Philips devices (759 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    87C51LPC11U14FBD48/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2101 [ISP BSL Mode]P89C60X2
    87C51FALPC11U14FBD48/201 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2102P89C61X2
    87C51FBLPC11U14FBD48/201 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2102 [ISP BSL Mode]P89C660
    87C51RA+LPC11U14FHN33/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2103 [ISP BSL Mode]P89C664
    87C51RB+LPC11U23FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2104 [ISP BSL Mode]P89C669
    87C51RB2LPC11U23FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2104xxxx/00P89CV51RB2
    87C51RC+LPC11U23FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2104xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89CV51RC2
    87C51RD+LPC11U24FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2104xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC901
    87C51RD2LPC11U24FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2105P89LPC901 [ICP Mode]
    87C52LPC11U24FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2105 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC902
    87C524LPC11U24FBD48/401LPC2105xxxx/00P89LPC902 [ICP Mode]
    87C528LPC11U24FBD48/401 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2105xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC903
    87C54LPC11U24FBD48/401 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2105xxxx/01P89LPC903 [ICP Mode]
    87C550LPC11U24FBD48/401 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2105xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC904
    87C552LPC11U24FHN33/301LPC2106P89LPC904 [ICP Mode]
    87C575LPC11U24FHN33/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2106 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC906
    87C576LPC11U34FBD48/311LPC2106xxxx/00P89LPC906 [ICP Mode]
    87C58LPC11U34FBD48/311 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2106xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC907
    87C652LPC11U34FBD48/311 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2106xxxx/01P89LPC907 [ICP Mode]
    87C654LPC11U34FBD48/311 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2106xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC908
    87C750LPC11U34FBD48/421LPC2109P89LPC908 [ICP Mode]
    87C750 PLCC28LPC11U34FBD48/421 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2109 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9102 [ICP Mode]
    87C750 SSOP24LPC11U34FBD48/421 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2109xxxx/00P89LPC9103 [ICP Mode]
    87C751LPC11U34FBD48/421 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2109xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9107
    87C751 PLCC28LPC11U34FHN33/311LPC2109xxxx/01P89LPC9107 [ICP Mode]
    87C751 SSOP24LPC11U34FHN33/311 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2109xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC912
    87C752LPC11U34FHN33/421LPC2114P89LPC912 [ICP Mode]
    87C752 PLCC28LPC11U34FHN33/421 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2114 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC913
    87C752 SSOP28LPC11U35FBD48/401LPC2114xxxx/00P89LPC913 [ICP Mode]
    87L51FALPC11U35FBD48/401 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2114xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC914
    87L51FBLPC11U35FBD48/401 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2114xxxx/01P89LPC914 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1111FDH20/002 [SWD Mode] FastLPC11U35FBD48/401 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2114xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC915
    LPC1111FHN33/101LPC11U35FBD48/501LPC2119P89LPC915 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1111FHN33/101 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC11U35FBD48/501 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2119 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9151
    LPC1111FHN33/102LPC11U35FHI33/401LPC2119xxxx/00P89LPC9151 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1111FHN33/102 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC11U35FHN33/401LPC2119xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC916
    LPC1111FHN33/103LPC11U35FHN33/401 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2119xxxx/01P89LPC916 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1111FHN33/103 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC11U35FHN33/501LPC2119xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9161
    LPC1111FHN33/201LPC11U35FHN33/501 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2124P89LPC9161 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1111FHN33/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC11U36FBD48/401LPC2124 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC917
    LPC1111FHN33/202LPC11U36FBD48/401 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2124xxxx/00P89LPC917 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1111FHN33/202 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC11U36FBD48/401 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2124xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9171
    LPC1111FHN33/203LPC11U36FBD48/401 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2124xxxx/01P89LPC9171 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1111FHN33/203 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC11U37FBD48/401LPC2124xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC920
    LPC1112FDH20/102 [SWD Mode] FastLPC11U37FBD48/401 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2129P89LPC920 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1112FHN33/101LPC11U37FBD48/401 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2129 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC920 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1112FHN33/101 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC11U37FBD48/401 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2129xxxx/00P89LPC9201
    LPC1112FHN33/102LPC11U37FBD48/501LPC2129xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9201 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1112FHN33/102 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC11U37FBD48/501 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2129xxxx/01P89LPC9201 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1112FHN33/103LPC1224FBD48/101 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2129xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC921
    LPC1112FHN33/103 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1224FBD48/101 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2131P89LPC921 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1112FHN33/201LPC1224FBD48/121 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2131 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC921 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1112FHN33/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1224FBD48/121 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2131xxxx/01P89LPC9211
