Xilinx devices (126 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    XC1701 DIP-8XC17512L DIP-8XC17S200A DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17V08 PLCC-44
    XC1701 PLCC-20XC17512L PLCC-20XC17S200A SOIC-20XC17V08 VQFP-44
    XC1701 SOIC-20XC17512L SOIC-20XC17S200A VQFP-44XC17V16 PLCC-44
    XC1701L DIP-8XC1765DXC17S20XL DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17V16 VQFP-44
    XC1701L PLCC-20XC1765E DIP-8XC17S30 DIP-8, VOIC-8XC95108 LCC-84
    XC1701L SOIC-20XC1765E PLCC-20XC17S300A DIP-8, VOIC-8XC95108 QFP-100
    XC17128DXC1765E SOIC-8XC17S300A SOIC-20XC9536 LCC-44
    XC17128E DIP-8XC1765E VOIC-8XC17S300A VQFP-44XC9536 QFP-44
    XC17128E PLCC-20XC1765EL DIP-8XC17S30A DIP-8, VOIC-8XC9572 LCC-44
    XC17128E VOIC-8XC1765EL PLCC-20XC17S30A SOIC-20XC9572 LCC-84
    XC17128EL DIP-8XC1765EL SOIC-8XC17S30XL DIP-8, VOIC-8XC9572 QFP-100
    XC17128EL PLCC-20XC1765EL VOIC-8XC17S40 DIP-8XCF016P [ISP JTAG Mode]
    XC17128EL VOIC-8XC1765LXC17S40 SOIC-20XCF016P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    XC17128LXC1765X DIP-8XC17S40XL DIP-8XCF01S [ISP JTAG Mode]
    XC17128X DIP-8XC1765X PLCC-20XC17S40XL SOIC-20XCF01S [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    XC17128X PLCC-20XC1765X SOIC-8XC17S50A DIP-8, VOIC-8XCF01SVO20C
    XC17128X VOIC-8XC1765X VOIC-8XC17S50A SOIC-20XCF01SVOG20C
    XC1718DXC17S05 DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17S50XL DIP-8XCF02S [ISP JTAG Mode]
    XC1718LXC17S05XL DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17S50XL SOIC-20XCF02S [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    XC17256DXC17S10 DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17V01 DIP-8, VOIC-8XCF02SVO20C
    XC17256E DIP-8XC17S100A DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17V01 PLCC-20XCF02SVOG20C
    XC17256E PLCC-20XC17S100A SOIC-20XC17V01 SOIC-20XCF032P [ISP JTAG Mode]
    XC17256E VOIC-8XC17S100XL DIP-8XC17V02 DIP-8, VOIC-8XCF032P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    XC17256EL DIP-8XC17S100XL SOIC-20XC17V02 PLCC-20XCF04S [ISP JTAG Mode]
    XC17256EL PLCC-20XC17S10XL DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17V02 PLCC-44XCF04S [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    XC17256EL VOIC-8XC17S150A DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17V02 SOIC-20XCF04SVO20C
    XC17256LXC17S150A SOIC-20XC17V02 VQFP-44XCF04SVOG20C
    XC17256X DIP-8XC17S150XL DIP-8XC17V04 DIP-8, VOIC-8XCF08P [ISP JTAG Mode]
    XC17256X PLCC-20XC17S150XL SOIC-20XC17V04 PLCC-20XCF08P [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    XC17256X VOIC-8XC17S15A DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17V04 PLCC-44XCF128XFTG64C
    XC1736DXC17S15A SOIC-20XC17V04 SOIC-20
    XC1736EXC17S20 DIP-8, VOIC-8XC17V04 VQFP-44

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