Matrix below shows most important differences between these two Phyton in-system device programmer platforms

FeatureChipProg-ISP2 (CPI2-B1 model)ChipProg-ISP (EOL)
Expected life timeReleased in mid 2016 with projected production for at least the next 10 years.Released in 2005. Not recommended for new projects. Phyton plans on discontinuing this product in 2017 but will provide technical support for 5 more years.
Device listsSame for both models by Sep 1, 2016 but then will grow faster for CPI2-B1. New technology supports modern complex MCUs and SoCs, which cannot be supported by ChipProg-ISP. Same for both models by Sep 1, 2016 but then support for new target devices may be frozen for ChipProg-ISP.
Stand-alone modeInternal SD card makes possible stand-alone programming mode. Optionally battery powered for field use.Not available. Works under external computer control only.
Control interfacesThree interfaces: USB2.0 high speed mode, Ethernet 100 Mbit/s or RS232 (optional) USB2.0 only.
Programming speedVery fast! Use of internal SD card eliminates the need for time-consuming communications with controlling computer. Pretty slow on SPI memory devices.
Proximity to targetUp to 3 m or ~10 ft (actual distance is target specific).Up to 0.3 m or ~1 ft.
Project supportStores up to 64 projects on internal SD card, unlimited number on an external computer. Does not store projects on its hardware.
Galvanic isolationProvided with use of Ethernet and RS232 interfaces. Optionally, control lines can also be isolated.Not available.
Target device Vcc 1.2 to 5.5V.1.8 to 5.5V.
Powering targetsVcc (1.2 to 5.5V @ up to 350mА) and Vpp (1.2 to 15V @ up to 80mA) voltagesVcc (1.8 to 5.5V @ up to 80mA) voltage.
Mounting in fixturesIncludes a bracket for mounting on a standard DIN rail.Small dongle in a plastic enclosure without self-mounting capability.
PricesThe price is the total of hardware plus optional CPI2-ACI and CPI2-D-XXXX device driver library licenses. For example (May 2016), $695 with free basic device driver library; $995 with a single manufacturer’s ARM Cortex driver library. Volume discounts significantly reduce package prices. See the catalog. Flat price of $555 (May 2016) covers the programmer hardware and software that includes device drivers for all supported devices. This price does not cover target-specific cable-adapters and may increase in the future. See the catalog.
All other features are identical or very similar, including project support, script language, graphic user interface (GUI), remote control tools and hooks (DLL, command line, on-the-fly control, etc.), and other software components. This similarity greatly simplifies migrating from the ChipProg-ISP to ChipProg-ISP2 platform and reduces the learning curve.