    LPC1112FHN33/202LPC1225FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2131xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9211 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1112FHN33/202 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1225FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2132P89LPC9211 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1112FHN33/203LPC1225FBD48/321 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2132 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC922
    LPC1112FHN33/203 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1225FBD48/321 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2132xxxx/01P89LPC922 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1112LVFHI24/003 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1226FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2132xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC922 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1112LVFHI33/103 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1226FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2134P89LPC9221
    LPC1112LVFHN33/103LPC1227FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2134 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9221 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1112LVFHN33/103 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1227FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2134xxxx/01P89LPC9221 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1113FBD48/301LPC1311FHN33LPC2134xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC922A1
    LPC1113FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1311FHN33 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2136P89LPC922A1 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1113FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1311FHN33 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2136 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC922A1 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1113FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1311FHN33/01LPC2136xxxx/01P89LPC924
    LPC1113FBD48/302LPC1311FHN33/01 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2136xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC924 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1113FBD48/302 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1313FBD48LPC2138P89LPC924 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1113FBD48/302 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1313FBD48 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2138 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9241
    LPC1113FBD48/302 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1313FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2138xxxx/01P89LPC9241 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1113FBD48/303LPC1313FBD48 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2138xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9241 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1113FBD48/303 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1313FBD48/01 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2141P89LPC925
    LPC1113FBD48/303 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1313FBD48/01 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2141 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC925 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1113FBD48/303 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1313FHN33LPC2142P89LPC925 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1113FHN33/201LPC1313FHN33 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2142 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9251
    LPC1113FHN33/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1315FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2144P89LPC9251 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1113FHN33/202LPC1315FBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2144 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9251 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1113FHN33/202 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1316FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2146P89LPC930
    LPC1113FHN33/203LPC1316FBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2146 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC930 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1113FHN33/203 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1317FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2148P89LPC930 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1113FHN33/301LPC1317FBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2148 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9301
    LPC1113FHN33/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1342FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2194P89LPC931 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1113FHN33/302LPC1342FBD48 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2194 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC931 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1113FHN33/302 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1342FHN33LPC2194xxxx/00P89LPC9311
    LPC1113FHN33/303LPC1342FHN33 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2194xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9311 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1113FHN33/303 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1343FBD48LPC2194xxxx/01P89LPC9311 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FA44/301LPC1343FBD48 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2194xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC931A1 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FA44/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1343FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2212P89LPC931A1 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FA44/302LPC1343FBD48 [SWD Mode] FastLPC2212 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC931A11
    LPC1114FA44/302 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1343FHN33LPC2212xxxx/00P89LPC932
    LPC1114FBD48/301LPC1343FHN33 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2212xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC932 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1345FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2212xxxx/01P89LPC9321
