CPI2-D-XXXX Device Library Licenses

Overview: Each CPI2-B1 and CPI-Gx programmer is sold as a kit consisting of the programming hardware itself, and the ChipProg-02 software package. The ChipProg-02 software includes the control software for the programmer, and the Basic Device Library license. This license enables programming of serial memory devices and some 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers. Support of more complex microcontrollers and PLDs requires purchasing CPI2-D-XXXX target-specific device library licenses listed in the matrix below.

Installing a particular CPI2-D-XXXX license enables programming support for a specific group of devices. For example, activation of a CPI2-D-STCM license allows programming of all ST Microelectronics ARM Cortex STM32 devices.

License Considerations: CPI2-D-XXXX device driver library licenses are hardware locked licenses. Each CPI2-B1 or CPI2-Gx device programmer must have the appropriate CPI2-D-XXXX library for the group of devices that it is intended to program. For example, if a target board has both Atmel Cortex devices and Altera PLD devices, then both the CP12-D-ATCM and CPI2-D-ALPLD licenses are required for each device performing the programming. A CPI2-Gx gang programmer may have several CPI2-GM1 modules plugged into its motherboard. In this case, a given CP12-D-XXXX license is locked to the CPI2-Gx motherboard, and therefore enables all of the CPI2-GMI boards for programming applicable devices.

Purchasing Options and License Installation: CPI2-D-XXXX licenses can be purchased bundled with a CPI2-B1 or CPI2-Gx programmer, or later for product upgrade. In the latter case, a purchase order must specify the serial number of the CPI2-B1 or CPI2-Gx hardware that will be used to program devices within that group to which the license applies. Order fulfillment by Phyton is in the form of an email with an updated license code. Upon receiving the code, the user launches the devices programmer, opens the License Management dialog in the ChipProg-02 GUI and enters the code. This will modify the programmer's firmware and tie the license to the programmer hardware.

Currently available Device Driver licenses
P.N. for orderingShort descriptionPrice (USD)Add to cart
CPI2-D-ALPLDAltera PLDs device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-ATCMMicrochip & Atmel Cortex device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-CY8C3Cypress CY8C2xxx & CY8C3xxx device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-CYCMCypress Cortex device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-ELMOSElmos controller library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-FR0812NXP & Freescale HC08/S08/S12 device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-FRCMNXP & Freescale Cortex device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-FT9xFTDI FT9xx device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-INSPInfineon SP3x/SP4x device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-ISD2Nuvoton ISD2xxx ChipCorder device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-MWCMMarvel Cortex device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-NRCMNordic Cortex device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-NX56NXP SPC56 & ST SPC56 device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-NXJNNXP PCF79xx & JN51xxx device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-PIC32Microchip PIC24/32, dsPIC30/33 device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-RE26Renesas RL78/RX200/RX6xxx device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-RE85Renesas V850 device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-RE8CRenesas R8C device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-SL51Silicon Labs EFM8/8051 device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-SLCMSilicon Labs Cortex device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-STCMST Microelectronics Cortex device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-STM8ST Microelectronics ST7/STM8 device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-TI430Texas Instruments MSP430 device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-TICMTexas Instruments Cortex device library300.00 (-% info) 
CPI2-D-UPD78Renesas uPD78xx device library300.00 (-% info)