Texas Instruments devices (5015 total)

    Select a device... Some part numbers below may include additional suffixes that define the device's packages and/or programming modes so make sure you are choosing a right name.

    BQ4010MSP430F123 TSSOP-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67461PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2102IPW14
    BQ4010LYMSP430F123 TSSOP-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67461PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2102IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4010YMSP430F1232 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6746IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2102IPW20
    BQ4011MSP430F1232 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6746IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2102IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4011LYMSP430F1232 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6746IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2102IRSA16
    BQ4011YMSP430F1232 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6746PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2102IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4013MSP430F1232 SOIC-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6746PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2111IN14
    BQ4013LYMSP430F1232 SOIC-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67471IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2111IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4013YMSP430F1232 TSSOP-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67471IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2111IPW14
    BQ4014MSP430F1232 TSSOP-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67471IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2111IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4014YMSP430F1232IDWMSP430F67471IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2111IRSA16
    BQ4015MSP430F1232IDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67471PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2111IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4015LYMSP430F123AIDWMSP430F67471PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2112IN20
    BQ4015YMSP430F123AIDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6747IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2112IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4016MSP430F133 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6747IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2112IPW14
    BQ4016YMSP430F133 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6747IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2112IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4017MSP430F133 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6747PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2112IPW20
    BQ4017YMSP430F133 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6747PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2112IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4822YMSP430F133IPMMSP430F67481IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2112IRSA16
    BQ4830YMSP430F133IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67481IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2112IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4832YMSP430F135 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67481IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2113IN20
    BQ4842YMSP430F135 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67481IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2113IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    BQ4850YMSP430F135 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67481PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2113IPW20
    CC1310F128 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F135 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67481PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2113IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC1310F128RGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F135IPMMSP430F6748IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2113IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC1310F128RHB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F135IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6748IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2113IRHB32
    CC1310F128RSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F147 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6748IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2113IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC1310F32RGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F147 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6748PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2121IN14
    CC1310F32RHB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F147 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6748PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2121IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC1310F32RSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F147 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67491IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2121IPW14
    CC1310F64RGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1471 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67491IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2121IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC1310F64RHB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1471 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67491IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2121IRSA16
    CC1310F64RSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1471IPMMSP430F67491IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2121IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC1350F128 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1471IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67491PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2131IN14
    CC1350F128RGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F147IPMMSP430F67491PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2131IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC1350F128RHB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F147IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6749IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2131IPW14
    CC1350F128RSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F148 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6749IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2131IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2530F128MSP430F148 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6749IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2131IRSA16
    CC2530F128 [ISP Mode]MSP430F148 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6749PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2131IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2530F256MSP430F148 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6749PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2132IN20
    CC2530F256 [ISP Mode]MSP430F1481 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67651IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2132IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2530F32MSP430F1481 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67651IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2132IPW14
    CC2530F32 [ISP Mode]MSP430F1481IPMMSP430F67651IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2132IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2530F64MSP430F1481IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67651IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2132IPW20
    CC2530F64 [ISP Mode]MSP430F148IPMMSP430F67651PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2132IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2531F128MSP430F148IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67651PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2132IRSA16
    CC2531F128 [ISP Mode]MSP430F149 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6765IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2132IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2531F256MSP430F149 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6765IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2152IN20
    CC2531F256 [ISP Mode]MSP430F149 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6765IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2152IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2533F32MSP430F149 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6765PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2152IPW14
    CC2533F32 [ISP Mode]MSP430F1491 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6765PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2152IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2533F64MSP430F1491 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67661IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2152IPW20
    CC2533F64 [ISP Mode]MSP430F1491IPMMSP430F67661IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2152IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2533F96MSP430F1491IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67661IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2152IRSA16
    CC2533F96 [ISP Mode]MSP430F149IPMMSP430F67661IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2152IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2540F128MSP430F149IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67661PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2153IN20
    CC2540F128 [ISP Mode]MSP430F155 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67661PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2153IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2540F256MSP430F155 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6766IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2153IPW20
    CC2540F256 [ISP Mode]MSP430F155 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6766IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2153IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2541F128MSP430F155 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6766IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2153IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2541F128 [ISP Mode]MSP430F155IPMMSP430F6766PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2153IRHB32
    CC2541F256MSP430F155IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6766PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2153IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2541F256 [ISP Mode]MSP430F155IRTDMSP430F67671IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2201IN14
    CC2620F128RGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F155IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67671IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2201IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2620F128RSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F156 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67671IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2201IPW14
    CC2630F128RGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F156 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67671IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2201IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2630F128RHB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F156 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67671PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2201IRSA16
    CC2630F128RSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F156 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67671PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2201IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2640F128RGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F156IPMMSP430F6767IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2202IN20
    CC2640F128RHB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F156IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6767IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2202IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2640F128RSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F156IRTDMSP430F6767IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2202IPW14
    CC2640R2F [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F156IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6767PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2202IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2640R2FRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F157 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6767PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2202IPW20
    CC2640R2FRHB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F157 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67681IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2202IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2640R2FRSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F157 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67681IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2202IRSA16
    CC2640R2FYFV [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F157 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67681IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2202IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2650F128RGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F157IPMMSP430F67681IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2203IN20
    CC2650F128RHB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F157IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67681PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2203IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC2650F128RSM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F157IRTDMSP430F67681PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2203IPW20
    CC430F5133IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F157IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6768IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2203IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F5133IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F1610 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6768IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2211IN14
    CC430F5133IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430F1610 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6768IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2211IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F5135IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1610 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6768PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2211IPW14
    CC430F5135IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F1610 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6768PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2211IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F5135IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430F1610IPMMSP430F67691IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2211IRSA16
    CC430F5137IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1610IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67691IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2211IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F5137IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F1610IRTDMSP430F67691IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2212IN20
    CC430F5137IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430F1610IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67691IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2212IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F5147IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1611 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67691PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2212IPW14
    CC430F5147IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430F1611 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67691PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2212IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F6125IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1611 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6769IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2212IPW20
    CC430F6125IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F1611 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6769IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2212IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F6126IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1611IPMMSP430F6769IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2212IRSA16
    CC430F6126IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F1611IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6769PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2212IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F6127IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1611IRTDMSP430F6769PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2213IN20
    CC430F6127IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F1611IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67751IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2213IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F6135IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1612 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67751IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2213IPW20
    CC430F6135IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F1612 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67751IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2213IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F6137IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1612 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67751IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2213IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    CC430F6137IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F1612 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67751PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2213IRHB32
    F280049CPMSMSP430F1612IPMMSP430F67751PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2213IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    F280049PMSMSP430F1612IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6775IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2221IN14
    LM3S101-ERNMSP430F1612IRTDMSP430F6775IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2221IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S101-ERN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F1612IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6775IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2221IPW14
    LM3S101-ERN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F167 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6775PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2221IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S101-ERN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F167 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6775PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2221IRSA16
    LM3S101-IRNMSP430F167 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67761IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2221IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S101-IRN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F167 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67761IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2231IN14
    LM3S101-IRN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F167IPMMSP430F67761IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2231IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S101-IRN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F167IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67761IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2231IPW14
    LM3S102-ERNMSP430F167IRTDMSP430F67761PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2231IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S102-ERN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F167IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67761PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2231IRSA16
    LM3S102-ERN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F168 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6776IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2231IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S102-ERN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F168 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6776IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2232IN20
    LM3S102-IRNMSP430F168 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6776IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2232IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S102-IRN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F168 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6776PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2232IPW14
    LM3S102-IRN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F168IPMMSP430F6776PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2232IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S102-IRN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F168IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67771IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2232IPW20
    LM3S1110-EQCMSP430F168IRTDMSP430F67771IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2232IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1110-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F168IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67771IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2232IRSA16
    LM3S1110-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F169 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67771IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2232IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1110-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F169 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67771PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2233IN20
    LM3S1110-IQCMSP430F169 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67771PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2233IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1110-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F169 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6777IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2233IPW20
    LM3S1110-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F169IPMMSP430F6777IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2233IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1110-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F169IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6777IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2252IN20
    LM3S1133-EQCMSP430F169IRTDMSP430F6777PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2252IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1133-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F169IRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6777PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2252IPW14
    LM3S1133-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2001 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F67781IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2252IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1133-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2001 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67781IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2252IPW20
    LM3S1133-IQCMSP430F2001 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F67781IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2252IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1133-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2001 DIP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67781IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2252IRSA16
    LM3S1133-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2001 QFN-16 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67781PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2252IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1133-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2001 TSSOP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67781PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2253IN20
    LM3S1138-EQCMSP430F2001INMSP430F6778IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2253IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1138-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2001IN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6778IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2253IPW20
    LM3S1138-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2001IPWMSP430F6778IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2253IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1138-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2001IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6778PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2253IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1138-IQCMSP430F2001IRSAMSP430F6778PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2253IRHB32
    LM3S1138-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2001IRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67791IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2253IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1138-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2001TNMSP430F67791IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2302IN20
    LM3S1138-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2001TN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67791IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2302IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1150-EQCMSP430F2001TPWMSP430F67791IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2302IPW14
    LM3S1150-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2001TPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F67791PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2302IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1150-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2001TRSAMSP430F67791PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2302IPW20
    LM3S1150-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2001TRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6779IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2302IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1150-IQCMSP430F2002 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6779IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2302IRSA16
    LM3S1150-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2002 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6779IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2302IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1150-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2002 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F6779PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2303IN20
    LM3S1150-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2002 DIP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6779PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2303IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1162-EQCMSP430F2002 QFN-16 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FE423 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2303IPW20
    LM3S1162-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2002 TSSOP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FE423 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2303IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1162-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2002INMSP430FE423 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2312IN20
    LM3S1162-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2002IN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE423 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2312IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1162-IQCMSP430F2002IPWMSP430FE423A [BSL Mode]MSP430G2312IPW14