    LPC1114FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1345FBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2212xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9321 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1346FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2214P89LPC9321 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/302LPC1346FBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2214 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC932A1
    LPC1114FBD48/302 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1347FBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2214xxxx/00P89LPC932A1 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/302 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1347FBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2214xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC932A1 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/302 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1517JBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2214xxxx/01P89LPC933
    LPC1114FBD48/303LPC1517JBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2214xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC933 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/303 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1517JBD64 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2292P89LPC933 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/303 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1518JBD100 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2292 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9331
    LPC1114FBD48/303 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1518JBD100 [SWD Mode]LPC2292xxxx/00P89LPC9331 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/323LPC1518JBD64 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2292xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9331 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/323 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1519JBD100 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2292xxxx/01P89LPC934
    LPC1114FBD48/323 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1519JBD100 [SWD Mode]LPC2292xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC934 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/323 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1519JBD64 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2294P89LPC934 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/333LPC1547JBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2294 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9341
    LPC1114FBD48/333 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1547JBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2294xxxx/00P89LPC9341 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/333 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1547JBD64 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2294xxxx/00 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9341 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FBD48/333 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1548JBD100 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2294xxxx/01P89LPC935
    LPC1114FDH28/102 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1548JBD100 [SWD Mode]LPC2294xxxx/01 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC935 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FDH28/102 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1548JBD64 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2361P89LPC935 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/201LPC1549JBD100 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2361 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9351
    LPC1114FHN33/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1549JBD100 [SWD Mode]LPC2362P89LPC9351 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/201 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1549JBD48 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2362 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9351 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/202LPC1549JBD48 [SWD Mode]LPC2364P89LPC936
    LPC1114FHN33/202 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1549JBD64 [ISP SWD Mode]LPC2364 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC936 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/203LPC1751FBD80LPC2365P89LPC936 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/203 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1751FBD80 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2365 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9361
    LPC1114FHN33/301LPC1751FBD80 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastLPC2366P89LPC938
    LPC1114FHN33/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1751FBD80 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2366 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC938 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/302LPC1751FBD80 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastLPC2367P89LPC938 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/302 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1752FBD80LPC2367 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9401 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/303LPC1752FBD80 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2368P89LPC9401 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/303 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1752FBD80 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastLPC2368 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9402 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/333LPC1752FBD80 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2377P89LPC9402 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/333 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1752FBD80 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastLPC2377 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC9408 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114FHN33/333 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1754FBD80LPC2378P89LPC9408 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114FN28/102 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1754FBD80 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2378 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC952
    LPC1114FN28/102 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1754FBD80 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastLPC2387P89LPC952 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114LVFHI24/103 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1754FBD80 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2387 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC952 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114LVFHI24/303 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1754FBD80 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastLPC2388P89LPC954
