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1718 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA204T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1719 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA204T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1764 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA306 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1CB-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1765 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA306-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N1CB-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1768 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA306-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128LT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N1CB-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1769 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA306T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F128LT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N2AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1782 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA306T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N2AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1783 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA308 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N2AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1784 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA308-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-120/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N2AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1786 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA308T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-120/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N2AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1787 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA310 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N2AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1788 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA310-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N2BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1789 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA310-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N2BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1823 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA310-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N2BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1824 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA310T-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N2BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1825 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA310T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N2BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1826 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA702 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N2BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1827 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA704 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N2CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F1828 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GA705 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-120/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N2CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F1829 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-120/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N2CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18313-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-120/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N4AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18313-E/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-120/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N4AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18313-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB106T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N4AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18313-I/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB106T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N4AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18323-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB108 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N4AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18323-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB108-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N4AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18323-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N4BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18323-E/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB110-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N4BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18323-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N4BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18323-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB110T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N4BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18323-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-120/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N4BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18323-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB202-I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-120/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N4BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18323-I/SN [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB202-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-120/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N4CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18323-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB202-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-120/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3N4CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18324-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB202-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-120/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3N4CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18324-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB202T-I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-120/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18324-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB202T-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18324-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB202T-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18324-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB204 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18324-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB204-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18324-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB204-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18324-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB204T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AB-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18325-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB204T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AB-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18325-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AB-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18325-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB206-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-120/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AB-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18325-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB206-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-120/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AB-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18325-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB206T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-120/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1AB-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18325-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB206T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-120/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18325-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB210 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-120/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18325-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB210-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-120/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18326-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB210-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18326-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GB210T-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18326-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC006 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18326-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC006-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BB-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18326-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC006-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BB-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18326-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC006T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BB-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18326-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC006T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BB-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18326-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC010 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX450F256LT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BB-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18344-E/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC010-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1BB-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18344-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC010-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18344-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC010T-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256L-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18344-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GC010T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256L-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18344-I/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GL405 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256L-80V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1CB-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18344-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GL406 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256L-80V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S1CB-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18344-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GL408 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256L-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S1CB-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18344-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GL410 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256L-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S2AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18345-E/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GU405 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256LT-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S2AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18345-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GU406 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256LT-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S2AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18345-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GU408 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256LT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S2AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18345-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ128GU410 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256LT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S2AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18345-I/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256LT-80V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S2AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18345-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256LT-80V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S2BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18345-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002-E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256LT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S2BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18345-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002-E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F256LT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S2BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18346-E/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S2BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18346-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S2BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18346-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S2BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18346-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S2CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18346-I/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S2CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18346-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002T-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S2CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18346-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002T-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L-80V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S4AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18346-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L-80V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S4AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18424-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002T-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S4AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18424-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA002T-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512L-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S4AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18424-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA004 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512LT-80I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S4AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18424-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA004-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512LT-80I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S4AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18424-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA004-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512LT-80I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S4BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18424-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA004-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512LT-80I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S4BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18424-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA004-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512LT-80V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S4BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18424-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA004T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512LT-80V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S4BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18425-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16GA004T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512LT-80V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S4BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18425-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16MC101 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX460F512LT-80V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S4BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18425-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ16MC102 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S4CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18425-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S4CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18425-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA106-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-120/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S4CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18425-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA106-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-120/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S8AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18425-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-120/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S8AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18425-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-120/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S8AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18426-E/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA106T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S8AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18426-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA108 