    LM3S1162-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2002IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE423A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2312IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1162-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2002IRSAMSP430FE423A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2312IPW20
    LM3S1162-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2002IRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE423A [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2312IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1165-EQCMSP430F2002TNMSP430FE425 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2312IRSA16
    LM3S1165-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2002TN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE425 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2312IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1165-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2002TPWMSP430FE425 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2313IN20
    LM3S1165-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2002TPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE425 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2313IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1165-IQCMSP430F2002TRSAMSP430FE4252 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2313IPW20
    LM3S1165-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2002TRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE4252 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2313IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1165-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2003 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FE425A [BSL Mode]MSP430G2313IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1165-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2003 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE425A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2313IRHB32
    LM3S1332-EQCMSP430F2003 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FE425A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2313IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1332-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2003 DIP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FE425A [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2332IN20
    LM3S1332-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2003 QFN-16 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FE427 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2332IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1332-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2003 TSSOP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FE427 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2332IPW14
    LM3S1332-IQCMSP430F2003INMSP430FE427 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2332IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1332-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2003IN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE427 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2332IPW20
    LM3S1332-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2003IPWMSP430FE4272IPMMSP430G2332IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1332-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2003IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE4272IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2332IRSA16
    LM3S1435-EQCMSP430F2003IRSAMSP430FE427A [BSL Mode]MSP430G2332IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1435-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2003IRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE427A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2333IN20
    LM3S1435-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2003TNMSP430FE427A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2333IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1435-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2003TN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FE427A [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2333IPW20
    LM3S1435-IQCMSP430F2003TPWMSP430FF415 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2333IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1435-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2003TPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FF415 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2352IN20
    LM3S1435-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2003TRSAMSP430FF417 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2352IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1435-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2003TRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FF417 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2352IPW14
    LM3S1439-EQCMSP430F2011 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FG4250 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2352IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1439-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2011 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4250 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2352IPW20
    LM3S1439-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2011 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FG4250 QFN-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2352IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1439-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2011 DIP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4250 QFN-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2352IRSA16
    LM3S1439-IQCMSP430F2011 QFN-16 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4250 SSOP-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2352IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1439-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2011 TSSOP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4250 SSOP-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2353IN20
    LM3S1439-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2011INMSP430FG4250IDLMSP430G2353IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1439-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2011IN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4250IDL [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2353IPW20
    LM3S1512-EQCMSP430F2011IPWMSP430FG4250IRGZMSP430G2353IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1512-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2011IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4250IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2353IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1512-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2011IRSAMSP430FG4260 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2353IRHB32
    LM3S1512-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2011IRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4260 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2353IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1512-IQCMSP430F2011TNMSP430FG4260 QFN-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2402IN20
    LM3S1512-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2011TN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4260 QFP-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2402IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1512-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2011TPWMSP430FG4260 SSOP-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2402IPW14
    LM3S1512-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2011TPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4260 SSOP-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2402IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1538-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2011TRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4260IDL [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2402IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1538-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2012 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FG4260IRGZMSP430G2402IRSA16
    LM3S1538-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2012 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4260IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2402IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1538-IQCMSP430F2012 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FG4270 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2403IN20
    LM3S1538-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2012 DIP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4270 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2403IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1538-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2012 QFN-16 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4270 QFN-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2403IPW20
    LM3S1538-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2012 TSSOP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4270 QFN-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2403IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1601-EQCMSP430F2012INMSP430FG4270 SSOP-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2412IN20
    LM3S1601-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2012IN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4270 SSOP-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2412IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1601-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2012IPWMSP430FG4270IDLMSP430G2412IPW14
    LM3S1601-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2012IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4270IDL [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2412IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1601-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2012IRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4270IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2412IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1601-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2012TNMSP430FG437 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2412IRSA16
    LM3S1601-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2012TN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG437 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2412IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1607-EQRMSP430F2012TPWMSP430FG437 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2413IN20
    LM3S1607-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2012TPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG437 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2413IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1607-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2012TRSAMSP430FG437IPNMSP430G2413IPW20
    LM3S1607-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2012TRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG437IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2413IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1607-IQRMSP430F2013 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FG438 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2413IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1607-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2013 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG438 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2413IRHB32
    LM3S1607-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2013 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FG438 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2413IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1607-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2013 DIP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG438 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2432IN20
    LM3S1608-EQCMSP430F2013 QFN-16 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG438IPNMSP430G2432IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1608-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2013 TSSOP-14 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG438IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2432IPW14
    LM3S1608-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2013INMSP430FG439 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2432IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1608-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2013IN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG439 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2432IPW20
    LM3S1608-IQCMSP430F2013IPWMSP430FG439 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2432IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1608-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2013IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG439 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2432IRSA16
    LM3S1608-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2013IRSAMSP430FG439IPNMSP430G2432IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1608-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2013IRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG439IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2433IN20
    LM3S1620-EQCMSP430F2013TNMSP430FG4616IPZMSP430G2433IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1620-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2013TN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4616IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2433IPW20
    LM3S1620-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2013TPWMSP430FG4617IPZMSP430G2433IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1620-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2013TPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4617IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2444IDA38
    LM3S1620-IQCMSP430F2013TRSAMSP430FG4618 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2444IDA38 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1620-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2013TRSA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4618 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2444IRHA40
    LM3S1620-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2101 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FG4618 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2444IRHA40 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1620-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2101 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4618IPZMSP430G2452IN20
    LM3S1625-EQRMSP430F2101 QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430FG4618IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2452IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1625-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2101 QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4619 [BSL Mode]MSP430G2452IPW14
    LM3S1625-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2101 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430FG4619 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2452IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1625-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2101 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4619 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2452IPW20
    LM3S1625-IQRMSP430F2101 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430FG4619 [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2452IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1625-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2101 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FG4619IPZMSP430G2452IRSA16
    LM3S1625-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2101IDWMSP430FG4619IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2452IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1625-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2101IDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2000IPW16MSP430G2453IN20
    LM3S1626-EQRMSP430F2101IRGEMSP430FR2000IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2453IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1626-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2101IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2000IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2453IPW20
    LM3S1626-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2101TDWMSP430FR2000IPW16RMSP430G2453IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1626-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2101TDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2000IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2453IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1626-IQRMSP430F2101TRGEMSP430FR2000IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2453IRHB32
    LM3S1626-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2101TRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2000IRLLR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2453IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1626-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2111 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2000IRLLR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2513IN20
    LM3S1626-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2111 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2000IRLLT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2513IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1627-EQRMSP430F2111 QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2000IRLLT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2513IN20 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1627-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2111 QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2032IG48 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2513IPW20
    LM3S1627-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2111 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2032IG48 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2513IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1627-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2111 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2032IG48R [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2513IPW20 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1627-IQRMSP430F2111 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2032IG48R [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2513IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1627-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2111 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2032IG56 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2513IPW28 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1627-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2111IDWMSP430FR2032IG56 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2513IRHB32
    LM3S1627-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2111IDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2032IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2513IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1635-EQCMSP430F2111IRGEMSP430FR2032IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2513IRHB32 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1635-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2111IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2032IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2533IN20
    LM3S1635-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2111TDWMSP430FR2032IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2533IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1635-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2111TDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2033IG48 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2533IN20 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1635-IQCMSP430F2111TRGEMSP430FR2033IG48 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2533IPW20
    LM3S1635-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2111TRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2033IG48R [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2533IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1635-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2112 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2033IG48R [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2533IPW20 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1635-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2112 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2033IG56 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2544IDA38
    LM3S1637-EQCMSP430F2112 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2033IG56 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2544IDA38 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1637-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2112 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2033IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2544IDA38 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1637-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2112 SOIC-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2033IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2544IRHA40
    LM3S1637-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2112 SOIC-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2033IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2544IRHA40 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1637-IQCMSP430F2112 TSSOP-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2033IPM [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2544IRHA40 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1637-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2112 TSSOP-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2033IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2553IN20
    LM3S1637-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2112IPWMSP430FR2033IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2553IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1637-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2112IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2100IPW16MSP430G2553IN20 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1676-EQRMSP430F2121 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2100IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2553IPW20
    LM3S1676-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2121 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2100IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2553IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1676-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2121 QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2100IPW16RMSP430G2553IPW20 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1676-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2121 QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2100IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2553IPW28 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1676-IQRMSP430F2121 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2100IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2553IPW28 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1676-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2121 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2100IRLLR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2553IRHB32
    LM3S1676-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2121 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2100IRLLR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2553IRHB32 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1676-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2121 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2100IRLLT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2553IRHB32 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1751-EQCMSP430F2121IDWMSP430FR2100IRLLT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2744IDA38
    LM3S1751-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2121IDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2110IPW16MSP430G2744IDA38 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1751-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2121IRGEMSP430FR2110IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2744IDA38 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1751-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2121IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2110IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2744IRHA40
    LM3S1751-IQCMSP430F2121TDWMSP430FR2110IPW16RMSP430G2744IRHA40 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1751-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2121TDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2110IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2744IRHA40 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1751-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2121TRGEMSP430FR2110IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2755IDA38
    LM3S1751-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2121TRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2110IRLLR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2755IDA38 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1850-EQCMSP430F2122 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2110IRLLR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2755IDA38 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1850-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2122 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2110IRLLT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2755IRHA40
    LM3S1850-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2122 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2110IRLLT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2755IRHA40 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1850-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2122 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2111IPW16MSP430G2755IRHA40 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1850-IQCMSP430F2122 SOIC-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2111IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2855IDA38
    LM3S1850-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2122 SOIC-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2111IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2855IDA38 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1850-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2122 TSSOP-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2111IPW16RMSP430G2855IDA38 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1850-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2122 TSSOP-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2111IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2855IRHA40
    LM3S1911-EQCMSP430F2122IPWMSP430FR2111IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2855IRHA40 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1911-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2131 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2111IRLLR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2855IRHA40 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1911-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2131 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2111IRLLR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2955IDA38
    LM3S1911-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2131 QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2111IRLLT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2955IDA38 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1911-IQCMSP430F2131 QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2111IRLLT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2955IDA38 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1911-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2131 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2153DBT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2955IRHA40
    LM3S1911-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2131 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2153DBT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2955IRHA40 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1911-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2131 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2153DBTR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2955IRHA40 [ISP SBW Mode]