    LPC1114LVFHI33/303 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1756FBD80LPC2388 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC954 [ICP Mode]
    LPC1114LVFHN33/303LPC1756FBD80 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC2458 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LPC954 [ISP Mode]
    LPC1114LVFHN33/303 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1756FBD80 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastLPC2468 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LV51RB2
    LPC1115FBD48/303LPC1756FBD80 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC2478 [ISP BSL Mode]P89LV51RC2
    LPC1115FBD48/303 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1756FBD80 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastLPC4076FET180 [SWD Mode] FastP89LV51RD2
    LPC1115FBD48/303 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1758FBD80LPC4078FET180 [SWD Mode] FastP89V51RB2
    LPC1115FBD48/303 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1758FBD80 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC4088FET180 [SWD Mode] FastP89V51RC2
    LPC11A11FHN33/001LPC1758FBD80 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP87C51MA2P89V51RD2
    LPC11A11FHN33/001 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1758FBD80 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP87C51MB2P89V52X2
    LPC11A12FBD48/101LPC1758FBD80 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP87C51MC2P89V52X2 [ICP Mode]
    LPC11A12FBD48/101 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1759FBD80P87C51X2P89V660
    LPC11A12FHN33/101LPC1759FBD80 [ISP BSL Mode]P87C52X2P89V662
    LPC11A12FHN33/101 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1759FBD80 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP87C54X2P89V664
    LPC11A13FHN33/201LPC1759FBD80 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP87C554 PLCC-68PCA8581
    LPC11A13FHN33/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1759FBD80 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP87C554 QFP-64PCA8581 [ISP HV Mode]
    LPC11A14FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1763FBD100 [ISP BSL Mode]P87C591PCA8581C [ISP HV Mode]
    LPC11A14FHN33/301LPC1763FBD100 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP87C654X2PCF7926 [ISP Powered Mode]
    LPC11A14FHN33/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1763FBD100 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP87C660X2PCF7926 [ISP WakeUp Mode]
    LPC11C12FBD48/301LPC1763FBD100 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP87C661X2PCF7941
    LPC11C12FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1764FBD100P87CL52X2PCF7941 [ISP Mode]
    LPC11C12FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1764FBD100 [ISP BSL Mode]P87CL54X2PCF7953
    LPC11C12FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1764FBD100 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP87LPC760PCF7953 [ISP Mode]
    LPC11C14FBD48/301LPC1764FBD100 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP87LPC761PCF7961B
    LPC11C14FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1764FBD100 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP87LPC762PCF7961B [ISP Mode]
    LPC11C14FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1765FBD100P87LPC764PCF7961C
    LPC11C14FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1765FBD100 [ISP BSL Mode]P87LPC767PCF7961C [ISP Mode]
    LPC11C22FBD48/301LPC1765FBD100 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP87LPC768PCF7961E
    LPC11C22FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1765FBD100 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP87LPC769PCF7961E [ISP Mode with Wake Pin]
    LPC11C22FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1765FBD100 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP87LPC778PCF7961E [ISP Mode]
    LPC11C22FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1766FBD100P87LPC779PCF8582
    LPC11C24FBD48/301LPC1766FBD100 [ISP BSL Mode]P89C138PCF8582 [ISP Mode]
    LPC11C24FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1766FBD100 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP89C238PCF8582C
    LPC11C24FBD48/301 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1766FBD100 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP89C51BPCF8582C [ISP Mode]
    LPC11C24FBD48/301 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1766FBD100 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP89C51RA+PCF8582C-2
    LPC11E11FHN33/101LPC1767FBD100P89C51RA2PCF8582C-2 [ISP Mode]
    LPC11E11FHN33/101 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1767FBD100 [ISP BSL Mode]P89C51RB+PCF8582D
    LPC11E12FHN33/201LPC1767FBD100 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP89C51RB2PCF8582D [ISP Mode]
    LPC11E12FHN33/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1767FBD100 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP89C51RB2HPCF8582E
    LPC11E13FBD48/301LPC1767FBD100 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP89C51RC+PCF8582E [ISP Mode]
    LPC11E13FBD48/301 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1768FBD100P89C51RC2PCF8594
    LPC11E14FBD48/401LPC1768FBD100 [ISP BSL Mode]P89C51RC2HPCF8594 [ISP Mode]
    LPC11E14FBD48/401 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1768FBD100 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP89C51RD+PCF8594A
    LPC11E14FHN33/401LPC1768FBD100 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP89C51RD2PCF8594A [ISP Mode]
    LPC11E14FHN33/401 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1768FBD100 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP89C51RD2HPCF8594C-2
    LPC11U12FBD48/201LPC1769FBD100P89C51UPCF8594C-2 [ISP Mode]
    LPC11U12FBD48/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1769FBD100 [ISP BSL Mode]P89C51X2PCF8598
    LPC11U12FBD48/201 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1769FBD100 [ISP JTAG Mode] FastP89C52BPCF8598 [ISP Mode]
    LPC11U12FBD48/201 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1769FBD100 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP89C52UPCF8598A
    LPC11U12FHN33/201LPC1769FBD100 [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode] FastP89C52X2PCF8598A [ISP Mode]
    LPC11U12FHN33/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1776FET180 [SWD Mode] FastP89C54BPCF8598C-2
    LPC11U13FBD48/201LPC1778FET180 [SWD Mode] FastP89C54UPCF8598C-2 [ISP Mode]
    LPC11U13FBD48/201 [ISP BSL Mode]LPC1788FBD144 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP89C54X2PXA-G39
    LPC11U13FBD48/201 [ISP SWD Mode] FastLPC1788FBD208 [ISP SWD Mode] FastP89C58BPXA-G49
    LPC11U13FBD48/201 [SWD Mode] FastLPC1788FET180 [SWD Mode] FastP89C58U

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