Supported devices

Milandr devices (78 total)

    Suffixes in some device part numbers can be omitted or cut off. Click a device part number for further information.

    Devices programmable off- and on-board
    1886BE2 [ISP HV Mode]1886BE7 [ISP Mode]1986BE92QI [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE5BY [ISP Mode]
    1886BE2AY [ISP HV Mode]1886BE71AY [ISP Mode]1986BE92Y [ISP JTAG Mode]K1886BE5GY [ISP Mode]
    1886BE2Y [ISP HV Mode]1886BE7AY [ISP Mode]1986BE92Y [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE61AY [ISP Mode]
    1886BE3 [ISP HV Mode]1901BC1 [ISP SWD Mode]1986BE93Y [ISP JTAG Mode]K1886BE61Y [ISP Mode]
    1886BE31Y [ISP HV Mode]1986BE1 [ISP JTAG Mode]1986BE93Y [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE61Y1 [ISP Mode]
    1886BE3Y [ISP HV Mode]1986BE1 [ISP SWD Mode]1986BE94T [ISP JTAG Mode]K1886BE6AY [ISP Mode]
    1886BE4 [ISP HV Mode]1986BE1QI [ISP JTAG Mode]1986BE94T [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE6Y [ISP Mode]
    1886BE4Y [ISP HV Mode]1986BE1QI [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE2Y [ISP HV Mode]K1886BE6Y1 [ISP Mode]
    1886BE5 [ISP Mode]1986BE1T [ISP JTAG Mode]K1886BE31AY [ISP HV Mode]K1886BE71AY [ISP Mode]
    1886BE5AY [ISP Mode]1986BE1T [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE31T [ISP HV Mode]K1886BE71Y [ISP Mode]
    1886BE5BY [ISP Mode]1986BE3T [ISP JTAG Mode]K1886BE31Y [ISP HV Mode]K1886BE7AY [ISP Mode]
    1886BE6 [ISP Mode]1986BE3T [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE3AY [ISP HV Mode]K1886BE7Y [ISP Mode]
    1886BE61 [ISP Mode]1986BE91 [ISP JTAG Mode]K1886BE3T [ISP HV Mode]MDR32FG16S1QI [ISP SWD Mode]
    1886BE61Y [ISP Mode]1986BE91 [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE3Y [ISP HV Mode]
    1886BE61Y1 [ISP Mode]1986BE91T [ISP JTAG Mode]K1886BE4AY [ISP HV Mode]
    1886BE6Y [ISP Mode]1986BE91T [ISP SWD Mode]K1886BE4Y [ISP HV Mode]
    1886BE6Y1 [ISP Mode]1986BE92QI [ISP JTAG Mode]K1886BE5AY [ISP Mode]

    Off-board programmable devices, only
    1986BE1 [JTAG Mode]1986BE92Y1986VE93YMDR32F9Q2I
    1986BE1 [SWD Mode]1986BE93YK1636PP2AY

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