    LM3S1918-EQCMSP430F2131 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2153DBTR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP432P401M [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1918-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2131IDWMSP430FR2153TPTMSP432P401M [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1918-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2131IDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2153TPT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP432P401MIPZ
    LM3S1918-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2131IRGEMSP430FR2153TPT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP432P401MIPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1918-IQCMSP430F2131IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2153TPTRMSP432P401MIPZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1918-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2131TDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2153TPTR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP432P401MIRGC [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1937-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2132 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2153TRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP432P401R [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1937-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2132 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2153TRHATMSP432P401R [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1937-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2132 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2153TRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP432P401RIPZ
    LM3S1937-IQCMSP430F2132 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2153TRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP432P401RIPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1937-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2132 SOIC-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2155DBT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP432P401RIPZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1937-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2132 SOIC-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2155DBT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP432P401RIRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1937-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2132 TSSOP-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2155DBTR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP432P401RIRGC [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1958-EQCMSP430F2132 TSSOP-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2155DBTR [ISP SBW Mode]MSP432P401RIZXH [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1958-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2132IPWMSP430FR2155TPTMSP432P401RIZXH [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1958-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2132IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2155TPT [ISP JTAG Mode]SMJ27C256
    LM3S1958-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2232 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2155TPT [ISP SBW Mode]SMJ27C512
    LM3S1958-IQCMSP430F2232 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2155TPTRTM4C1230C3PM
    LM3S1958-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2232 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR2155TPTR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1230C3PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1958-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2232 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2155TPTR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1230C3PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S1958-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2232 TSSOP-38 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2155TRHARTM4C1230C3PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1960-EQCMSP430F2232 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2155TRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1230D5PM
    LM3S1960-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2232 TSSOP-38 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2155TRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1230D5PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1960-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2232IDAMSP430FR2155TRHATTM4C1230D5PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S1960-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2232IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2155TRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1230D5PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1960-IQCMSP430F2232IRHAMSP430FR2155TRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1230E6PM
    LM3S1960-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2232IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW16TM4C1230E6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1960-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2232TDAMSP430FR2310IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1230E6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S1960-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2232TDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1230E6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1968-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2232TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1230H6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1968-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2234 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1230H6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S1968-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2234 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW20TM4C1230H6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S1968-IQCMSP430F2234 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231C3PM
    LM3S1968-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2234 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW20 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231C3PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S1968-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2234 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW20RTM4C1231C3PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S1968-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2234 TSSOP-38 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW20R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231C3PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2110-EQCMSP430F2234 TSSOP-38 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2310IPW20R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231D5PM
    LM3S2110-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2234IDAMSP430FR2310IRGYR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231D5PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2110-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2234IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2310IRGYR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231D5PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2110-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2234IRHAMSP430FR2310IRGYT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231D5PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2110-IQCMSP430F2234IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2310IRGYT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231D5PZ
    LM3S2110-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2234TDAMSP430FR2311IPW16TM4C1231D5PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2110-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2234TDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231D5PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2110-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2234TRHAMSP430FR2311IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231D5PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2139-EQCMSP430F2234TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW16RTM4C1231E6PM
    LM3S2139-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2252 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231E6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2139-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2252 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231E6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2139-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2252 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW20TM4C1231E6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2139-IQCMSP430F2252 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW20 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231E6PZ
    LM3S2139-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2252 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW20 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231E6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2139-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2252 TSSOP-38 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW20RTM4C1231E6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2139-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2252 TSSOP-38 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2311IPW20R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231E6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2276-EQRMSP430F2252IDAMSP430FR2311IPW20R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231H6PGE
    LM3S2276-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2252IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2311IRGYR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231H6PGE [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2276-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2252IRHAMSP430FR2311IRGYR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231H6PGE [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2276-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2252IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2311IRGYT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231H6PGE [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2276-IQRMSP430F2252TDAMSP430FR2311IRGYT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231H6PM
    LM3S2276-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2252TDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2353DBT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231H6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2276-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2252TRHAMSP430FR2353DBT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231H6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2276-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2252TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2353DBTR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231H6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2410-EQCMSP430F2254 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2353DBTR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231H6PZ
    LM3S2410-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2254 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2353TPTTM4C1231H6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2410-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2254 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR2353TPT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1231H6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2410-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2254 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2353TPT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1231H6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2410-IQCMSP430F2254 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2353TPTRTM4C1232C3PM
    LM3S2410-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2254 TSSOP-38 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2353TPTR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1232C3PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2410-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2254 TSSOP-38 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2353TPTR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1232C3PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2410-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2254IDAMSP430FR2353TRHARTM4C1232C3PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2412-EQCMSP430F2254IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2353TRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1232D5PM
    LM3S2412-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2254IRHAMSP430FR2353TRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1232D5PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2412-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2254IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2353TRHATTM4C1232D5PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2412-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2254TDAMSP430FR2353TRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1232D5PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2412-IQCMSP430F2254TDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2353TRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1232E6PM
    LM3S2412-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2254TRHAMSP430FR2355DBT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1232E6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2412-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2254TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2355DBT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1232E6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2412-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2272 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2355DBTR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1232E6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2432-EQCMSP430F2272 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2355DBTR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1232H6PM
    LM3S2432-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2272 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR2355TPTTM4C1232H6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2432-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2272 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2355TPT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1232H6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2432-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2272 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2355TPT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1232H6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2432-IQCMSP430F2272 TSSOP-38 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2355TPTRTM4C1233C3PM
    LM3S2432-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2272 TSSOP-38 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2355TPTR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233C3PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2432-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2272IDAMSP430FR2355TPTR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233C3PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2432-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2272IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2355TRHARTM4C1233C3PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2433-EQCMSP430F2272IRHAMSP430FR2355TRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233D5PM
    LM3S2433-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2272IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2355TRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233D5PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2433-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2272TDAMSP430FR2355TRHATTM4C1233D5PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2433-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2272TDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2355TRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233D5PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2433-IQCMSP430F2272TRHAMSP430FR2355TRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233D5PZ
    LM3S2433-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2272TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2422IPW16TM4C1233D5PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2433-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2274 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2422IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233D5PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2433-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2274 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2422IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233D5PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2601-EQCMSP430F2274 [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR2422IPW16RTM4C1233E6PM
    LM3S2601-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2274 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2422IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233E6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2601-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2274 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2422IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233E6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2601-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2274 TSSOP-38 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2422IRHLR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233E6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2601-IQCMSP430F2274 TSSOP-38 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2422IRHLR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233E6PZ
    LM3S2601-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2274IDAMSP430FR2422IRHLT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233E6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2601-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2274IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2422IRHLT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233E6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2601-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2274IRHAMSP430FR2433IRGERTM4C1233E6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2608-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2274TDAMSP430FR2433IRGER [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233H6PGE [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2608-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2274TDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2433IRGETTM4C1233H6PGE [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2608-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2274TRHAMSP430FR2433IRGET [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233H6PGE [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2608-IQCMSP430F2274TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2433IRGET [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233H6PM
    LM3S2608-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F233 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2433IYQWR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233H6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2608-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F233 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2433IYQWR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233H6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2608-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F233 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2433IYQWT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233H6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2616-EQRMSP430F233 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2433IYQWT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233H6PZ
    LM3S2616-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2330 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2512IPW16TM4C1233H6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2616-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2330 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2512IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1233H6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2616-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2330 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2512IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1233H6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2616-IQRMSP430F2330 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2512IPW16RTM4C1236D5PM
    LM3S2616-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2330IRHAMSP430FR2512IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1236D5PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2616-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2330IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2512IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1236D5PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2616-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2330TRHAMSP430FR2512IRHLR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1236D5PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2620-EQCMSP430F2330TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2512IRHLR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1236E6PM
    LM3S2620-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F233TRTDMSP430FR2512IRHLT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1236E6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2620-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F233TRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2522IPW16TM4C1236E6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2620-IQCMSP430F235 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2522IPW16 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1236H6PM
    LM3S2620-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F235 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2522IPW16 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1236H6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2620-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F235 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2522IPW16RTM4C1236H6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2620-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F235 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2522IPW16R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1236H6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2637-EQCMSP430F2350 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2522IPW16R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237D5PM
    LM3S2637-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2350 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2522IRHLR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237D5PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2637-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2350 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2522IRHLR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237D5PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2637-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2350 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2522IRHLT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237D5PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2637-IQCMSP430F2350IRHAMSP430FR2522IRHLT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237D5PZ
    LM3S2637-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2350IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2532IRGERTM4C1237D5PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2637-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2350TRHAMSP430FR2532IRGER [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237D5PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2637-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2350TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2532IRGER [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237D5PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2651-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F235TRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2532IRGET [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237E6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2651-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2370 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2533IDATM4C1237E6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2651-IQCMSP430F2370 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2533IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237E6PZ
    LM3S2651-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2370 QFN-40 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2533IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237E6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2651-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2370 QFN-40 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2533IDARTM4C1237E6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2651-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2370IRHAMSP430FR2533IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237E6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2671-EQRMSP430F2370IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2533IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237H6PGE
    LM3S2671-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2370TRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2533IRHBR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237H6PGE [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2671-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2410 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2533IRHBR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237H6PGE [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2671-IQRMSP430F2410 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2533IRHBTTM4C1237H6PM
    LM3S2671-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2410TRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2533IRHBT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237H6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2671-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2410TRTDMSP430FR2533IRHBT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237H6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2671-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2410TRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2632IRGERTM4C1237H6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2676-EQRMSP430F2416 [ JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2632IRGER [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237H6PZ
    LM3S2676-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2416 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2632IRGER [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1237H6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2676-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2416 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2632IRGETTM4C1237H6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2676-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2416 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2632IRGET [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1237H6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2676-IQRMSP430F2416TPMMSP430FR2632IRGET [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123AE6PM
    LM3S2676-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2416TPNMSP430FR2632IYQWR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123AE6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2676-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2416TPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2632IYQWT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123AE6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2730-EQCMSP430F2417 [ JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2632IYQWT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123AH6PM
