ChipProg-G41 – 4-site gang programmer

CP-G41 h260
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ChipProg-G41 - four site universal production device programmer

    • Extremely fast! Programs and verifies programming of 1Gb NAND flash memory device for 23 s! Targeted at working with large density NAND and NOR flash memory devices.
    • Based on four concurrently and independently working Phyton ChipProg-481 device programmers
    • Supports parallel & serial EPROM & EEPROM; microcontrollers, and PAL/PALCE/GAL/PEEL/PLD devices
    • Programs all DIP-packed device from 6 to 48 pin via 48-pin pin ZIF DIP sockets - no additional adapters are required
    • Optional adapters for programming devices in PLCC, SOIC, SSOP, QFP, BGA, QFN, SON and other packages are available
    • Supports in-system programming for the devices allowing the ISP (ICP) mode via special cables-adapters
    • Communicate to a PC via a single USB 2.0 port
    • Each site has its own 'Start' button for fast manual operations
    • Device auto-detect start mode initiates programming after the target device is inserted into the socket
    • Works under control of Windows XP and Windows 7/8/10 32- and 64-bit versions. Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
    • Can be controlled from a host computer GUI or remotely via a special Application Control Interface (ACI)
    • Supports loading files of all popular formats: Intel HEX, Binary, Motorola S-format, POF, JEDEC, PRG, ASCII Hex & Octal, etc.
    • Built-in editor supports sophisticated operations with blocks
    • Vpp and other parameters precise adjustment via the software settings
    • Splits files to multiple images
    • Embedded script language for automation of routine operations
    • Serialization of the programmed devices by writing a serial number into a specified target memory location
    • Calculation of the control sum with capability to write it into a specified target memory location
    • A unique signature can be written into a specified target memory location
    • Advanced self-diagnostic start-up routine that check the target device reliable contact in the programming socket
    • Incorrect device insertion check and overcurrent protection; automatically detects bad contacts before starting any operation
    • Lifetime free software updates via Web
    • Has a built-in universal 110-240VAC power adapter; US, European, UK and Australian power cables are available
    • Quite prortable for the tools of this class - dimensions: 360x155x33 mm (14⅛x 6⅙x 1⅜ inch)
    • See also other multi-programming solutions based on ChipProg-481, ChipProg-48, ChipProg-40 and ChipProg-ISP tools

Download the ChipProgUSB software to evaluate it in a demo mode without the hardware.