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S8AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18426-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA108-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S8AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18426-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA108T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S8BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18426-I/JQ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S8BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18426-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA110-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S8BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18426-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA110-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S8BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18426-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GA110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S8BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18444-E/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GB106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-120/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S8BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18444-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GB106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-120/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S8CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18444-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GB106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-120/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3S8CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18444-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GB108 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-120/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3S8CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18444-I/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GB108-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8AA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18444-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GB110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8AA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18444-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GB110-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8AA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18444-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ192GB110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8AA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18445-E/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8AA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18445-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8AA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18445-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8BA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18445-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8BA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18445-I/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA110-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8BA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18445-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8BA-MU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18445-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA110T-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-120/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8BA-MU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18445-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA110T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-120/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8BA-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18446-E/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-120/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18446-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA206-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-120/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18446-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA206-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-120/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3SD8CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18446-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA206T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-120/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18446-I/GZ [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA210 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18446-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA210-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18446-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA210-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18446-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA210T-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18455-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256DA210T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18455-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CB-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18455-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA106-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CB-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18455-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA106-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CB-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18455-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CB-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18455-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512L-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CB-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18455-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA106T-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-120/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1CB-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18455-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA106T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-120/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18456-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA106T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-120/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18456-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA108 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-120/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18456-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA108-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18456-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA108-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18456-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA108T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18456-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EB-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18456-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA110-E/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-I/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EB-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18456-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA110-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-I/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EB-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1847 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA110-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EB-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18854-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EB-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18854-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA110T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U1EB-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18854-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA702 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U2CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18854-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA704 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-V/TL [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U2CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18854-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GA705 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX470F512LT-V/TL [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U2CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18854-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U2CA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18854-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U2CA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18855-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U2CA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18855-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB106T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U2EA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18855-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB106T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U2EA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18855-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB108 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U2EA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18855-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB108-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U2EA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18855-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB108T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U2EA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18855-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U2EA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18855-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U4CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18855-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U4CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18856-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB110T-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U4CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18856-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB110T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U4CA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18856-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB206 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U4CA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18856-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB206-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U4CA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18856-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB206-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U4EA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18856-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB206T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U4EA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18856-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB206T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U4EA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18856-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB210 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U4EA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18856-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB210-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3U4EA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18857-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB210-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3U4EA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18857-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB210T-I/BG [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X4CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18857-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GB210T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X4CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18857-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GL405 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X4CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18857-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GL406 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X4CA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18857-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GL408 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X4CA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18857-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GL410 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X4CA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18857-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GU405 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X4EA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18857-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GU406 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X4EA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18875-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GU408 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X4EA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18875-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ256GU410 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X4EA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18875-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X4EA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18875-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X4EA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18875-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002-E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X8CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18875-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002-E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X8CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18875-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X8CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18875-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X8CA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18876-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X8CA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18876-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X8CA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18876-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X8EA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18876-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002T-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X8EA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18876-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002T-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX530F128LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X8EA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18876-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X8EA-CU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18876-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002T-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM3X8EA-CU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18876-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA002T-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM3X8EA-CU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18877-E/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA004 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM4E16CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18877-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA004-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM4E16CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18877-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA004-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM4E16CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18877-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA004-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM4E16EA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18877-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA004-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM4E16EA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F18877-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA004T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM4E16EA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F18877-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA004T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM4E8CA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F18877-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA102 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM4E8CA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F19155-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA102-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM4E8CA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19155-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA102-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM4E8EA-AU [ISP JTAG Mode]PIC16F19155-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA102-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAM4E8EA-AU [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]PIC16F19155-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA102-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAM4E8EA-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19155-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA102T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20E15A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19155-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA102T-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20E15A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19155-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA102T-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20E15B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19155-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA104 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064L-V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20E15B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA104-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064L-V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20E16A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-E/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA104-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20E16A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-E/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA104-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20E16B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-E/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA104T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20E16B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-I/ML [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GA104T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20E17A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB002 