    LM3S2730-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2417 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2633IDATM4C123AH6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2730-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2417 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2633IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123AH6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2730-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2417 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2633IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123AH6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2730-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2417TPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2633IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123BE6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2730-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2417TPNMSP430FR2633IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123BE6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2730-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2417TPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2633IRHBRTM4C123BE6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2739-EQCMSP430F2418 [ JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2633IRHBR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123BE6PZ
    LM3S2739-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2418 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2633IRHBR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123BE6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2739-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2418 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR2633IRHBTTM4C123BE6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2739-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2418 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2633IRHBT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123BE6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2739-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2418TPNMSP430FR2633IYQWR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123BH6PGE [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2739-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2418TPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR2633IYQWT [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123BH6PGE [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2776-EQRMSP430F2419 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR2633IYQWT [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123BH6PM
    LM3S2776-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2419 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR4131IG48 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123BH6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2776-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2419 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4131IG48 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123BH6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2776-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2419 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4131IG48R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123BH6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2776-IQRMSP430F2419TPMMSP430FR4131IG48R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123BH6PZ
    LM3S2776-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2419TPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4131IG56 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123BH6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2776-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2419TPNMSP430FR4131IG56 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123BH6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2776-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2419TPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4131IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123BH6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2793-EQCMSP430F247 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR4131IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123FE6PM
    LM3S2793-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F247 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR4131IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123FE6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2793-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F247 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4131IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123FE6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2793-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F247 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4132IG48 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123FE6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2793-IQCMSP430F2471 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR4132IG48 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123FH6PM
    LM3S2793-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2471 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR4132IG48R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123FH6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2793-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2471 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4132IG48R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123FH6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2793-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2471 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4132IG56 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123FH6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2911-EQCMSP430F2471TRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4132IG56 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GE6PM
    LM3S2911-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2471TRTDMSP430FR4132IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123GE6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2911-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2471TRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4132IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GE6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2911-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F247TRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4132IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123GE6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2911-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F247TRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4133IG48 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123GE6PZ [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2911-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F248 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR4133IG48 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GE6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2911-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F248 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR4133IG48R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123GE6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2918-EQCMSP430F248 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4133IG48R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GH6PGE
    LM3S2918-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F248 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4133IG56 [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123GH6PGE [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2918-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2481 [ JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4133IG56 [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GH6PGE [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2918-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2481 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR4133IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123GH6PGE [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2918-IQCMSP430F2481 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR4133IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GH6PM
    LM3S2918-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2481 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4133IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123GH6PM [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2918-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2481TRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4133IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GH6PM [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2918-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2481TRTDMSP430FR4133IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C123GH6PM [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2939-EQCMSP430F2481TRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR4133IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GH6PZ
    LM3S2939-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F248TRTDMSP430FR5720IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C123GH6PZ [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2939-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F248TRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5720IRGE [JTAG Mode]TM4C123GH6PZ [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2939-IQCMSP430F249 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5721IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1290NCPDT
    LM3S2939-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F249 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5721IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1290NCPDT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2939-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F249 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5721IDA [JTAG Mode]TM4C1290NCPDT [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2939-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F249 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5721IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1290NCPDT [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2948-EQCMSP430F2491 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5721IRHA [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1292NCPDT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2948-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2491 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5721IRHA [JTAG Mode]TM4C1292NCPDT [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2948-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2491 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5722IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1292NCPDT [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2948-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2491 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5722IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1294KCPDT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2948-IQCMSP430F2491TRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5722IRGE [JTAG Mode]TM4C1294KCPDT [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2948-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2491TRTDMSP430FR5723IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C1294KCPDT [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2948-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2491TRTD [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5723IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C1294NCPDT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2948-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F249TRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5723IDA [JTAG Mode]TM4C1294NCPDT [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2950-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2616 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5723IRHA [JTAG Mode]TM4C129CNCPDT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2950-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2616 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5724IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C129CNCPDT [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2950-IQCMSP430F2616 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5724IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C129CNCPDT [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2950-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2616 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5724IRGE [JTAG Mode]TM4C129DNCPDT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2950-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2616TPMMSP430FR5725IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C129DNCPDT [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2950-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2616TPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5725IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C129DNCPDT [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2965-EQCMSP430F2616TPNMSP430FR5725IDA [JTAG Mode]TM4C129EKCPDT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2965-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2616TPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5725IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C129EKCPDT [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2965-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2617 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5725IRHA [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C129EKCPDT [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2965-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2617 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5725IRHA [JTAG Mode]TM4C129ENCPDT [ISP JTAG Mode]
    LM3S2965-IQCMSP430F2617 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5726IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]TM4C129ENCPDT [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]
    LM3S2965-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2617 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5726IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TM4C129ENCPDT [ISP SWD Mode]
    LM3S2965-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2617TPMMSP430FR5726IRGE [JTAG Mode]TMS2532
    LM3S2965-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2617TPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5727IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS27128
    LM3S2B93-EQCMSP430F2617TPNMSP430FR5727IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS2732A
    LM3S2B93-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2617TPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5727IDA [JTAG Mode]TMS2764
    LM3S2B93-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2618 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5727IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS27C010A
    LM3S2B93-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2618 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5727IRHA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS27C020
    LM3S2B93-IQCMSP430F2618 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5727IRHA [JTAG Mode]TMS27C040
    LM3S2B93-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2618 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5728IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS27C128
    LM3S2B93-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2618TPMMSP430FR5728IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TMS27C210A-xx
    LM3S2B93-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2618TPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5728IRGE [JTAG Mode]TMS27C256
    LM3S300-EQNMSP430F2618TPNMSP430FR5729IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS27C32
    LM3S300-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2618TPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5729IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS27C512
    LM3S300-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2619 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5729IDA [JTAG Mode]TMS27C64
    LM3S300-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2619 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5729IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS27P32A
    LM3S300-IQNMSP430F2619 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5729IRHA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS27P64
    LM3S300-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2619 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5729IRHA [JTAG Mode]TMS27PC010
    LM3S300-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F2619TPMMSP430FR5730IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS27PC010A
    LM3S300-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F2619TPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5730IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TMS27PC128
    LM3S301-EQNMSP430F2619TPNMSP430FR5730IRGE [JTAG Mode]TMS27PC256
    LM3S301-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F2619TPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5731IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS27PC32
    LM3S301-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F412 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5731IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS27PC512
    LM3S301-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F412 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5731IDA [JTAG Mode]TMS27PC64
    LM3S301-IQNMSP430F412 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5731IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F010A
    LM3S301-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F412 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5731IRHA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F010B
    LM3S301-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F412IPMMSP430FR5731IRHA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F020
    LM3S308-EQNMSP430F413 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5732IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F200AEB TSOP48
    LM3S308-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F413 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5732IRGE [JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AET PSOP44
    LM3S308-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F413 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5733IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AET TSOP48
    LM3S308-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F413 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5733IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F200AFB PSOP44
    LM3S308-IQNMSP430F4132IPMMSP430FR5733IDA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AFB TSOP48
    LM3S308-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4132IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5733IRHA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F200AFT TSOP48
    LM3S308-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F413IPMMSP430FR5733IRHA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AMB PSOP44
    LM3S310-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F415 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5734IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F200AMT PSOP44
    LM3S310-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F415 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5734IRGE [JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AMT TSOP48
    LM3S310-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4152IPMMSP430FR5735IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F200ASB PSOP44
    LM3S310-IQNMSP430F4152IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5735IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F200ASB TSOP48
    LM3S310-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4152IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5735IDA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AST PSOP44
    LM3S310-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F415IPMMSP430FR5735IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AST TSOP48
    LM3S315-EQNMSP430F417 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5735IRHA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AZB TSOP48
    LM3S315-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F417 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5736IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F200AZT PSOP44
    LM3S315-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F417IPMMSP430FR5736IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F200AZT TSOP48
    LM3S315-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F417IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5736IRGE [JTAG Mode]TMS28F200BZB
    LM3S315-IQNMSP430F423 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5737IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F200BZT
    LM3S315-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F423 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5737IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F400AEB PSOP44
    LM3S315-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F423 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5737IDA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AEB TSOP48
    LM3S315-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F423 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5737IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AET PSOP44
    LM3S316-EQNMSP430F4230 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5737IRHA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F400AET TSOP48
    LM3S316-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4230 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5737IRHA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AFB PSOP44
    LM3S316-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F423A [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5738IPW [JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AFB TSOP48
    LM3S316-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F423A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5738IRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AFT PSOP44
    LM3S316-IQNMSP430F423A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5738IRGE [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F400AFT TSOP48
    LM3S316-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F423A [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5738IRGE [JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AMB PSOP44
    LM3S316-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F425 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5739IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AMB TSOP48
    LM3S316-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F425 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5739IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F400AMT PSOP44
    LM3S317-EQNMSP430F425 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5739IDA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AMT TSOP48
    LM3S317-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F425 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5739IRHA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F400ASB PSOP44
    LM3S317-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4250 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5739IRHA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F400ASB TSOP48
    LM3S317-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4250 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5739IRHA [JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AST PSOP44
    LM3S317-IQNMSP430F4250 QFN-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR58471IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AST TSOP48
    LM3S317-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4250 QFN-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR58471IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F400AZB PSOP44
    LM3S317-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4250 SSOP-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR58471IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F400AZB TSOP48
    LM3S317-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4250 SSOP-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR58471IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F400AZT PSOP44
    LM3S328-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4250IDL [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5847IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F400BZB
    LM3S328-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4250IRGZMSP430FR5847IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F400BZT
    LM3S328-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4250IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5847IDARTMS28F512A
    LM3S328-IQNMSP430F425A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5847IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F800AEB PSOP44
    LM3S328-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F425A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5847IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F800AEB TSOP48
    LM3S328-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4260 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5847IRHARTMS28F800AET PSOP44
    LM3S328-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4260 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5847IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F800AET TSOP48
    LM3S3651-EQRMSP430F4260 QFN-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5847IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F800ALB PSOP44
    LM3S3651-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4260 QFN-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5847IRHATTMS28F800ALB TSOP48
    LM3S3651-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4260 SSOP-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5847IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F800ALT PSOP44
    LM3S3651-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4260 SSOP-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5847IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F800ALT TSOP48
    LM3S3651-IQRMSP430F4260IDLMSP430FR5848IDATMS28F800ASB PSOP44
    LM3S3651-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4260IDL [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5848IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F800ASB TSOP48
    LM3S3651-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4260IRGZMSP430FR5848IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F800AST PSOP44
    LM3S3739-EQCMSP430F427 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5848IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F800AVB PSOP44
    LM3S3739-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F427 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5848IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F800AVB TSOP48
    LM3S3739-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F427 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5848IRHARTMS28F800AVT PSOP44
    LM3S3739-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F427 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5848IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F800AVT TSOP48
    LM3S3739-IQCMSP430F4270 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5848IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F800AZB PSOP44
    LM3S3739-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4270 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5848IRHATTMS28F800AZB TSOP48
    LM3S3739-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4270 QFN-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5848IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS28F800AZT PSOP44
    LM3S3739-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4270 QFN-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5848IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS28F800AZT TSOP48
    LM3S3748-EQCMSP430F4270 SSOP-48 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5849IDATMS320F280040CPMQ
    LM3S3748-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4270 SSOP-48 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5849IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280040CPMQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S3748-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4270IDLMSP430FR5849IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280040PMQ
    LM3S3748-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4270IDL [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5849IDARTMS320F280040PMQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S3748-IQCMSP430F4270IRGZMSP430FR5849IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280041CPMS
