Programming Flash Memory Devices

Phyton ChipProg device programmers support thousands of flash memory devices such as NAND Flash, parallel and serial NOR Flash, and devices containing Flash memory accessible via Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The ChipProg family offers programmers for both in-system ("ISP") and in-socket (“parallel”) programming. ChipProg programmers are designed to be used by R&D engineers, as well as by manufacturers and ATE integrators for mass production.

Programming memory devices using Phyton ChipProg programmers:

  1. ChipProg programmers support a variety of Flash memory devices by well-known manufacturers as well as small companies such as Micron, Cypress, Macronix, Hynix, Samsung, ST Microelectronics, Toshiba, Winbond, EON, Adesto, AMIC, ISSI, and more.
  2. Programmers can operate on devices on user board as well as in programmer's socket adapter.
  3. Hundreds of package adapters are available for use with memory devices in a variety of mechanical packages (DIP, QFN, QFP, SOIC, TSOP, BGA, etc.) with number of leads from 8 to 44.
  4. ChipProg graphic user interface (GUI) displays target device configuration bits in the way that matches device manufacturers’ data sheets.
  5. All programmable memory segments and configuration bits can be (re)programmed separately or at once.
  6. Programmers detect and use target device IDs assigned by manufacturers for safe and reliable programming.
  7. Parallel programmers automatically determine if each lead of the target device has galvanic contact and detect if it is inserted correctly into the socket adapter.
  8. Partition programming and bad block management are provided for NAND memory devices.
  9. Support of mass production:
    1. Automatic calculation of checksums, serial numbers and custom signatures, with possibility of writing them into specified locations in target devices.
    2. Writing log files, with configurable parameters.
    3. Command-line control mode.
    4. Scripting language for programming automation.
    5. Simplified user interface for use by unskilled operators.
    6. On-the-fly management utility enables control of an already launched programmer.
    7. ChipProg programmers can be controlled from user applications and from popular National Instruments® LabVIEW™ environment.
  10. ChipProg programmers are certified by manufacturers of flash memory devices.

Phyton ChipProg programmers supporting flash memory devices:

Model Description
ChipProg-481 Phyton's fastest parallel programmer for both in-socket and in-system programming. Supports thousands of other devices, including microcontrollers, EEPROMs, EPROMs and PLDs.
ChipProg-48 A true universal parallel programmer for both in-socket and in-system flash programming. This programmer supports the same MCU list and provides almost as high programming speed as ChipProg-481 model. Major difference from the ChipProg-481 is the lower speed that dramatically slows down flashing high-density NAND and NOR memory devices.
CPI2-B1 A single-channel production in-system programmers (ISP) specifically designed for use in test fixtures, ICTs and automated handlers.
CPI2-G-xxxx A family of multi-channel production in-system device programmer specifically designed for use in test fixtures, ICTs and automated handlers.

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