Unknown devices (15 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    27128 (21V, 1ms)2764 (21V, 1ms)27C128 (12.75V, 100us)27C64 (12.5V, 1ms)
    27128A (12.5V, 1ms)2764A (12.5V, 1ms)27C128 (21V, 1ms)27C64 (12.75V, 100us)
    27256 (12.5V, 1ms)2764A (12.75V, 100us)27C256 (12.75V, 100us)27C64 (21V, 1ms)
    27512 (12.5V, 1ms)27C128 (12.5V, 1ms)27C512 (12.75V, 100us)

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