    LM3S3748-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4270IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5849IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280041CPMS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S3748-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F427A [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5849IRHARTMS320F280041CPZQ
    LM3S3748-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F427A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5849IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280041CPZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5632-EQRMSP430F427A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5849IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280041CRSHS
    LM3S5632-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F427A [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5849IRHATTMS320F280041CRSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5632-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F435 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5849IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280041PMSR
    LM3S5632-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F435 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5849IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280041PMSR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5632-IQRMSP430F435 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5857IDATMS320F280041PZQ
    LM3S5632-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F435 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5857IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280041PZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5632-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4351 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5857IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280041PZS
    LM3S5632-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4351 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5857IDARTMS320F280041PZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5652-EQRMSP430F4351 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5857IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280041PZSR
    LM3S5652-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4351 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5857IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280041PZSR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5652-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4351IPZMSP430FR5857IRHARTMS320F280041RSHS
    LM3S5652-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4351IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5857IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280041RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5652-IQRMSP430F435IPZMSP430FR5857IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280045PMS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5652-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F435IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5857IRHATTMS320F280045PMSR
    LM3S5652-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F436 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5857IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280045PZS
    LM3S5652-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F436 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5857IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280045PZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5662-EQRMSP430F436 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5858IDATMS320F280045PZSR
    LM3S5662-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F436 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5858IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280045PZSR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5662-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4361 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5858IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280045RSHS
    LM3S5662-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4361 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5858IDARTMS320F280045RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5662-IQRMSP430F4361 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5858IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280048CPMQ
    LM3S5662-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4361 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5858IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280048CPMQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5662-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4361IPZMSP430FR5858IRHARTMS320F280048PMQ
    LM3S5662-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4361IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5858IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280048PMQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5732-EQRMSP430F436IPZMSP430FR5858IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280049CPMS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5732-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F436IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5858IRHATTMS320F280049CPZQ
    LM3S5732-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F437 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5858IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280049CPZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5732-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F437 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5858IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280049CPZS
    LM3S5732-IQRMSP430F437 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5859IDATMS320F280049CPZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5732-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F437 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5859IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280049CRSHS
    LM3S5732-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4371 [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5859IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280049CRSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5732-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4371 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5859IDARTMS320F280049PMS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5737-EQCMSP430F4371 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5859IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280049PMSR
    LM3S5737-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4371 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5859IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280049PMSR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5737-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4371IPZMSP430FR5859IRHARTMS320F280049PZQ
    LM3S5737-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4371IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5859IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280049PZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5737-IQCMSP430F437IPNMSP430FR5859IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280049PZS
    LM3S5737-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F437IPZMSP430FR5859IRHATTMS320F280049PZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5737-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F437IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5859IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280049PZSR
    LM3S5737-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F438IPNMSP430FR5859IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280049PZSR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5739-EQCMSP430F438IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR58671IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280049RSHS
    LM3S5739-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F439IPNMSP430FR58671IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280049RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5739-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F439IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR58671IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28015PZA
    LM3S5739-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F447 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR58671IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28015PZA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5739-IQCMSP430F447 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5867IRGZRTMS320F28015PZQ
    LM3S5739-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F447 QFP-100 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5867IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28015PZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5739-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F447IPZMSP430FR5867IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28015PZS
    LM3S5739-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F447IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5867IRGZTTMS320F28015PZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5747-EQCMSP430F448 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5867IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28015ZGMA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5747-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F448 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5867IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28016PZA
    LM3S5747-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F448 QFP-100 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5868IRGZRTMS320F28016PZA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5747-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4481IPZMSP430FR5868IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28016PZQ
    LM3S5747-IQCMSP430F4481IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5868IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28016PZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5747-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F448IPZMSP430FR5868IRGZTTMS320F28016PZS
    LM3S5747-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F448IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5868IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28016PZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5747-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F449 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5868IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2801PZA
    LM3S5749-EQCMSP430F449 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5869IRGZRTMS320F2801PZA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5749-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F449 QFP-100 [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5869IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2801PZA-60
    LM3S5749-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4491IPZMSP430FR5869IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2801PZA-60 [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5749-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4491IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5869IRGZTTMS320F2801PZQ
    LM3S5749-IQCMSP430F449IPZMSP430FR5869IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2801PZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5749-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F449IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5869IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2801PZS
    LM3S5749-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47126IPZMSP430FR5870IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2801PZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5749-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47126IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5870IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2801PZS-60
    LM3S5752-EQRMSP430F47127IPZMSP430FR5870IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2801PZS-60 [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5752-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47127IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5870IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2801ZGMA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5752-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47163IPZMSP430FR58721IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280200DAS
    LM3S5752-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47163IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR58721IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280200DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5752-IQRMSP430F47166 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR58721IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280200DAT
    LM3S5752-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47166IPZMSP430FR58721IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280200DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5752-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47166IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5872IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280200PTT
    LM3S5752-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47167 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5872IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280200PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5762-EQRMSP430F47167IPZMSP430FR5872IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28020DAS
    LM3S5762-EQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47167IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5872IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28020DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5762-EQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47173IPZMSP430FR5887IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28020DAT
    LM3S5762-EQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47173IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5887IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28020DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5762-IQRMSP430F47176 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5887IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28020PTS
    LM3S5762-IQR [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47176IPZMSP430FR5887IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28020PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5762-IQR [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47176IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5887IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28020PTT
    LM3S5762-IQR [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47177 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5887IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28020PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5791-EQCMSP430F47177IPZMSP430FR5887IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28021DAS
    LM3S5791-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47177IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5887IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28021DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5791-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47183IPZMSP430FR5888IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28021DAT
    LM3S5791-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47183IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5888IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28021DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5791-IQCMSP430F47186 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5888IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28021PTS
    LM3S5791-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47186IPZMSP430FR5888IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28021PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5791-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47186IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5888IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28021PTT
    LM3S5791-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47187 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5888IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28021PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5B91-EQCMSP430F47187IPZMSP430FR5888IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280220DAS
    LM3S5B91-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47187IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5888IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280220DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5B91-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47193IPZMSP430FR58891IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280220DAT
    LM3S5B91-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47193IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR58891IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280220DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5B91-IQCMSP430F47196 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR58891IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280220PTS
    LM3S5B91-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47196IPZMSP430FR58891IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280220PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S5B91-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F47196IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR58891IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280220PTT
    LM3S5B91-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F47197 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR58891IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280220PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S600-EQNMSP430F47197IPZMSP430FR5889IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28022DAQ
    LM3S600-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F47197IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5889IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28022DAQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S600-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4783 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5889IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28022DAQR
    LM3S600-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4783 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5889IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28022DAQR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S600-IQNMSP430F4784 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5889IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28022DAS
    LM3S600-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4784 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5889IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28022DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S600-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F4793 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5889IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28022DAT
    LM3S600-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F4793 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5889IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28022DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S601-EQNMSP430F4794 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR59221IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28022PTQ
    LM3S601-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F4794 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59221IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28022PTQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S601-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5131IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59221IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28022PTS
    LM3S601-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5131IDA [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59221IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28022PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S601-IQNMSP430F5131IDA [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59221IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28022PTT
    LM3S601-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5131IRSB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59221IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28022PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S601-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5131IRSB [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59221IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280230DAS
    LM3S601-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5132IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59221IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280230DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S608-EQNMSP430F5132IDA [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5922IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280230DAT
    LM3S608-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5132IDA [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5922IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280230DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S608-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5132IRSB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5922IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280230PTS
    LM3S608-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5132IRSB [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5922IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280230PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S608-IQNMSP430F5151IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5922IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280230PTT
    LM3S608-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5151IDA [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5922IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280230PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S608-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5151IDA [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5922IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28023DAQ
    LM3S608-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5151IRSB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5922IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28023DAQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S610-EQNMSP430F5151IRSB [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59471IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28023DAS
    LM3S610-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5152IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59471IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28023DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S610-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5152IDA [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59471IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28023DAT
    LM3S610-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5152IDA [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59471IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28023DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S610-IQNMSP430F5152IRSB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5947IDATMS320F28023PTQ
    LM3S610-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5152IRSB [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5947IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28023PTQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S610-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5171IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5947IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28023PTS
    LM3S610-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5171IDA [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5947IDARTMS320F28023PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6100-EQCMSP430F5171IDA [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5947IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28023PTT
    LM3S6100-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5171IRSB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5947IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28023PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6100-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5171IRSB [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5947IRHARTMS320F280260PTT
    LM3S6100-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5172IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5947IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280260PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6100-IQCMSP430F5172IDA [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5947IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28026DAQ
    LM3S6100-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5172IDA [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5947IRHATTMS320F28026DAQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6100-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5172IRSB [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5947IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28026DAS
    LM3S6100-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5172IRSB [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5947IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28026DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S611-EQNMSP430F5304IPT [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IDATMS320F28026DAT
    LM3S611-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5304IPT [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28026DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S611-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5304IRGZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28026DATR
    LM3S611-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5304IRGZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IDARTMS320F28026DATR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S611-IQNMSP430F5308IPT [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28026FPTQ
    LM3S611-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5308IPT [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28026FPTQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S611-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5308IRGC [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IRHARTMS320F28026FPTT
    LM3S611-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5308IRGC [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28026FPTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6110-EQCMSP430F5308IRGZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28026PT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6110-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5308IRGZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IRHATTMS320F28026PTQ
    LM3S6110-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5309IPT [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28026PTQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6110-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5309IPT [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5948IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28026PTS
    LM3S6110-IQCMSP430F5309IRGC [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IDATMS320F28026PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6110-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5309IRGC [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28026PTT
    LM3S6110-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5309IRGZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28026PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6110-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5309IRGZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IDARTMS320F280270PTS
    LM3S612-EQNMSP430F5310IPT [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F280270PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S612-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5310IPT [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F280270PTT
    LM3S612-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5310IRGC [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IRHARTMS320F280270PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S612-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5310IRGC [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28027DAQ
