Project-SE Integrated Development Environment

The Phyton Project-SE integrated development environment is a complete project system that conveniently enables users to access all the tools for writing, editing, compiling, and debugging programs RSC-4x family of speech-recognition and synthesis microcontrollers produced by Sensory, Inc.

Main features:

  • Represents a Windows-based front end of both PICE-SE in-circuit emulator and PDS-SE debugger/simulator
  • Includes the MCA-SE macro assembler
  • Includes a full-featured sophisticated multi-file editor
  • Displays colored syntax highlighting for C and assembly files
  • Supports project management for the embedded MCA-SE macro assembler and MCC-SE C compiler
  • Automatically re-compiles and re-build a whole project after any changes in the source code and highlights errors for prompt correction in the debugger Source/Edit window
  • Donwnload the IDE with an unlimited MCA-SE assembler, PDS-SE simulator and 14-day time-limited MCC-SE compiler