MCA-SE - Macro Assembler for Sensory RSC-4x microcontrollers

Main features:

  • Comes with any Project-SE configuration
  • Supports all RSC-4x derivatives
  • Strict operand type checking
  • Extensive set of 32-bit arithmetic and logical operators
  • Local names (labels) in functions and macros
  • Powerful macro capabilities
  • Three kinds of repeating blocks
  • Code memory banking support
  • RAM bank mapping support to access the full RSC-4x on-chip SRAM
  • Generates symbolic debug information for the Phyton PICE-SE emulator and PDS-SE debugger/simulator
  • Easy and safe integration with the Phyton MCC-SE C compiler and PDS-SE source-level debugger/simulator
  • Donwnload the IDE with an unlimited MCA-SE assembler, PDS-SE simulator and 14-days time-limited MCC-SE compiler