    LM3S612-IQNMSP430F5310IRGZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28027DAQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S612-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5310IRGZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IRHATTMS320F28027DAS
    LM3S612-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5324IRGC [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28027DAS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S612-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5324IRGC [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5949IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28027DAT
    LM3S613-EQNMSP430F5324IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5957IDATMS320F28027DAT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S613-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5324IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5957IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28027DATR
    LM3S613-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5324IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5957IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28027DATR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S613-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5325IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5957IDARTMS320F28027FPTQ
    LM3S613-IQNMSP430F5325IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5957IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28027FPTQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S613-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5325IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5957IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28027FPTT
    LM3S613-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5325IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5957IRHARTMS320F28027FPTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S613-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5325IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5957IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28027PT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S615-EQNMSP430F5326IRGC [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5957IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28027PTQ
    LM3S615-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5326IRGC [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5957IRHATTMS320F28027PTQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S615-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5326IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5957IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28027PTQR
    LM3S615-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5326IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5957IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28027PTQR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S615-IQNMSP430F5326IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5958IDATMS320F28027PTR
    LM3S615-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5327IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5958IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28027PTR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S615-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5327IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5958IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28027PTS
    LM3S615-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5327IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5958IDARTMS320F28027PTS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S617-EQNMSP430F5327IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5958IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28027PTT
    LM3S617-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5327IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5958IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28027PTT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S617-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5328IRGC [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5958IRHARTMS320F2802PZA
    LM3S617-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5328IRGC [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5958IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2802PZA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S617-IQNMSP430F5328IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5958IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2802PZA-60
    LM3S617-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5328IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5958IRHATTMS320F2802PZA-60 [ISP Mode]
    LM3S617-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5328IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5958IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2802PZQ
    LM3S617-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5329IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5958IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2802PZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S618-EQNMSP430F5329IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5959IDATMS320F2802PZS
    LM3S618-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5329IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5959IDA [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2802PZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S618-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5329IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5959IDA [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2802PZS-60
    LM3S618-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5329IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5959IDARTMS320F2802PZS-60 [ISP Mode]
    LM3S618-IQNMSP430F5333IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5959IDAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2802ZGMA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S618-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5333IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5959IDAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2802ZGMS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S618-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5333IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5959IRHARTMS320F28030PAGQ
    LM3S618-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5333IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5959IRHAR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28030PAGQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S628-EQNMSP430F5333IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5959IRHAR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28030PAGS
    LM3S628-EQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5335IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5959IRHATTMS320F28030PAGS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S628-EQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5335IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5959IRHAT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28030PAGT
    LM3S628-EQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5335IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5959IRHAT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28030PAGT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S628-IQNMSP430F5335IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5962IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28030PNQ
    LM3S628-IQN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5335IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5962IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28030PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S628-IQN [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5336IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5962IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28030PNS
    LM3S628-IQN [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5336IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5962IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28030PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6420-EQCMSP430F5336IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5962IRGZRTMS320F28030PNT
    LM3S6420-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5336IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5962IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28030PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6420-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5336IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5962IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28030RSHS
    LM3S6420-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5338IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5962IZVWR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28030RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6420-IQCMSP430F5338IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5962IZVWR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28030RSHT
    LM3S6420-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5338IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5964IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28030RSHT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6420-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5338IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5964IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28031PAGQ
    LM3S6420-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5338IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5964IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28031PAGQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6422-EQCMSP430F5340IRGZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5964IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28031PAGS
    LM3S6422-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5340IRGZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5964IRGZRTMS320F28031PAGS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6422-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5340IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5964IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28031PAGT
    LM3S6422-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5340IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5964IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28031PAGT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6422-IQCMSP430F5340IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5964IZVWR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28031PNQ
    LM3S6422-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5341IRGZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5964IZVWR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28031PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6422-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5341IRGZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5967IRGZRTMS320F28031PNS
    LM3S6422-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5341IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5967IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28031PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6432-EQCMSP430F5341IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5967IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28031PNT
    LM3S6432-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5341IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5967IRGZTTMS320F28031PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6432-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5342IRGZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5967IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28031RSHS
    LM3S6432-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5342IRGZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5967IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28031RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6432-IQCMSP430F5342IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5968IRGZRTMS320F28031RSHT
    LM3S6432-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5342IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5968IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28031RSHT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6432-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5342IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5968IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28032PAGQ
    LM3S6432-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5358IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5968IRGZTTMS320F28032PAGQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6537-EQCMSP430F5358IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5968IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28032PAGS
    LM3S6537-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5358IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5968IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28032PAGS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6537-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5358IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59691IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28032PAGT
    LM3S6537-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5358IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59691IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28032PAGT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6537-IQCMSP430F5359IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR59691IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28032PNQ
    LM3S6537-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5359IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR59691IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28032PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6537-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5359IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5969IRGZRTMS320F28032PNS
    LM3S6537-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5359IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5969IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28032PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6610-EQCMSP430F5359IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5969IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28032PNT
    LM3S6610-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5418AIPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5969IRGZTTMS320F28032PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6610-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5418AIPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5969IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28032RSHS
    LM3S6610-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5418AIPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5969IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28032RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6610-IQCMSP430F5418AIPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5970IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28032RSHT
    LM3S6610-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5418IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5970IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28032RSHT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6610-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5418IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5970IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28033PAGQ
    LM3S6610-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5418IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5970IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28033PAGQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6611-EQCMSP430F5419AIPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR59721IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28033PAGS
    LM3S6611-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5419AIPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR59721IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28033PAGS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6611-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5419AIPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59721IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28033PAGT
    LM3S6611-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5419AIPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59721IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28033PAGT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6611-IQCMSP430F5419AIPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59721IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28033PNQ
    LM3S6611-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5419IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59721IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28033PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6611-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5419IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5972IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28033PNS
    LM3S6611-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5419IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5972IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28033PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6618-EQCMSP430F5435AIPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5972IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28033PNT
    LM3S6618-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5435AIPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5972IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28033PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6618-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5435AIPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5972IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28033RSHS
    LM3S6618-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5435AIPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5972IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28033RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6618-IQCMSP430F5435IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5986IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28033RSHT
    LM3S6618-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5435IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5986IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28033RSHT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6618-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5435IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5986IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034PAGQ
    LM3S6618-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5436AIPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5986IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034PAGQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6633-EQCMSP430F5436AIPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5987IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034PAGQR
    LM3S6633-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5436AIPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5987IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034PAGQR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6633-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5436AIPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5987IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034PAGS
    LM3S6633-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5436AIPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5987IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034PAGS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6633-IQCMSP430F5436IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5987IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034PAGT
    LM3S6633-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5436IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5987IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034PAGT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6633-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5436IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5987IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034PNQ
    LM3S6633-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5437AIPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5987IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6637-EQCMSP430F5437AIPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5988IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034PNS
    LM3S6637-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5437AIPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5988IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6637-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5437AIPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5988IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034PNT
    LM3S6637-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5437IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5988IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6637-IQCMSP430F5437IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5988IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034RSHS
    LM3S6637-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5437IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5988IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6637-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5438AIPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR5988IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28034RSHT
    LM3S6637-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5438AIPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR5988IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28034RSHT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6730-EQCMSP430F5438AIPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59891IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035PAGQ
    LM3S6730-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5438AIPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59891IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035PAGQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6730-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5438AIPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59891IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035PAGS
    LM3S6730-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5438IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59891IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035PAGS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6730-IQCMSP430F5438IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59891IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035PAGT
    LM3S6730-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5438IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59891IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035PAGT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6730-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5500IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59891IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035PAGTR
    LM3S6730-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5500IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59891IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035PAGTR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6753-EQCMSP430F5500IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5989IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035PNQ
    LM3S6753-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5501IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5989IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6753-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5501IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5989IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035PNQR
    LM3S6753-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5501IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5989IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035PNQR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6753-IQCMSP430F5502IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5989IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035PNS
    LM3S6753-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5502IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5989IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6753-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5502IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5989IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035PNT
    LM3S6753-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5503IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5989IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6911-EQCMSP430F5503IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5992IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035RSHS
    LM3S6911-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5503IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5992IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035RSHS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6911-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5504IPT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5992IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28035RSHT
    LM3S6911-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5504IPT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5992IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28035RSHT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6911-IQCMSP430F5504IPT [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5992IRGZRTMS320F28044PZA
    LM3S6911-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5504IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5992IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28044PZA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6911-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5504IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5992IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28044PZQ
    LM3S6911-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5504IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5992IZVWR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28044PZQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6918-EQCMSP430F5505IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5992IZVWR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28044PZS
    LM3S6918-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5505IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59941IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28044PZS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6918-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5505IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28050PNQ
    LM3S6918-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5506IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28050PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6918-IQCMSP430F5506IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59941IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28050PNS
    LM3S6918-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5506IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28050PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6918-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5507IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28050PNT
    LM3S6918-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5507IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59941IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28050PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6938-EQCMSP430F5507IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28051PNQ
    LM3S6938-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5508IPT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28051PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6938-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5508IPT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59941IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28051PNS
    LM3S6938-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5508IPT [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28051PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6938-IQCMSP430F5508IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28051PNT