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20E17A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-I/SO [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB002-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20E17B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-I/SP [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB002-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20E17B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19156-I/SS [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB002-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20E18A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19175-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB002-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20E18A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19175-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB002T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20E18B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19175-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB002T-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20E18B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19175-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB002T-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX534F064LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20G15A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19175-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB004 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20G15A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19175-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB004-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20G15B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19176-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB004-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20G15B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19176-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB004T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20G16A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19176-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32GB004T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20G16A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19176-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32MC101 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20G16B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19176-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32MC102 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20G16B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19176-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ32MC104 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20G17A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19185-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20G17A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19185-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20G17B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19185-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002-E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20G17B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19185-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002-E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20G18A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19186-E/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256HT-50I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20G18A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19186-E/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256HT-50I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20G18B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19186-I/MV [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20G18B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F19186-I/PT [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20J15A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1933 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20J15A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1934 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002T-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20J15B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1936 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002T-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20J15B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1937 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20J16A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1938 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002T-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20J16A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1939 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA002T-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20J16B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1946 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA004 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20J16B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F1947 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA004-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20J17A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F505 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA004-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20J17A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F506 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA004-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20J17B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA004-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20J17B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526-E/MG [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA004T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20J18A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ48GA004T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20J18A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ512GL405 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20J18B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ512GL406 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20J18B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526-I/MG [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ512GL408 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20N17A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ512GL410 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20N17B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ512GU405 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC20N18A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ512GU406 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-50I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC20N18B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526T-E/MG [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ512GU408 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-50I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21E15A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526T-E/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ512GU410 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-50I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21E15A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526T-E/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-50I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21E15B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526T-E/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21E15B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526T-I/MG [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002-E/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21E16A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526T-I/P [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002-E/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21E16A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526T-I/SL [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21E16B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F526T-I/ST [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21E16B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F54 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX550F256LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21E17A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F57 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21E17A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F610 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21E17B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F616 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002T-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21E17B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F627 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002T-E/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21E18A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F627A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21E18A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F628 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002T-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21E18B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F628A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA002T-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21E18B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F630 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA004 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21G15A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F631 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA004-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21G15A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F636 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA004-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21G15B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F639 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA004-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064HT-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21G15B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F648A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA004-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064HT-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21G16A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F676 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA004T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21G16A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F677 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA004T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21G16B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F684 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA006 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064HT-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21G16B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F685 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA006-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064HT-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21G17A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F687 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA006-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064HT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21G17A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F688 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA006T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064HT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21G17B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F689 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA006T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21G17B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F690 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA008 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21G18A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F707 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA008-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21G18A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F716 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA010 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21G18B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F72 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA010-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21G18B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F720 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA010-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21J15A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F721 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA010T-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21J15A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F722 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA102 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21J15B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F722A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA102-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21J15B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F723 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA102-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21J16A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F723A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA102-I/SP [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-V/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21J16A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F724 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA102-I/SS [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-V/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21J16B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F726 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA102T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21J16B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F727 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA104 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064L-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21J17A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F73 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA104-E/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064LT-I/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21J17A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F737 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA104-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064LT-I/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21J17B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F74 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA104-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064LT-I/PF [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21J17B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F747 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA104T-I/ML [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064LT-I/PF [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21J18A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F753 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA104T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064LT-V/BG [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21J18A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F76 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA106 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064LT-V/BG [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21J18B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F767 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA106-E/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064LT-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21J18B-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F77 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA106-E/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F064LT-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21N17A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F777 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA106-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21N17B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F785 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA106-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMC21N18A-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F818 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA106T-I/MR [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H-I/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMC21N18B-AU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F819 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA106T-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H-I/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMD09C13A-SSUT [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F83 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA108 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMD09D14A-MUT [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F84 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA108-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMD10C13A-SSUT [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F84A [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA110 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H-V/MR [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMD10C14A-SSUT [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F87 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA110-I/PF [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H-V/MR [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMD10D13A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F870 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA110-I/PT [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H-V/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMD10D14A-MU [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F871 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA202 [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128H-V/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMD10D14A-MUT [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F872 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA202-I/MM [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128HT-I/PT [ISP ICSP Mode]
    ATSAMD11C14A-SSUT [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F873 [ISP HV Mode]PIC24FJ64GA202-I/SO [ISP Mode]PIC32MX564F128HT-I/PT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    ATSAMD11D14A-MUT [ISP SWD Mode]PIC16F873A [ISP HV Mode]