PDS-SE - Debugger/Simulator for RSC4x microcontrollers

Main features:

  • Comes with any Project-SE configuration as an embedded tool
  • Provides command set and interrupt simulation for all RSC-4x derivatives
  • Provides source-level and symbolic debugging for the MCC-SE C compiler and MCA-SE macro assembler
  • Special Function Registers are implemented as just memory locations and are not modified by simulator engine as a result of peripheral devices simulation. Writing to these locations does not affect the simulation engine behavior
  • Context variable viewing in the Source window
  • Maintains precise time counter
  • Performance analyzer works automatically
  • Unlimited number of unconditional and conditional (complex) breakpoints
  • Function call list and stack tracing
  • Script file built-in language helps to save time for debugging for routine operations and tests
  • External Environment Simulation (EES) feature
  • Donwnload the IDE with an unlimited MCA-SE assembler, PDS-SE simulator and 14-days time-limited MCC-SE compiler