    LM3S6938-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5508IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59941IZVW [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28051PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6938-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5508IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IZVW [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28052FPNQ
    LM3S6938-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5508IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR59941IZVWR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28052FPNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6950-EQCMSP430F5508IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR59941IZVWR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28052FPNT
    LM3S6950-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5508IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28052FPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6950-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5509IPT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28052MPNQ
    LM3S6950-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5509IPT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5994IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28052MPNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6950-IQCMSP430F5509IPT [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28052MPNT
    LM3S6950-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5509IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28052MPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6950-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5509IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5994IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28052PNQ
    LM3S6950-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5509IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28052PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6952-EQCMSP430F5509IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28052PNS
    LM3S6952-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5509IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5994IRGZRTMS320F28052PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6952-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5509IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IRGZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28052PNT
    LM3S6952-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5510IPT [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IRGZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28052PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6952-IQCMSP430F5510IPT [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5994IRGZTTMS320F28053PNQ
    LM3S6952-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5510IPT [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IRGZT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28053PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6952-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5510IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IRGZT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28053PNS
    LM3S6952-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5510IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5994IZVW [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28053PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6965-EQCMSP430F5510IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IZVW [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28053PNT
    LM3S6965-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5510IRGZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR5994IZVWR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28053PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6965-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5510IRGZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR5994IZVWR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054FPNQ
    LM3S6965-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5510IRGZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6035IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054FPNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6965-IQCMSP430F5513IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6035IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054FPNT
    LM3S6965-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5513IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6037IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054FPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S6965-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5513IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6037IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054MPNQ
    LM3S6965-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5514IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6045IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054MPNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8530-EQCMSP430F5514IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6045IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054MPNT
    LM3S8530-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5514IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6047IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054MPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8530-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5515IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6047IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054PNQ
    LM3S8530-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5515IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6820IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28054PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8530-IQCMSP430F5515IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6820IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054PNS
    LM3S8530-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5517IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6820IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28054PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8530-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5517IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6820IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28054PNT
    LM3S8530-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5517IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6820IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28054PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8538-EQCMSP430F5519IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6820IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28055PNQ
    LM3S8538-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5519IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR68221IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28055PNQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8538-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5519IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68221IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28055PNS
    LM3S8538-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5521IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68221IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28055PNS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8538-IQCMSP430F5521IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR68221IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28055PNT
    LM3S8538-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5521IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68221IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28055PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8538-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5522IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68221IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062FPFPQ
    LM3S8538-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5522IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6822IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062FPFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8630-EQCMSP430F5522IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6822IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062FPNT
    LM3S8630-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5524IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6822IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062FPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8630-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5524IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6822IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062FPZT
    LM3S8630-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5524IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6822IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062FPZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8630-IQCMSP430F5525IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6822IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062PFPQ
    LM3S8630-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5525IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6870IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062PFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8630-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5525IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6870IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062PFPQR
    LM3S8630-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5526IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6870IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062PFPQR [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8730-EQCMSP430F5526IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6870IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062PFPS
    LM3S8730-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5526IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68721IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062PFPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8730-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5527IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68721IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062PNT
    LM3S8730-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5527IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR68721IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8730-IQCMSP430F5527IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68721IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062PZPQ
    LM3S8730-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5528IRGC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6872IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062PZPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8730-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5528IRGC [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6872IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062PZPS
    LM3S8730-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5528IRGC [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6872IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062PZPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8733-EQCMSP430F5529IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6872IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062PZT
    LM3S8733-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5529IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6877IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062PZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8733-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5529IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6877IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062UPNT
    LM3S8733-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5630IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6877IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28062UPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8733-IQCMSP430F5630IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6877IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28062UPZT
    LM3S8733-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5630IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6877IPZTMS320F28062UPZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8733-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5631IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6877IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28063PFPQ
    LM3S8733-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5631IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6877IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28063PFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8738-EQCMSP430F5631IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6877IPZRTMS320F28063PNT
    LM3S8738-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5632IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6877IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28063PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8738-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5632IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6877IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28063PZT
    LM3S8738-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5632IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68791IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28063PZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8738-IQCMSP430F5633IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68791IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28064PFPQ
    LM3S8738-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5633IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR68791IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28064PFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8738-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5633IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68791IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28064PNT
    LM3S8738-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5634IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68791IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28064PZPQ
    LM3S8930-EQCMSP430F5634IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR68791IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28064PZPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8930-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5634IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68791IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28064PZT
    LM3S8930-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5635IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68791IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28064PZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8930-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5635IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6879IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28065PFPQ
    LM3S8930-IQCMSP430F5635IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6879IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28065PFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8930-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5636IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6879IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28065PFPS
    LM3S8930-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5636IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6879IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28065PFPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8930-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5636IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6879IPZTMS320F28065PNT
    LM3S8933-EQCMSP430F5637IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6879IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28065PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8933-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5637IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6879IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28065PZPQ
    LM3S8933-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5637IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6879IPZRTMS320F28065PZPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8933-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5638IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6879IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28065PZPS
    LM3S8933-IQCMSP430F5638IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6879IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28065PZPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8933-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5638IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6887IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28065PZT
    LM3S8933-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5658IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6887IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28065PZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8933-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5658IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6887IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28065UPFPS
    LM3S8938-EQCMSP430F5658IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6887IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28065UPFPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8938-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F5659IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6887IPZTMS320F28065UPNT
    LM3S8938-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F5659IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6887IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28065UPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8938-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F5659IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6887IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28065UPZPS
    LM3S8938-IQCMSP430F6433IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6887IPZRTMS320F28065UPZPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8938-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6433IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6887IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28065UPZT
    LM3S8938-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6433IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6887IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28065UPZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8938-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6433IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6888IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28066PFPQ
    LM3S8962-EQCMSP430F6433IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6888IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28066PFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8962-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6435IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6888IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28066PFPS
    LM3S8962-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6435IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6888IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28066PFPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8962-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6435IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6888IPZTMS320F28066PNT
    LM3S8962-IQCMSP430F6435IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6888IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28066PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8962-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6435IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6888IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28066PZPQ
    LM3S8962-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6436IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6888IPZRTMS320F28066PZPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8962-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6436IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6888IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28066PZPS
    LM3S8970-EQCMSP430F6436IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6888IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28066PZPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8970-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6436IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR68891IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28066PZT
    LM3S8970-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6436IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68891IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28066PZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8970-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6438IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR68891IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28066UPZT
    LM3S8970-IQCMSP430F6438IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR68891IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28066UPZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8970-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6438IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68891IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28067PFPQ
    LM3S8970-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6438IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR68891IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28067PFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8970-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6438IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR68891IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28067PFPS
    LM3S8971-EQCMSP430F6458IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR68891IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28067PFPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8971-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6458IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6889IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28067PNT
    LM3S8971-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6458IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6889IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28067PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8971-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6458IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6889IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28067PZPQ
    LM3S8971-IQCMSP430F6458IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6889IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28067PZPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8971-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6459IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6889IPZTMS320F28067PZPS
    LM3S8971-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6459IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6889IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28067PZPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S8971-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6459IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6889IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28067PZT
    LM3S9790-EQCMSP430F6459IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6889IPZRTMS320F28067PZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9790-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6459IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6889IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068FPFPQ
    LM3S9790-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6630IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6889IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068FPFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9790-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6630IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6920IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068FPNT
    LM3S9790-IQCMSP430F6630IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6920IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068FPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9790-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6631IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6920IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068FPZT
    LM3S9790-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6631IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6920IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068FPZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9790-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6631IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6920IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068MPFPQ
    LM3S9792-EQCMSP430F6632IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6920IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068MPFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9792-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6632IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69221IG56 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068MPNT
    LM3S9792-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6632IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69221IG56 [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068MPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9792-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6633IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69221IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068MPZT
    LM3S9792-IQCMSP430F6633IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69221IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068MPZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9792-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6633IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69221IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068PFPQ
    LM3S9792-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6634IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69221IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068PFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9792-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6634IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69221IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068PNT
    LM3S9B90-EQCMSP430F6634IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69221IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B90-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6635IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69221IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068PZPQ
    LM3S9B90-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6635IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69221IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068PZPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B90-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6635IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69221IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068PZPS
    LM3S9B90-IQCMSP430F6636IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69221IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068PZPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B90-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6636IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6922IG56 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28068PZT
    LM3S9B90-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6636IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6922IG56 [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28068PZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B90-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6637IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6922IG56R [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069FPFPQ
    LM3S9B92-EQCMSP430F6637IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6922IG56R [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069FPFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B92-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6637IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6922IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069FPNT
