CPI2-G04/08V1 – 4-channel in-system device programmer

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Price covers the programmer with the default free software package and free Basic Device Library license, Ethernet and USB cables. Price does not cover the CPI2-MUX license and CPI2-D-XXXX target-specific Device Library licenses, power adapter, and connectors for mounting the programmer inside ATE.
Device List

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Four-channel In-System Gang Programmer

Gang programmer with dimensions 150 x 115 x 50 mm (~6"x4.5" x2") equipped with four upright-positioned (perpendicular to the motherboard) CPI2-GM1 programming modules intended for truly independent programming of four or, in the multiplexed mode, eight devices (one group of four devices after another).

Major Features

Specification Details

Upgradeable to: CPI2-G05/10V1, CPI2-G06/12V1, and CPI2-G07/14V1 models by adding CPI2-GM1 modules