ROHM devices (264 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    BR24A01BR25H320 [ISP Mode]BR93H76F-W
    BR24A01 [ISP Mode]BR25L010BR93H76FJ-W
    BR24A02BR25L010 [ISP Mode]BR93H76FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24A02 [ISP Mode]BR25L020BR93H76FV-W
    BR24A04BR25L020 [ISP Mode]BR93H76FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24A04 [ISP Mode]BR25L040BR93H76FVT-W
    BR24A08BR25L040 [ISP Mode]BR93H76RF-W
    BR24A08 [ISP Mode]BR25L080BR93H76RFJ-W
    BR24A16BR25L080 [ISP Mode]BR93H76RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24A16 [ISP Mode]BR25L160BR93H76RFV-W
    BR24A32BR25L160 [ISP Mode]BR93H76RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24A32 [ISP Mode]BR25L320BR93H76RFVT-W
    BR24A64BR25L320 [ISP Mode]BR93H86F-W
    BR24A64 [ISP Mode]BR25L640BR93H86FJ-W
    BR24C01BR25L640 [ISP Mode]BR93H86FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24C01 [ISP Mode]BR93A46F-WBR93H86FV-W
    BR24C02BR93A46FJ-WBR93H86FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24C02 [ISP Mode]BR93A46FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93H86FVT-W
    BR24C04BR93A46FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93H86RF-W
    BR24C04 [ISP Mode]BR93A46RF-WBR93H86RFJ-W
    BR24C08BR93A46RFJ-WBR93H86RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24C08 [ISP Mode]BR93A46RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93H86RFV-W
    BR24C16BR93A46RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93H86RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24C16 [ISP Mode]BR93A56F-WBR93H86RFVT-W
    BR24C21 [ISP Mode]BR93A56FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L46-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24C32BR93A56FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L46F-W
    BR24C32 [ISP Mode]BR93A56RF-WBR93L46FJ-W
    BR24C64 [ISP Mode]BR93A56RFJ-WBR93L46FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24E16BR93A56RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L46FV-W
    BR24E16 [ISP Mode]BR93A56RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L46FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24G32 [ISP Mode]BR93A66FJ-WBR93L46RFJ-W
    BR24G64BR93A66FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L46RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24G64 [ISP Mode]BR93A66FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L46RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24L01A [ISP Mode]BR93A66RFJ-WBR93L56-W
    BR24L02BR93A66RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L56-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24L02 [ISP Mode]BR93A66RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L56F-W
    BR24L04 [ISP Mode]BR93A76F-WBR93L56FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24L08 [ISP Mode]BR93A76FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L56FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24L16 [ISP Mode]BR93A76FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L56RFJ-W
    BR24L21A [ISP Mode]BR93A76FVT-WBR93L56RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24L32BR93A76RF-WBR93L56RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24L32 [ISP Mode]BR93A76RFJ-WBR93L56RFVM-W
    BR24L64BR93A76RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L66-W
    BR24L64 [ISP Mode]BR93A76RFV-WBR93L66-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24S128BR93A76RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L66F-W
    BR24S128 [ISP Mode]BR93A76RFVT-WBR93L66FJ-W
    BR24S16BR93A86F-WBR93L66FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24S16 [ISP Mode]BR93A86FJ-WBR93L66FV-W
    BR24S256BR93A86FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L66FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24S256 [ISP Mode]BR93A86FV-WBR93L66RF-W
    BR24S32BR93A86FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L66RFJ-W
    BR24S32 [ISP Mode]BR93A86FVT-WBR93L66RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24S64BR93A86RF-WBR93L66RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24S64 [ISP Mode]BR93A86RFJ-WBR93L66RFVM-W
    BR24ST56 [ISP Mode]BR93A86RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L76-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24T01 [ISP Mode]BR93A86RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L76FJ-W
    BR24T02BR93A86RFVT-WBR93L76FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24T02 [ISP Mode]BR93H46F-WBR93L76FV-W
    BR24T04BR93H46FJ-WBR93L76FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24T04 [ISP Mode]BR93H46FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L76FVT-W
    BR24T08BR93H46FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L76RF-W
    BR24T08 [ISP Mode]BR93H46RF-WBR93L76RFJ-W
    BR24T128BR93H46RFJ-WBR93L76RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24T128 [ISP Mode]BR93H46RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L76RFV-W
    BR24T16BR93H46RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L76RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24T16 [ISP Mode]BR93H56F-WBR93L76RFVT-W
    BR24T256BR93H56FJ-WBR93L86-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24T32BR93H56FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L86F-W
    BR24T32 [ISP Mode]BR93H56FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L86FJ-W
    BR24T64BR93H56RF-WBR93L86FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR24T64 [ISP Mode]BR93H56RFJ-WBR93L86FV-W
    BR25H010BR93H56RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L86FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR25H010 [ISP Mode]BR93H56RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L86FVT-W
    BR25H020 [ISP Mode]BR93H66FJ-WBR93L86RFJ-W
    BR25H040BR93H66FJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L86RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR25H040 [ISP Mode]BR93H66FV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]BR93L86RFV-W
    BR25H080BR93H66RF-WBR93L86RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR25H080 [ISP Mode]BR93H66RFJ-WBR93L86RFVT-W
    BR25H160BR93H66RFJ-W [x16] [ISP Mode]
    BR25H160 [ISP Mode]BR93H66RFV-W [x16] [ISP Mode]

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