    LM3S9B92-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6638IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6922IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069FPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B92-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6638IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6922IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069FPZPQ
    LM3S9B92-IQCMSP430F6638IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6922IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069FPZPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B92-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6658IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6922IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069FPZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B92-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6658IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6922IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069MPFPQ
    LM3S9B95-EQCMSP430F6659IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6922IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069MPFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B95-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6659IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69271IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069MPNT
    LM3S9B95-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6659IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69271IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069MPNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B95-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6720IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR69271IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069MPZPQ
    LM3S9B95-IQCMSP430F6720IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR69271IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069MPZPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B95-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6720IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69271IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069MPZT
    LM3S9B95-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6720IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69271IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069MPZT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B95-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6720IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69271IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069PFPQ
    LM3S9B96-EQCMSP430F6720IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR69271IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069PFPQ [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B96-EQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6720IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6927IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069PFPS
    LM3S9B96-EQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6720IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6927IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069PFPS [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B96-EQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6720IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6927IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069PNT
    LM3S9B96-IQCMSP430F6720IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6927IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069PNT [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B96-IQC [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6721IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6927IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069PZA
    LM3S9B96-IQC [ISP JTAG-Chain Mode]MSP430F6721IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6927IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069PZA [ISP Mode]
    LM3S9B96-IQC [ISP SWD Mode]MSP430F6721IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6927IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069PZPQ
    MSP430AFE221IPWMSP430F6721IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6927IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069PZPQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE221IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6721IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6928IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069PZPS
    MSP430AFE222IPWMSP430F6721IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6928IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069PZPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE222IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6721IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6928IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069PZT
    MSP430AFE223IPWMSP430F6721IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6928IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069PZT [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE231IPWMSP430F6721IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6970IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069UPFPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE231IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6723IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6970IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069UPNT
    MSP430AFE232IPWMSP430F6723IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6970IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069UPNT [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE232IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6723IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69721IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069UPZPS
    MSP430AFE233IPWMSP430F6723IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69721IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069UPZPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE233IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6723IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69721IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28069UPZT
    MSP430AFE251IPWMSP430F6723IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR69721IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28069UPZT [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE251IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6723IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR69721IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2806PZA
    MSP430AFE252IPWMSP430F6723IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69721IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2806PZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE252IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6723IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69721IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2806PZQ
    MSP430AFE253IPWMSP430F6723IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69721IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2806PZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430AFE253IPW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6724IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6972IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2806PZS
    MSP430BT5190IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430F6724IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6972IPM [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2806PZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430BT5190IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6724IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6972IPMR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2806ZGMA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430BT5190IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6724IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6972IPMR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2806ZGMS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430BT5190IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430F6724IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6972IRGCR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2806ZGMSR [ISP Mode]
    MSP430BT5190IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6724IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6972IRGCR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2808GGMA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F110 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6724IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6972IRGCT [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2808GGMS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F110 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6724IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6972IRGCT [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2808PZA
    MSP430F110 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6724IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6977IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2808PZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F110 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6724IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6977IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2808PZQ
    MSP430F1101 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6725IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6977IPZTMS320F2808PZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6725IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6977IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2808PZS
    MSP430F1101 QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6725IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6977IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2808PZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101 QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6725IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69791IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2808ZGMA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6725IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69791IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2808ZGMS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6725IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR69791IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2809GGMA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6725IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR69791IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2809GGMS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6725IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69791IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2809PZA
    MSP430F1101A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6725IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69791IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2809PZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6725IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69791IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2809PZQ
    MSP430F1101A QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6726IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR69791IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2809PZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101A QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6726IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6979IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2809PZS
    MSP430F1101A SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6726IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6979IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2809PZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101A SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6726IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6979IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2809ZGMA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101A TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6726IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6979IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2809ZGMS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101A TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6726IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6979IPZTMS320F2810PBKA
    MSP430F1101AIDWMSP430F6726IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6979IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2810PBKA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1101AIRGEMSP430F6726IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6979IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2810PBKQ
    MSP430F1101AIRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6726IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6979IPZRTMS320F2810PBKQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6726IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6979IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2810PBKQR
    MSP430F1111 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6730IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6979IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2810PBKQR [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111 QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6730IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6987IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2810PBKS
    MSP430F1111 QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6730IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6987IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2810PBKS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6730IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6987IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2811PBKA
    MSP430F1111 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6730IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6987IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2811PBKA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6730IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6987IPZTMS320F2811PBKQ
    MSP430F1111 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6730IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6987IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2811PBKQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6730IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6987IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2811PBKS
    MSP430F1111A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6730IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6987IPZRTMS320F2811PBKS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111A QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6730IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6987IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2812GHHA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111A QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6731IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6987IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2812GHHAR [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111A SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6731IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6988IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2812GHHQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111A SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6731IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6988IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2812GHHS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111A TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6731IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6988IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2812PGFA
    MSP430F1111A TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6731IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6988IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2812PGFA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1111AIRGEMSP430F6731IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6988IPZTMS320F2812PGFAG4
    MSP430F1111AIRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6731IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6988IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2812PGFAG4 [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F112 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6731IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6988IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2812PGFQ
    MSP430F112 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6731IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6988IPZRTMS320F2812PGFQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F112 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6731IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6988IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2812PGFS
    MSP430F112 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6733IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6988IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2812PGFS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6733IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR69891IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2812ZHHA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6733IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69891IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F2812ZHHAR [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121 QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6733IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69891IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F2812ZHHS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121 QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6733IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69891IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28232PGFA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6733IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR69891IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28232PTPQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6733IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR69891IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28232PTPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6733IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR69891IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28232ZHHA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6733IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR69891IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28232ZJZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121A [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6733IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6989IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28232ZJZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121A [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6734IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6989IPN [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28232ZJZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121A QFN-24 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6734IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6989IPNR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28234PGFA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121A QFN-24 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6734IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6989IPNR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28234PTPQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121A SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6734IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6989IPZTMS320F28234PTPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121A SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6734IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6989IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28234ZHHA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121A TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6734IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FR6989IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28234ZJZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121A TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6734IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FR6989IPZRTMS320F28234ZJZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121AIRGEMSP430F6734IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FR6989IPZR [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28234ZJZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1121AIRGE [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6734IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FR6989IPZR [ISP SBW Mode]TMS320F28235PGFA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1122 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6734IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FW423 [BSL Mode]TMS320F28235PTPQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1122 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6735IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FW423 [ISP BSL Mode]TMS320F28235PTPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1122 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6735IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FW423 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28235ZHHA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1122 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6735IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FW423 [JTAG Mode]TMS320F28235ZJZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1122 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6735IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FW423IPMTMS320F28235ZJZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1122 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6735IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FW423IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28235ZJZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1122 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6735IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430FW425 [BSL Mode]TMS320F28332PGFA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1122 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6735IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FW425 [ISP BSL Mode]TMS320F28332PTPQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1132 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6735IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FW425 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28332PTPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1132 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6735IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FW425 [JTAG Mode]TMS320F28332ZHHA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1132 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6735IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FW425IPMTMS320F28332ZJZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1132 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6736AIPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FW425IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28332ZJZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1132 SOIC-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6736AIPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FW427 [BSL Mode]TMS320F28332ZJZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1132 SOIC-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6736AIPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FW427 [ISP BSL Mode]TMS320F28333PGFA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1132 TSSOP-20 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6736AIPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FW427 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28334PGFA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1132 TSSOP-20 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6736AIPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FW427 [JTAG Mode]TMS320F28334PTPQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6736AIPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430FW427IPMTMS320F28334PTPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6736IPN [BSL Mode]MSP430FW427IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28334ZHHA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6736IPN [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430FW428IPMTMS320F28334ZJZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6736IPN [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430FW428IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28334ZJZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122 SOIC-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6736IPN [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430FW429IPMTMS320F28334ZJZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122 SOIC-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6736IPN [JTAG Mode]MSP430FW429IPM [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28335PGFA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122 TSSOP-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6736IPZ [BSL Mode]MSP430G2001IN14TMS320F28335PTPQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122 TSSOP-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F6736IPZ [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2001IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28335PTPS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6736IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2001IPW14TMS320F28335ZHHA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6736IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2001IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28335ZJZA [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430F6736IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2001IRSA16TMS320F28335ZJZQ [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67451IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2001IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28335ZJZQR [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222 SOIC-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67451IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2011IN14TMS320F28335ZJZS [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222 SOIC-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67451IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2011IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28374D [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222 TSSOP-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67451IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2011IPW14TMS320F28375D [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222 TSSOP-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67451PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2011IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28376D [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222IDWMSP430F67451PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2011IRSA16TMS320F28377D [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F1222IDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6745IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2011IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS320F28379D [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F122AIDWMSP430F6745IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2101IN14TMS430F1250 [ISP BSL Mode]
    MSP430F122AIDW [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6745IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2101IN14 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS430F1250 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    MSP430F123 [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430F6745PEU [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2101IPW14TMS430F1390 [ISP BSL Mode]
    MSP430F123 [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430F6745PEU [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2101IPW14 [ISP JTAG Mode]TMS430F1390 [ISP JTAG Mode]
    MSP430F123 QFN-32 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67461IPEU [ISP BSL Mode]MSP430G2101IRSA16UCD9090 [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F123 QFN-32 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67461IPZ [ISP JTAG Mode]MSP430G2101IRSA16 [ISP JTAG Mode]UCD9246 [ISP Mode]
    MSP430F123 SOIC-28 [BSL Mode]MSP430F67461IPZ [ISP SBW Mode]MSP430G2102IN20XMS432P401R [ISP SWD Mode]
    MSP430F123 SOIC-28 [JTAG Mode]MSP430F67461IPZ [JTAG Mode]MSP430G2102IN20 [ISP JTAG Mode]

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